Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twilight Obession Is Fun and Funny

You Know You’re Obsessed With Twilight When….

#1- You take the book everywhere you go… including the bathroom.

#2- You dream about Edward Cullen in your sleep.

#3- You stay away from the sunlight at all costs afraid you might start to sparkle if so much as a speck of sunlight shines on your person.

#4- You replace yourself with Bella and claim you are Edward Cullen’s love muffin.

#5- You are either a Bella/Jacob fan or Bella/Edward fan engaging in a conflict between which is the better pairing despite the fact that Bella and Edward are already together.

#6- You are checking the official Stephenie Meyer website everyday every hour on the hour to see when the Twilight movie is coming out.

#7- You love Breaking Dawn and wish there was more.

#8- You tell your teacher that your vampire instincts the books teach mythology.

#9- You attempt to turn your boyfriend/girlfriend into a vampire or Mormon by trying to convince them that you want to spend eternity together.

#10- You go all emo and angsty when you read the part when Edward leaves Bella in New moon.

#11- You forgive Edward despite everything and claim he’s done nothing wrong ever. That definitely includes the whole leaving Bella thing making her all depressed and she almost kills herself.

#12- You believe it is your mission to go around converting people to Twilightism, wear the Twilight shirts, pick a team, and buy all the books, movies, and run trailers on your computer.

#13- You place your worst enemy as a werewolf and you a vampire claiming that that’s the reason you’ll never get along.

#14- You take your book of Twilight and sleep with it as a teddy bear.

#15- You have your ideal vision of a boyfriend exactly like Edward—even in appearance.

#16- You tell someone that you can see the future and that they will trip and fall to the floor. You follow them around all day making sure it happens since they don’t believe you.

#17- You think the hottest guy in your class is a vampire and stalk him all day until he admits it. Good pick-up line.

#18- You will name your daughter Bella or your son Edward just because they are your favorite character.

#19- You try to read peoples’ minds during your free time only to get a major headache and achieve nothing. But, you are working on your strength training in case you run in to a James. Go Alice!

#20- You wonder WHY you can’t read peoples’ minds in the first place.

#21- You form a club for the sole purpose of Memorizing all the script and using it in appropriate lines in conversation. "Say it, out loud!" And report all news articles about the filming and interviews with the actors, directors, and especially Stephanie Meyers.

#22- You tell your parents that you older sibling smells like a werewolf and should be sent to the dog clinic for a bath.

#23- You made up a Twilight theme song and are currently writing a letter to MTV requesting a video be made of Edward and Bella looking at each other.

#24- You believe you were only living in a void until Twilight was born into the world.

#25- You actually say to the computer you will do everything on this list as you read along until you are dubbed an actual Twilight obsessed manic. Also, your computer Screensaver is Twilight and so is your my space background.

#26-You want the movie soundtrack, background music, and all the jewelry for your birthday

#27-Signing a petition for Midnight Sun

#28-You already have a Widget for the "Countdown to New Moon."

Warning: If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s best if you get help from a therapist or a guidance councilor before you are diagnosed with OTD—Obsessive Twilight Disorder. Some symptoms may include reading Twilight over and over again despite the fact that it’s your 172th time reading it, you ignore your our studies to concentrate on looking for vampires, and last but not least: tell everyone that Edward Cullen is your future husband. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms along with the list above, please save yourself while you still can. OTD is an incurable disease and there is absolutely no hope for you to be normal again. Have a nice day.

I guess I'm obsessed because a couple of these symptoms are me. I didn't realize it. Yes, you saw the count-down widget to New Moon on my blog. It's already there and I'll try and not look at it.

I do have both soundtracks already and a couple songs are on my MP3 that I listen to every night. There are tons of sleepy songs on there, so I'm not sure if I really listen.

The jewelry I bought for my grand-daughter for Christmas.(I don't wear it) No on #25.

Yeah, I missed-out on a lot of fun books waiting for Twilight.

Yes, I would like to see a video and no, I didn't write anything or think about a video, well sort of--I've just seen too many trailers.

Yes, I was thinking that I could "ding" my son, the shower-guy and say he smelled like a wolf but, that wouldn't go over well, like I'm signing up for payback.

Oh no, I do use lines from the movie, but I haven't been memorizing the script. It gets into you after you've seen the movie uuuuhhhh, 7 times.

No reading minds, but I'd like to work on my jumping and strength training. Alice is one of my favorites.

Ha ha! Jane, my grand-daughter in Arkansas already named herself, Bella Jane without any help from anyone and she's only 5. See picture below in Arkansas. All kids have two names in Arkansas. It was meant to be.

No I stalk no one, but Bree does see the future and it scares her to pieces.

Oh no, my husband Steve, looks like Edward. He's Norwegian white and often dazzles me.

I have fallen asleep with every book open and my face planted somewhere that I don't remember reading.

Okay, Okay, I have a couple trailers, and I do pass the book around, however, it's my daughter's book. Oh, I bought a few books for Christmas presents, does that count?

I am not involved in #13, but I do forgive Edward, I don't know why, I'm just a forgiving person.

I'm already past #10 and #9. I'm already married for eternity.

I wish there were more books and occasionally look at the Stephanie Meyers site. I'm getting vibes to try and read Edward's Midnight Sun. I have this conflict inside me to wait for the book.

Steve is my muffin, but I do hate the hot sun because of my face cancer. Yes, it sparkles because I brought (not on purpose) a sparkle face powder. I do love the rain, but my face will run. I'm a putty-knife right now. Love, love, love the clouds.

No, I don't dream about any of the book, but I know a lot of people I know have done that. uhhh, I don't remember all my dreams.

Yes, the book did go in the bathroom, but I was on an exciting page.

I thought this whole book was like a "Transformers Movie" But, Larin , my party daughter, has been to Twilight parties a couple years ago, like all Arizona nuts.

I do have two t-shirts, one with twilight on the front, for the opening and one was precious t-shirt...given to me on a very special whim that I needed from "Regarding Annie" I follow her blog. The t-shirt I have is Team Edward. Team Jacob went to my best friend, because she's Native American. BTW Annie's shirts are wonderful, really long, very stretchy and very, very soft.

I did at one time want Bella to marry Jacob during New Moon. I decided somewhere Jacob was better for her. I changed.

This confession is so personal and revealing. I see I'm going to need help. I'm going to try and wean myself off of this movie right after my DVD comes, I pre-ordered it.

*****Added at 3:05p.m I canceled my DVD set . My husband was unhappy with my purchase even though I had already given him the money. He said that the money was his to begin with, and I was using my Rx money. Sooooo, I did as he wanted....I stopped the pre-order . Now there's another Twilight available. Tear.

Calling All Girls, New Moon, Me Obsessive? and Twilight


jenkinsfamliypost said...

is this you mother. i think sooo. you area twlight freak!
i love you mother bella! do you want my kids to call you grandmother bella instead of grandmother feather?

Susan said...

No, Grandma Feather is my Native American name given to me by the Steckel spirt. Bella is a pretty name will you name your next baby girl, Bella? lymi

Laurel said...

Sis. L,
Saw your post on Annie's blog and busted up laughing! Love your ideas! (All we've got is girls over here but I will forever remember the idea:)