Saturday, February 28, 2009

And We Danced. Most Romanically & Kiely in Her Norwegian Folk Dress

Marnie took this sweet picture of us dancing. A moment in my history. Steve wasn't too happy about it. I was thrilled because I love to dance. I have never danced with Steve in all the time I've known him and everyone around us helped me making him feeling guilty. I love guilt.

This is Kiely in Steve's grandmother's native folkwear of Norway. Steve grandfather lines also had Norwegian. Kiely could have just as well been there. She has her grandmother's wide shoulders and very fair skin. Kiely looks beautiful and has done dance since she was three years old. I could tell she was in heaven wearing the beautiful Norwegian dress.

In the Valentine picture, above ... doesn't Steve look like such a Viking?

The hat and bodice were embroidered and beaded because it was for dance performances. The dresses are in different colors and design depending where the family is from. Sophia was family names: NEILSEN, Beckstrom, MORTHENSEN, OLSEN, NIKOLAISEN,Olson, Eckeland, Hansen, Nelson, and more. I noticed a link and copied it so here it is: Neilson Family Pedigree from: Stenkjar, Norway

The bunad Kiely is wearing is for performances and dancing. The original one from Stenkjar is red damask bodice with clasps. Black wool skirt, white, embroidered with white shirt, blue flowered apron with a belt and brooch, and lastly an embroidered red hat and one silk scarf around the head and a printed or embroidered shawl around her shoulders and tucked in the bodice vest.

We were super excited to get pictures of the dress and that Kiely was with us to model it for us. Absolutely beautiful.

Kiely's other side is mostly British Isles, almost all Irish. My mother's maiden name is O'Connor and lots of others. I think there is a bit of Welch, Dutch, French, and Prussian, too. But Great-Grandma Loepp McKean married an Irishman, and never spoke German. The Mennonites were driven from one country to the next.This story of religious intolerance sounds a bit familiar if you are LDS.You understand.

Our family loves to celebrate our genealogy on St. Patrick's Day. How 'bout green spuds! Actually, it's always cabbage, spuds, and brisket in one big pot every year. We love beer, but I have a Guinness Stout in my cupboard, just to freak my friends out ... just kidding ... I tried to increase the goat milk production by putting it in the milker's grain. The goats hated it because they are La Manchas and don't like Irish beer. I guess I'll have to try "Dos XX" or "Corona" lol No one believes me that the beers are for the goats when I try and buy it, not even my husband. I love this time of year!

Kiely's regional Folk Bunad
from Steinkjer, Nord Trondelag, Norway

Valentine's Day Dance. Yay... He danced with Me First Time in 40 Years. Kiely In Norwegian Folk Wear From Sophia Neilson Patten's Homeland


Unknown said...

glad i could capture the moment for you! very sweet and cute. dad actually looks like he was enjoying it. i am a little disappointed with the picture quality of my camera.
cute post.

Breeda said...

Great post and love the picture of you and dad dancing.

And Kiely looks beautiful wearing that dress. How fun for her.
Love the one with her and Grandma Dune.

So neat!