Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Around The Corner and Something Little Makes Our Lives Better

Kenna is getting better all the time, the metal bat seemed to do so much but I really believe faith, prayer, and most of all a Priesthood Blessing that she received from her Uncle Dave before she went to the hospital. She was blessed to only has some black eyes to heal. This bruising on her face was taken a couple days ago and she's so much better, even today. Kenna and her family went to Disneyland today and the day after she got the back-swing, her personality was back happy and cute. She just wondered who the girl in the mirror was. We are throwing away the bat and the kids are going to be very, very careful on their swinging practice. The second picture is before the bat incident.

It makes me so happy to see baby lambs and especially when Kiely does the delivery. She was beside herself. She actually saved a stuck baby and then gagged like crazy when she had to fling the "snotty bubbles" there seemed a lot more than usual....more than there were babies. We were really afraid of five lambs coming from just this one sheep. Anne, the mother, never comes into milk so we are busy feeding and hugging baby lambs. Grandchildren and lambs are a precious site.

Our dog "Little" is the protector, mother. She's never had a puppy-litter and the baby lambs and goats have always been hers. We have other dogs and it was amazing to see her protect the triplets. I've never seen her bite another dog until one attached its teeth to one the lamb's leg. You don't bring out the bear in Little. The other dogs stayed far away after that. "Little, the alpha female."

And then there's the kid. The red-headed leprechaun that just turned 2. The hat is not his hair, but it seems our red-headed grandchildren, just seem to have personalities that are unequal to the rest of the clan. They are major hams. Jaxon will dress himself in the most outrageous outfits, ever! Jaxon climbs every curtain, bookcase, and is constantly working his way to standing on any table and that's just his style. He's all boy with his trucks, cowboy hats, and the little bike he rides all through the house. Jaxon thinks his bike is a motorcycle and he's going to Texas.

My spirits were so lifted when Kiely came home from school and told us about her dancing class. She is doing great! Someone told her and this is not all of it, that they thought she taught tap because she looked so happy dancing. (not to mention, fast) We are so blessed by her performances on our living room floor. I honestly think I will never redo the floor because she's been tapping on them since she was 3. Actually, I have a video of her dancing on her first birthday to Milli Vanilli and she's really good! Everywhere she taps she pops paint off our wooden floor. I look at her happy dance spots and think I want to save this. I know she loves her horse, the menagerie that we have, and dance. She gave dance up for one year and this has been an re-awakening of something she loved and was missing in her life. Kiely sleeps now.

Baby Lambs, Black Eyes, Funky Kid, Loving Tapping Daughter


Bree said...

Poor Kenna! OOHHH!

Love this post Mom! Thank you!
I'll call you today with something funny!

Laurel said...

You sound "refreshed". :) And happy.

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