Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Handkerchief Mouse and Laughing At Inappropiate Moments , ROLL YOUR UNDERWEAR?

I haven't posted much lately because I crashed our big computer, I know it can be fixed, but need money..Steve's CERT lap top that he had to buy, has a broken frame, a flaw from the computer company, yes it can be fixed too. Just need to send it in. More money and time to wrap it up properly and suck all the information out of it.

Tuff times are here especially with us. Money is really tight, but the other "big" events are so out-weighing the money stuff, that since we've paid our tithing we can just let it go and have faith. I need to do that more often and have faith in all things.

I loved our Valentine's Night "Sock Hop" party at the Church. The dance and fun music was wonderful. I really got to dance with my husband, Steve for the first time in 40 years. I didn't dance when we were dating. Unbelievable, huh? He danced at my kid's weddings, but not with me. And only one dance. So, I didn't even know if he could shuffle around. We danced slow twice and Marnie even took a picture of us together. Thank you, Marnie. The dance had no lines for dinner, it was with a bunch of sweet, wonderful friends all having fun, and best of took me back to sweet-heart times. Yeah, and it was free! I hope it's an annual event.

Sunday, oh no...I must confess. Whenever I really need to "sit tight" at Church. (Oh! Translation: Sit and listen carefully to the speakers, be reverent, perfectly mannered, and have my legs crossed at the ankles) I get so "antsy"! You know by now I talk with quirky-country sayings. "Sitting loose" would be sitting on the back row in the breezeway area, so we can play tricks on people (no one can see us) like putting sunglasses on when the new bishopric was put-in and they were all bald. Fun! No back row out there now...with an average of 60-65 members average attendance. We don't use the breezeway anymore. Yes, we ARE the "mission field".

Okay, I'm sitting tight and I'm getting side-tracked. I was thinking of Brother Skousen and tearing up and I pulled my hankie out. I touched my tears and then started making his favorite trick with a hankie. It was a jumping mouse that always made me laugh and amused my children...and scared the most prissy lady in our ward. She actually screamed when it jumped during Church, but in the foyer... and had to be shushed by the Sunday School Presidency. I think she went home. Anyway...back to trying to fold my little mouse. I wasn't making much progress and Kiely grabbed it and quickly-- as I became more teary that I couldn't make it-- She rolled it up and there it was like a "Tootsie Roll". I said, "Where are the ears?" Kiely pulled-out the side she thought was the ears, but it was a tail. Funny, it was like a rabbit's ear. And we looked at each other and the little quick-witted girl, that she is--she said, "(giggle) LAB RAT!" Kiely said that, sorta' loud. I started laughing like nuts, and the bench started rockin'...Kiely couldn't hold it in, but she did better than I did. She and I just laughed hard, side hurting, hand over the mouth, but not out-loud, really. I did "snort" a couple times and coughed along with it. People had to know what was going on, it was during the closing song and the closing prayer. Don't you hate it when that happens? I really felt the heat in my face as it turned red. Jack Skousen would have loved it. I got the "stink-eye" from my husband and Kiely and I busted-up again after Church and before Sunday School. It wasn't loud. It seemed just a "comic-relief" and I think when Church was over I skipped out. Well, as well as I can skip. In my own mind...type of thing.

Here's a link to an easy way to Make The Mouse.

Or another good
one is: Hanky Mouse

There are lots of easy instructions on a handkerchief mouse on the Internet. I love it. Hope to master the trick like Brother Skousen.

Here's a tip for using the "mouse-roll" in everyday life! Let's give our girls lots of practice folding clothes. Girls do have quite a bit of laundry, right ? ROLL YOUR UNDERWEAR


The Knappy Crew said...

I remember Bro Skousens mouse that was so fun!
I want to know who you made scream.

Susan said...

Sister Smith, you wouldn't remember her. Ha Ha Pretty good name and you don't know who it is. Actually, it was a shrill squeak and scream. I absolutely would have done the same thing, because I HATE mice and rats. But never, ever would Sister Smith her guard down enough to let herself be caught scared or startled.lymi

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my blog, the underwear roll is really handy, i use it for my own underwear too :)