Saturday, February 7, 2009

Quirky Sayings In Real Life

Exercise For Real Life....

The doctor told me "Physical exercise is good for you."
I know that I should do it,

but my body is out of shape,

so I have worked out this easy daily program
I can do anywhere:
Beat around the bush.
Jump to conclusions.
Climb the walls.
Wade through paperwork.
Drag my heels.
Push my luck.
Make mountains out of mole hills.
Hit the nail on the head.
Bend over backwards.
Jump on the band wagon.
Balance the books.
Run around in circles.
Toot my own horn.
Climb the ladder of success.
Pull out the stops.
Add fuel to the fire.
Open a can of worms.
Put my foot in my mouth.
Start the ball rolling.
Go over the edge.
Pick up the pieces.
Whew! What a workout!

I stole this from my daughter, Bree.
She's so fun!