Thursday, February 26, 2009

Santa Paula Fire Training Video

I'm so proud of my captain, well, both my captains. Dustin, my son, was the "Captain Training Instructor." I'll have to ask my husband, the other captain, who did the PIO work with the Ventura County Star reporter, Anthony Plascencia, what Dustin's "big" acronym or his assignment name is. My Steve did a great job narrating the training exercise and I'm so proud of him. He really is an awesome and professional speaker.

Dustin has done this kind of training once with a real house before and now both, were extremely successful. I'm so impressed with the amount of work that he had to do to prepare the house. It was a huge assignment to gather and coordinate all the different agencies that came and participated. The neighboring business was used as a training exercise for arson investigation in addition to yesterday's drill. Dustin is ... no words to explain how impressed Steve and I are with your drill. So many firefighters and new rookies were there and it all went great. Safety is #1 with Dustin and I know where he gets it!

Friday is when the real fire starts. The real "burn!" I'm begging for a picture of "our guys" in front of a burning house and show their "brotherhood."

I know there is so much more I should be relating about this drill. Please listen to my husband's video about my son's drill.

Santa Paula Fire Department Training And Burn. I'm So Proud of Dustin Lazenby


Breeda said...

Dad and Dustin are pretty darn AWESOME!
Love it and bummed I am missing out on the fun!

Alissa said...

What great men!!! We are so proud to be their friends!