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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mark Modine, George Larkin, Thorton Lee Jewkes, David Ross Jensen, The Missionaries, And Member Missionaries. I Was Blessed To HaveThem In My Life!

Please turn off my music to watch this beautiful song and photos taken to match the hymn. "If You Could Hie To Kolob." If you have questions about this song or would like any information on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, please go to the real source: LDS.org The Internet is full of so much wrong information on The Church by people who "think" they really know. Another good site is: mormon.org Our family can be together forever and marriage isn't until death due us part...it's An Eternal Marriage.


This video is an LDS Hymn and arranged by Lex de Azevedo. It is one of my very favorites and the video highlights the missionaries. There are sister missionaries, also serving. What the video doesn't show is the charity that the missionaries perform. They cleaned my closest friend's ranch and made shelters for her sheep. My BFF (Best Friend Forever) belongs to the Church of Christ. The missionaries dug gardens, laid sod, chucked rocks, cleaned animal pens, next door to us. The missionaries also helped our neighbors to the north, gather rocks from their land and did the hard labor of putting a yard together. They go home and hurry and put their clean "Sunday Best" suits and serve by visiting with people and talk about The Church. They also serve the homeless by serving meals regularly helping at the Pentecostal Church off of Ventura Street. This is service is unending because they take Charity and love of their fellowman.. with them when they are released from their dedicated two years of only being involved in the work being "Hands of the Lord." The missionaries come from every walk of life and from places all over the world. They share their talents and if they don't have them, they develop them and give their all. This isn't a new part of the program of the missionaries. Sister Hansen, now Laurel Albrecht, cleaned many sister's homes and helped with the children of Santa Paula and The Ventura Mission. I know she and her companion did much more, but they did it quietly and happily. I'm not sure if Kiely was born yet when we met Sister Hansen, was it 20 years ago?

Twice a year we don't attend Church and watch it on TV at home if it's available. Satellite Broadcasts can also be viewed at selected churches, or if blessed...we can travel to attend the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. We receive part of Conference on Saturday and then another on Sunday through our local cable company. Time Warner gives us Conference live on Channel 28 or Channel 10 both local, non-profit channels and one or the other usually have The Semi-Annual Conference for Saturday and Sunday Broadcasts. The dates are April 4th and 5th. There are two sessions each day starting here in Southern California at 9:00 am and a continuation of the session at 1:00 pm, both days. Each session has separate talks and music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and sometimes on Saturday, selected choirs from other areas. It's all beautiful.


I was a convert and I have heard so much of sad, untrue statements, and criticism connected with The Church. I've been active for 40 years solid since I joined when I was 19 years old. I was looking for the true Church and missionaries came the same day my "God Father" came to visit my sick dad. It had been 7 years since our family had seen Mark Modine and we sat on my dad's bed and talked about Mormons. I didn't know Mark was LDS. My dad's other best friend, George Larkin had joined the Church after some rowdy days at college (Cal Poly, duh...) And...was, at the time I joined the church, my dear Bishop. This all wasn't a coincidence. I felt the Spirit easily, and was baptized in a week after talking to Mark and the missionaries. I am grateful beyond comprehension all of their commitment to their mission, their callings, their testimonies, and for teaching me righteous principles. The Gospel completely changed my life for good. It is the True Church.

My Missionaries...Elder Jewkes passed-away this past year, from complications of Muscular Dystrophy. He came to his mission with a cane and left to go home in a wheel chair and suffered all these years since. Elder Jensen lived in Idaho and I pray he is living a wonderful life. Thank you Elders for teaching me. Mark Modine has passed-away as well as my father, but Bishop George Larkin is in Colorado. I wish I could tell him how dear he will always be to me.

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