Friday, March 20, 2009

Greed Will Kill You! Fossil Funny, Sorta' Funny!

This fossil is so interesting and because I was tagged, and this was the fourth picture, I felt I needed to explain why it's in my folder. The sailor who owns this picture is a sailor in Spain. I don't know if it is from a museum or if they actually own the fossil. The explanation was so interesting. This ancient fish had already a full stomach, like a couple other fish, and tried to eat another rather large fish. Fish scales only are smooth one way and obviously to slip back out the mouth was the "not so smooth way" and wasn't an option. The fish didn't need to eat the big one. It just wanted more of a good thing. OOPS! That definitely wasn't a wise choice. In fact, one of the fish's last decisions. Yeah, one decision can "determine destiny".... I copied the picture to show my Steve, my curious find. You know, I leave food on my plate. I hate the feeling of full, I do!

I love fossils and my love of them came way before I even knew what they were. The house I spent my first five years in --- was on the corner of Manzanita and Laurel Road. There is an apartment in the back of the main house. It was my grandparent's barn. Yes, real barn. I was raised in a barn. Please, don't say it, but I know you will in your head. I knew my mom or Susan was raised in a barn. Soooo buttons!

My dad and grandpa worked on the barn to convert it into a house. My mother picked the beautiful tile and I still love it. Burgundy with pink tones, trim and small salmon tiles all over for the kitchen. The bath had lovely tiles and I know they are completely unavailable now. All so unique. The floor was polished big red tiles like Dr. Strong's office on Eight Street. The fireplace was made by my father. He place a large fish fossil into the fireplace front, just below the mantle. I remember reaching up and rubbing my hands across it. Dad found the fossil in the Crik behind our house when he was really young. It amazes me that he was able to carry it home because this fossil is large. The flagstone has a full clear picture of a fish. I had hoped my camera caught the details, but I think even my flash made it even more unclear of what is on the flat stone. The fish isn't "eating" another fish, but specimen is so clear one could identify it by species. Amazingly the fossil was from our own backyard because Laurel Road and Manzanita are just a couple blocks away from our ranch. Funny, I live here just where I started. That sounds like....maybe....backward? Yes, I've had limited travel experiences.

I was able to take a picture of it with my old, old camera, so the detail is almost completely absent from the photo. The house was up for rent and my friend was handling the details on the rental property. I don't remember how she knew I lived there, but I was so excited to see my house from an adult point of view. I loved it! I loved even the roll-out, old fashioned, California Spanish windows. Maybe someday I can see it again and take a 12 mega pixel of the mantle instead of the my wimpy, but reliable, 1 mega pixel. But... I saw it and how fun to see that it hasn't changed. The owners still take care of our "barn house". Thank you for saving the past for me.

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