Monday, April 27, 2009

The End. This Never Even Crossed My Mind Unil This Evening. An Epiphany For Sure.

I never tell anyone what came of each of my blog entries. I say this and this and you never know the outcome....All these things, so what happened? So what REALLY Happened? Did I get worms from the dog licking my mouth?

What was really wrong with my COLIC?
What happened in class? Did I get told again?

I'll start with the first one, with the dog. Dogs have been licking me all my life and I still don't have a tapeworm, but Kiely found a big blue centipede in her bedroom. She's the only one that has a vent to the basement and everyone's working to clean it out the basement so we can have a garage sale. You bug the bugs and they crawl away. Kiely's bedroom was the nearest exit. I took it to Church to show my grand kids. Mostly, I didn't want them to touch it. This is a biter, not a long pilly-bug!

When Steve and I had just moved our house on the ranch years ago. We took the place where the varmint's call home... so we had some centipedes at the beginning of our life back at the ranch. Not to mention, snakes, spiders, mice, rats, ground squirrels, etc. The centipede was blue, first time I had ever even seen a centipede. I lived here all my life, but....I don't know.... and this one centipede didn't like it that Steve stepped on it and it bit him in two places on his foot. Yeah, and Steve was just chewing on me for leaving needles on the floor. IT'S A BUG, STEVE! The centipede has front and back pin teeth or stingers. So as he flipped it off, it landed in our bed. Larin was sleeping between us at the time and we "scaddled outt'a there, screaming. I didn't come back to bed until the Pest Control sprayed all whole house. I still scream when I see one. Creepy, Yes... and creepy that I brought it to Church in a baggie.

I may get Parvo later this week and I'll let everyone know if it came from Darby the 'face-licker' Darby was vaccinated. Worms--I'll just drink some goat milk before the withdrawal time is over from an Ivermectin wormer treatment. I wormed my Grandpa Joe that way. Just to let you know, I did wash my face before I went to bed and that's why I was up and awake for the alien varmint.

Next: I worked hard to be above the sad day of going to class. All my kids and spouses told me not to go. No, I'm am truly over it. A little part of what the teacher said was true, but she doesn't know when to stop. Soooo, I decided that like Babe, my horse, and favorite teacher. I would use my teaching from my youth. Babe would buck me off and I would climb back on her back shaking, and ride it out. Also, when I went to go catch her to ride (every single day) she would always come at me full-blast, ears pinned, teeth out. I had the feed bag with rolled oats. How did she think she was going to get the luscious treat of rolled oats? As soon as Babe was close enough, I slapped her muzzle.

Babe turned cute and the 'buffaloeing' was all over. Well, until I got on her and she started her barn-bucky routine. Pull one rein in up and hard, she'd forget to buck. It took me almost 10 years to learn it. But, I never, ever forgot.

So... class was easy. No, I'm not going to slap my teacher, no, no, no -- but I can put-up my hand, like stop and take her mind off what I don't want to talk about.

One of my favorite Elanor Roosevelt quotes is: "If someone betrays you once, it's their fault; if they betray you twice, it's your fault." The other one I love is: "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

I went again to class like nothing happened last week and I was spiritually prepared to "take it" this week. No boxing gloves. I need her to help me learn and I can still love her and just pray she sees the sensitivity and love of the Savior in my eyes and not demons. I have a deep desire to really to do the important work that I need to do so much. She did lead me and help me and I received a huge amount of information from going, being there and not slinking away with my feelings hurt. What good could come of that?

Last, but differently not least. I'm okay physically. I not completely well. The terrible stomach ache... guts twisted or kinked and they were straightening out. My system is still not completely unfolded, but I have the right diet for the condition and another crazy medication, it will right itself. Yeee....ahhhh. Things slow down when you do. Slowing down is not a good thing. I'm swimming all the month of May, including during my trip with my dazzling husband on a cruise to Vancouver. Hope they play "Twilight" music. Thank you Elders for the wonderful, faithful blessing that I needed so much. Elder Levitt, your first blessing will never be forgotten, you are precious. I pray your Natasha waits for you.

This isn't a passing thought...I'm going to be super seasick on the cruise up to Canada, but I will happily barf all the way to Vancouver to see where Twilight's Sequel is being made. Yippee! You'd think this cruise was for MY BIRTHDAY, not Steve's but, "HEY!" He does dazzle me! Perfect! Yay!

Do You Want to Know The Soap Opera Endings or What?


jenkinsfamliypost said...

<3<3 i love you mother

The Knappy Crew said...

Gross picture of the centipede! I do like the catch up though. Love you momma.