Friday, April 3, 2009

The Gift Worth Waiting For Or Steve Should Have Wreaked The Fence A Long Time Ago!

Funny things happen around here that I just don't understand. Okay... Get this! Steve is moving panels around and trying to straighten our stallion's pen into a long big rectangle. Yes, in a way that in itself is funny because Sonny, the stallion, likes to move his pen everywhere. Sonny would be a great boarder (not). As my husband is working frantically to finish, he has a CERT class to teach tonight. He tweaked a panel. I think he actually broke part of it. Steve came in and sat down all put-out and said, "I hate those dumb animals, hummp!" The phone starts ringing and I... as fast as my penguin legs could move me ... I answer and a familiar voice says, "Hey, is Steve there?" My Steve is never in the living room sitting down. I said, "Yeah?" and just handed the phone to my Steve. He said things like, "No kidding!" "Really?" "Okay!" "When?" "Does it have a tow?" I'm thinking.... "Oh no, not another enclosed or open trailer" thoughts went to, yep ..well that's okay, I have my stuff. We won't go there.

Steve hung-up the phone and did this silly dance all over and I took a picture. There! Wanna' know what his longest, best friend forever, gave him? A real snake? A real trailer? No!

A Lincoln Welder !

Steve has wanted a Lincoln Welder since he was in high school. The picture above looks like it & best I could find on welders. I know it works great and super industrial size. Yay! I might could have some projects for my dear husband. hee hee. BTW the shaved head on my husband in "the dancin' picture," is really shaved .. not bald. It was a fundraiser for Cancer Awareness with Fire and Police. You donate money and then "Bic" the head bald. He likes it, but I still like his flat-top. At least he doesn't have that white, high, preacher hair. It does that when it gets long. Hair that's white, high, and tall. Yuck.... The flat-top means "seriously." The shaved head is way too much work and he bleeds.

Below is a picture of me last night. It was amazingly hard to do. How do people take pictures by just holding the camera up. I blink immediately. So with help... here it is to compare to my own rendition of my self-portrait. So, I don't care if I have saggy cheeks. I laugh too much. If I'd had to shade the cheeks in on my picture it would look like Frankenstein stitches that I don't really have yet. And...I should have put dark circles under each eye. First time water-colorer. hahaha I would have looked like I had been in a fist fight! But for now-- I'm using more green cover stick tomorrow on my real face.

Happy Men Love ... Men Toys or Should I Say Big Tools

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Unknown said...

Mother you are so pretty! I love dad's happy picture with the shaved head.