Friday, April 24, 2009

Suddenly I Am Alone. Dog Lips, Dog Lips, and Licks

Pet stories ..... boring ....... Straight to the point. I was sleeping on the sofa all alone and waiting for Kiely to come home from a date. I forgot and left the window to the front door open. Dog jumps in. I'm sound asleep. I heard thumping, peek open my eyes and see this!

I think she had been scratching fleas. I was okay with her inside since we've had mountain lions lately, not even thinking how Darby got inside. Anyway, I went to sleep deeper.... Suddenly, the dog's lickin' my mouth and my eyes like crazy. I sit-up waving my hands all around. "Quit!" and she goes over and lays down on a towel.

I go to sleep as deep as before. I was so tired. Then "Bingo!" That dog is lickin' my face, my eyes and my lips, up my nose, and now yipping at me. I pushed her down and said, "Stay!" She looked confused and I know, I looked mad at her. I didn't even get up to wash my face. Back to sleep instantly...I'm not sure even if I really woke-up all the way the last time.

AAACCCKKK! This is it! She is doing it again, only this time, all the above and she's on top of me! And I wake-up snort, snort, snoring! duhr. The dog was either trying to saving my life and was worried about the weird noises coming from my face or Darby hates snoring, couldn't sleep, and Darby was telling me to "Quit it!" I went to bed.

Not much later ... Now, I'm still completely awake and I hear Darby growling in the kitchen. She ran into the bedroom to get me ... barking like Lassie with her hair standing straight-up. I was awake enough now to know a window was open and an opossum, raccoon, or varmint was in my kitchen. I freak-out! The light was dim and I found my weapon ..... my camera, so I could record of video me being attacked by a strange Chupracabra. Well............ the story ends here.

She was barking, growling, and attacking two purple balls that glowed in the dark. I took a picture of one and the silver decor glows in the dark. It sorta' looks like a face of something. I thought it was aliens and I was about to send the picture to Coast to Coast. I can be one of those that had a "Close Encounter With Purple...... round things" hahaha I know she would have attacked if I said, "Get 'em!" She was mad and she was brave because these balls are at least nine inches in diameter.

Darby got kicked-out. I locked the door window. Kiely came home and put Darby in her kennel. I learned that I snore AND purple balls can be dangerous in the dark. "Darby is the Wonder Dog"

BTW Darby was in the house while Kiely was studying for a final a couple days ago. Kiely needed to be by the computer and carried all her books, papers, binders, and junk---completely filling her arms and walked across the room. She dropped her pen as she started to move her supplies and Darby scooped it up right behind her and when Kiely sat down ... Kiely put her hand-out and Darby set the pen in her hand. Kiely said, "Thank you." Darby sat and Kiely started working.

We always wanted a Red Queensland Heeler and we thought Little would be red. Little is blue and white with Dark points, but her skin is still red. She was born red and with the flop-over ears and squaty body and also was the runt. Unwanted. We named her Little Pig. Everyone knows runts eat way more than they should. She needed a run-around pal to keep her moving and play. Larin got Kiely a really Red Queenland Heeler from Arizona.

Okay, we got a Queensland Heeler but where did Darby learn this stuff?

How did I miss all this and why is this dog so smart?
Darby the Red Queensland and Her Protective Nature


jenkinsfamliypost said...

silly mother and dog.

Breeda said...

Funny! What a good dog!!

Heelers are Awe-some! Did you hear about this one: