Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And They're Off! Yep, And Headed To Vancouver, New Moon, Twilight Saga

Ah..ha! We're Cruising on up to Vancouver on the Princess Lines and
we are sooo excited! We will be visiting Victoria. I already have all the set locations of "New Moon" mapped-out. Yay! They'll still be there.

Now, you think that this is my birthday or something. Nope, it is my "Dazzling Steve's Birthday" Really! And.... as you can see from the flash...He does truly "dazzle."

Will I be seasick?
Will it be cold? I think I will
"like-it-a-lot!" It is exactly
95 degrees here and Santa
Barbara is on fire again.I'm
taking my firefighter husband
far, far away from this. No
"Scary Strike Team!"

See ya'

Do you think I'm taking too much luggage?

I'm changing the Title of the Picture Below:
It will be as if the "Heat Never Existed At All."

By the way, Are there such things as "hot birds" as apposed to "snow birds?"

Please don't say "Hot Chicks!"
Don't Make Me Throw A Possum At YOU!
Happy Birthday Steve, Perfect Place... New Moon Vancouver, You Dazzle Me


Breeda said...

I am soooo excited for you guys! I hope you have so much fun!!

jenkinsfamliypost said...

yeah it is finally here. you are going to love getting away.have fun!

Susan said...

Im surprised you don't have any pictures up yet on your blog