Friday, May 22, 2009

Can you see a Jack Ass in this Picture? It's a Hidden Picture. My Post is about Kids and Kids. Baby Goats vs. Children! What Are We Really Raising ?

Rock 'n' Oaks Ranch turns into a nursery to entertain children and remind us all of how the simple pleasures of life are just watching our children and grandchildren interact with other young, sweet animals. The playing tether-ball and fetch with our dogs, riding the horses, or just running free with the lambs and kids make all of us think happily about our own discovery with baby chicks and messy baby ducks. We remember squealing baby pigs and after the fear is gone, they latch on to our ears to whisper sweet, slobbery loves.

New project just starting. In the picture above with Tatum and Sparkle are playing tag. There are four large pepper trees in the background. All the uncles and my son are getting together and making a fort/tree-house. If it's anything like the one I had just a few steps from where my home sits now, it will be an escape and experience that will enrich the kid's lives forever.

How fun was it to walk a rail fence or stand on a ribbed tank/barrel and maneuver it all over the grass? Yeah, and we learned fast the rocky pasture was not the best place to practice.

My mom, single-handed built us a huge platform and a cabin, high up in an oak tree. The tree house even had a secret escape hatch. It was started the day President Kennedy was shot and finished that weekend. I watched so little of the news coverage. My mother didn't want us to see the tragedy of the assassination of President over and over. Good for her! Bless my dear mother. I do remember the assassination day of November 22nd and I remember him, but I remember him mostly as the great president my Irish grandfather, and uncles revered. Our family was proud of his charismatic leadership he provided and the calm, strong demeanor that we all needed during the scary time of the Berlin Wall and making "fall-out shelters."

Childhood needs to be silly and sweet. I know there are fights and fits...but hey, they only last just a little while. It's part of childhood that hopefully teaches each one of them how much fun it can be when all of us get-along! I'm so glad our family was blessed with a sense of humor.

Tressa to Dad, "Dad! Your eyes are really blue when you get mad!" "Quick wit is much better than a quick runaway." Remember that. You WILL have to come back. Ouch.

Running With the Animals. Tree House Project. No Nintendo Needed


jenkinsfamliypost said...

the tree house is going to a fun hang out. coming soon!

jenkinsfamliypost said...

i love the new photos!