Monday, May 25, 2009

Explain Why Isn't Saturday A Rest Day To Get Ready For Sunday?

Have you ever had the thought cross your mind that Saturday should be a PRE-REST day? I mean, really! We overload it with all those get the ready for Sunday chores and try and squeeze maybe a bit of adventure like "Night At the Museum II" and stay-up making bread for the missionaries, cleaning house, preparing lessons, can't say babysit, actually...but we can't live without a bunch of little ones and then there's the ranch chores--we try very hard to make it to church on Sunday morning before others. It's an actual race! And then we smugly say to ourselves, I bet they didn't have to milk seven goats this morning, and we still beat them to our own personal pew again.

Actually, I made that up. We made it by the skin-of-our-teeth and there's all kinds of pews open because only about--at the most--70 people show-up on a good Sunday. We aren't milking any goats, because Kiely does that with all the feeding. Okay, I did go to the movie, and made bread until 2:00 am. and then Kiely had her first real lesson. She stayed-up 'til 4:00 am. Kiely does that. hahaha She's used to it. College finals just got over and that's the way she studies. Her teachers think now, that she has brown hair and librarian glasses, that she doesn't need to study at all. Kiely go back to the blond hair...I'm telling you they will give you a break!

The Spinach can came from our Arkansas daughter's in-laws. They brought us a present from their year's supply. Why is that odd? Well, that Spinach was canned in Siloam, Akansas. Chuck and Bee got the Spinach years ago and were doing some resorting. They live just 15 or 20 minutes from us in Ventura. The reason that's so weird is that it was not only my husband's old missionary stomping grounds, but near our Bree, their Chip, and our grandchildren's home. Steve actually found some Butter Beans (and he loves them) from Oxnard, California. He picked them up from Muskogee, Oklahoma in the middle of winter while serving there on his mission... 1968-1970. The world is so small, isn't it?

I NEED some Spinach if it really gives a person knock-out energy, bring it on. I had a genealogy headache Sunday. No one understands why I can't remember anybody's birthday, where they were born, their telephone numbers, or even what family they belong to. Telephones! Shoot! Everyone's got at the least 3, even the grandchildren have phone numbers and they keep changing, just like their ages. Well, I think know I know why I can't remember everything .... Just ask me who was born on 15 June 1843? Margaretta Cox: She was born in Illinois, but lived in Walnut Creek, Minnesota, yeah, sounds familiar. Yes, she is buried near "The Little House, Ingalls" and near the creek toward town. Margaretta is my grandmother's... Aura Margaret Freeman's grandmother. She was named after her great aunt. I get so side-tracked on the stories of my ancestor's lives that I can't seem to just write the names in the PAF, IGI, and New Family Search. Okay...sweet blog followers acronyms that only special genealogists know. Ancestors, I NEED some help here! My A.D.D. is bogging me down, it's a good thing I don't have a window over my desk.

There were 10 grandchildren at my house Sunday, plus their moms and Steve, Kiely, and Dustin, and my mom. It's a crazy Sunday afternoon. I slept through Tatum and Steve's shouting match. Not mad at all... just that Steve was trying to "out-yell" Tatum. She was really excited and she just got louder as she became more excited. Cracked Steve up and he should have explained the famous... "Mel can hear you, next door," comeback... but Mel died. I'm SURE he heard them. I didn't hear a thing at that point... I was really asleep with plugs in my ears. This is how Tatum needs to sign her name. She likes it.

Okay four kids went home and so just a few were still here and I sat-back and videoed just a portion of the "kitchen scene." This is Sunday Family Time. It didn't matter that the camera was going...they actually were crazier earlier....

Does the song seem familiar just a little bit? Be Sure And Turn Off My Music Or You WILL GO CRAZY...PROMISE!!

Sunday is a precious day.
It’s the Day we Honor the Savior’s Way.
We go to Church, we sing and pray and
We are blessed with the Sacrament too, day.
We try to learn, and love everyone, and
We call it our Spiritual Rest Day.
Then, we have family time and
Work on our goals, so we can be
ready to start

I just now thought the song sounds like the "Pirates of The Caribbean" It's the Saturday Song out of the Children's Song Book from Church, but seeing the kids run rampant, yeah...pirate song is going in my mind. Maybe it's just the way the flute sounds. hahahaha

All the wild ones stayed overnight at Marnie's and dear pregnant Larin went home all alone. TO REST! I love grandchildren they're really our entertainment and JOY!

If We Put More Into Sunday, Our Cups Runneth Over, Wow

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Cat said...

Hi! I found your blog on Mormon Mommy blog -- I love finding fellow saints, especially with character!!

Love your blog!!

(I saw your comment on the post about a letter to her 16 year old self -- I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that because I wrote about that same thing like 3 weeks ago. I guess it is something on a lot of minds lately.) Have a great night!