Thursday, May 28, 2009

Genealogy and Journals.. Here I Come

People are always asking me why are you still blogging, so I googled it. It's supposed to add many things to your life... like mostly how to make more money by networking or selling a product. It could even be selling yourself to be a news journalist, editor, commentator, or just generally reach beyond just and Facebook and grab people. Do I get lots of comments? Noooo... but even though I do love comments, it's not important. I get thousands of hits for the lists of old-fashioned sayings, silly videos, and the picture of my grand daughter with a watermelon back in Arkansas---it has been downloaded hundreds of times. I don't know why, it's just hick and cute. Low resolution and I think even done with a phone, but it is a precious candid picture that has been viewed by so many all over the world. BTW it's not my picture to share it's copyrighted and my Bree hasn't given permission to use it, but I'm glad everyone loves it. The reason I blog:

I blog for me. I blog for my journal and if anyone wants to read it... I'm an open book. I have nothing to hide, it's the real... real me... and some of it's about my husband that I truthfully write about... and dearly love him with all my heart. I'm not trying to blog to win followers, lurkers, or anything. If I some how meet another sweet dear friend connecting through faith, common interests, old friendships...I so welcome that! I love the sharing that comes from just wanting to help another. Sharing information and yourselves is wonderful. I love new recipes, new hobbies, ways to keep healthy, grow a tremendous garden, be organized, make my scrapbooks better lol, decorate, and especially my most important work, genealogy. I want to continue to learn new things and I want my children and grandchildren to never quit learning and receive the wonderful possibilities that open up to them, through knowledge. I appreciate all that I've found on blogs. There's an explosion of information and good there that I want to partake of. (sorry to end with a preposition, but I'm not trying to be a writer)

New Years Resolution in June: Genealogy, my blog journal, and our ward's website and the CERT website are going to be my main focus along with my Young Women's calling and journaling along the way... the activities, testimonies, and teachings of the Savior on our YW's Blog. I can do a resolution in the middle of the year, right? I still have my emails. Still love those and will try and keep-up.

Okay, it's sharing time..My great grandmother Martha (Loepp) McKean was absolutely famous for her eggie pancakes. We haven't changed making the crepes, but added on someone's shortcut and they call them German puff-pancakes. This recipe makes 24 and you can't cook them in silicon cups because they won't get done. Remember that. My Little puff picture was taken with my one pixel camera because my new camera is missing. ughhh. These are my eggie pancakes (French, of course on the left) and Kiely's puff pancake with the berry on top. It's really like a tiny puffed bowl that you can fill with anything. Marnie found the recipe somewhere on a wonderful blog and I'm passing it along. Believe me you'll want to make more than 24. So work the blender good before you start.

Here's the grand recipe for the puff French/German? Baby Eggie Pancakes:

Start with putting the ingredients into a blender and preheat the oven to 400 degrees and add:

1 cup of milk
1 cup of flour
1/4 cup of sugar or less
Tiny pinch of salt
Tiny pour of vanilla
1/4 c of melted butter
6 eggs

Pour the mixture into a muffin pan that is coated and then we still spray Pam on the muffin pan. Fill half-way and cook for 15 minutes. It may take a while to perfect this ...because everyone's oven is slightly different. Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Or eat like my grandpa with just butter and sugar. Or... you can break-down and use Maple Syrup or even be fancy and do up whip cream and cherries. The one I did for the picture was yogurt and raspberry. Leave out the vanilla and sugar and you have a cup for apple-chicken salad. I can't convince my children to eat that. They like them as breakfast or breakfast/dinner. You can make your meal even more fattening by flouring the bacon and take it out before it gets too crispy, this won't work in the microwave you have to fry it. I think that's my Uncle Dan O'Connor's addition to Eggie Pancake Breakfast. He said he floured trout, and fresh side, why not bacon? Yum.

I just got hungry. Wow, and I need my meds. When did it get dark outside?

Grandma Martha (Loepp) McKean would never approve of the German attachment to the pancakes, so we'll call them baby eggie pancakes. And you know what? We've got chicken eggs filling our fridge. Why do our chickens lay twice a day?

Ending note:
I was looking for a bit of lace for my picture of the puff pancake and when I pulled the lace tablecloth out.... my great grandmother's sister, Great gg Aunt Meta Agathe Katherine (Loepp) Chandler's beautiful, lace bedspread came out with it. It has a matching pillow cover or table cover. It's here to remind me to do my genealogy, it is! Aunt Meta gave my great grandmother these things including a cross necklace given by Meta to Grandma McKean. The cross necklace was originally from Minna (Ortmann) Loepp's aunt and the cross necklace is now worn by Timery (Wellman) Carlson, my niece. My mother once said when I was really young that the necklace was over 200 years old. (Just so you know, this was the hardest explanation of how I'm related to someone that I've ever posted) Anyway, my mother wore the cross when she was married and I know more. Nevermind.

Loepp and Ortmann's Eggie Pancakes With A New Twist


Colleen said...

Hello Cousin! It's Colleen. I found this looking for Richard McKean information. Have you done any geneology on that side of the family? Hope you are all doing well. I stop by and read your blog more often now that I know it's here! I'm not on twitter or facebook at this time, though.

Susan said...

Oh Colleen! Oh my gosh, yes, I'm doing genealogy--hard at work. My blog has suffered a little because I found the line of Grandpa McKean's parents! It is so interesting. His dad died really early too, and the family went to live with her parents and their name is Bush. Yeah, the Texas Bush family. Grandpa McKean's grandmother was named Barbara Bush.

Thank you, thank you for leaving me a post. My mom is going to be sooooo happy that I heard from you. Crap!! I so excited! I love you! Tell everyone "Hi" for me and I love and miss all of you!