Friday, May 15, 2009

New Moon Star Dakota Fanning Jet Flight Together From Vancouver. Twilight Saga

On Our trip home we met Dakota Fanning, she is a delightful young actress and yes she can be a wonderful Jane with her beautiful eyes that she has. Dakota was excited and bubbly about her roll and talked about being in other sequels. She even put her hand over her mouth, like she was telling me too much and started giggling. So cute! And...

My daughter, Marnie and my grand baby, Preslee, saw her near the baggage room. (We called Marnie while we were on the tarmac to look for her) Marnie walked into the pickup area and said, "Dakota!" and she said, "Yes..."Just as sweet as can be. Dakota's mother used Marnie's camera to take a picture of them all together. Dakota was very, very friendly to them also. She seems to really appreciate her fans. I put an art poster that was made by a young woman just a little older than Dakota herself. The artist name is ~Grodansnagel, from Sweden, her work is on Deviant Art. The poster...Yep! She has it. Dakota is Jane. And I have a new favorite character in the movie New Moon.

I took a semi-good picture of Steve and Dakota. I say that because I didn't have my glasses and even messed-up the first picture. I think she'd stood there until I found them. Dakota was so patient with me.

New Favorite New Moon Character. I'm Still Glad That The Original Jacob Will Be Cast

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