Monday, May 18, 2009

Shocking...Rachel's Hall Pass offering any 12x12 vinyl or phrase from her website

I have always loved vinyl lettering. We did some in Young Women's for one of their goals and making a craft that hangs in their room to always remember_________ and the Young Women choose the phase they wanted and the color. My Kiely still has hers and it's "Never Give Up" by Sir Winston Churchill. I'm still so proud of her and she got her YW's award a couple years ago. I am very proud of all my other five daughters that worked so hard to achieve and complete their Values and goals. The medallions change but the learning, setting goals, living by Gospel Principles, and their testimonies never go away.

Kiely has used that saying, "Never Give Up" to motivate her in all her classes at college. It reminds me of another "Endure To The End" (Maybe that seems so faraway) Kiely wakes-up to this pink sign with black letters in her room everyday. Her room is dark pink with red and orange--sounds terrible, but she has a huge mural of a sunset on the beach and all those colors are in the mural. So are black silhouettes of palm trees. All her accessories are black, including her furniture. Really beautiful designed room. The plaque is prominently displayed over her door.

Kiely never knew who Churchill was or anything about him until her first semester in one of her required courses at school. She was amazed at the message even more, because it was so courageously given during a war that terrorized a nation.

Here's the link to the vinyl lettering website: HALL PASS.

I can't wait to order another, especially for our new "cowboy room" I need to think of a real cowboy saying... This one works for me since I'm constantly taping the fences with Duck Tape where there's a sharp edge or any pokey think that would catch on a collar of one of the goats or sheep. Cute thought... I thought so! Duct tape is the new bailing wire. Actually, some say Bungee Cords, but they can be very dangerous. I've pulled more than one out of the side of a cheek of a goat or sheep. Ewwww... and an eye.

I love my really old tin sign that says, "Caution Electric Fence" and I found in the dirt on our ranch. It was Mr. Wesley's next door. We leased the land for years and the pasture did have an electric fence. The fence probably is what messed my heart up. We would have a "dare-day" and run like crazy to hold a fence pole and then the wire. The last of the string of kids always got thrown down. I learned to run fast. Poor Scott, my little brother seemed like he got shocked-down a lot. How mean, huh? The sign is rusty and has a bullet hole in it and sits on my kitchen shelf to remind me to take my heart medication. I hate thinking about that "procedure" with the defibrillator. I almost got defibbed at the hospital. The Doctor stopped the technician because I might have a clot. Whew! Actually, I did have some and my blood thinner just carried them away. I'm thankful for doctor's inspiration and he paid attention to it. That was a close call. I should have told myself "It's only like our electric fence and being the last to grab on the line of kids" Sometimes you have to just go back and think of the experiences you've already had... to help get you through upcoming challenges. Yep, the sign, it's in my kitchen. I take my pills.

Signs. Can't Get Enough of Them To Remind Us of Real Life


Megan said...

Thanks for entering the giveaway! Good luck! :)

jenkinsfamliypost said...

poor little scott. kinda like me with my siblings, 'lets take marnie's glasses off and spin her around and see what happens'. not always a fun outcome. :) i survived ok, i guess.

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