Friday, May 1, 2009

Sheep Out? Now Cows and Pigs. "You Tube" War With My CowGirl Kiely.

We had another baby sheep and it sure looks funny. Preemie again, darn it. But... the ewe is feeding it. This is her first lambing. She won't clean the sheep's behind, but Little the dog takes care of all that, and Little our Queensland is really gentle.

I couldn't rope the ewe to put her and her little lamb in the stall. The baby needs to go in there because the other sheep would run over the tiny baby. The hondo busted off the lasso, so someone had improvised one and NO it doesn't work. It's twisted so the rope doesn't slip through. It was like I was playing jump through the hoop with the sheep. I did catch the dog. I almost gave up. I said lots of prayers, I can't help it. I just ask. The Savior was a Shepard of people and I know Heavenly Father also loves sheep and lambs. Remember the shepherds at the Savior's birth?

The lamb has big floppy ears and just so cute with two white stockings. and all the rest black. It doesn't look anything like the rest. My mom said it was part goat, but our goats are La Mancha and their ears are as teanie as elf ears. Teanie! No Nubians anywhere. There's two donkeys. Never mind, they are both girls. This is ridiculous and I'm way sleepy. It's 1:00 am.

Back to the catching story.....I came in the house after using peanut butter to try and catch the ewe. All the sheep tried to eat my peanut-butter fingers, except the ewe I wanted. She knew I was after her. I have very bruised fingers. I'm not doing that again!

I thought..... I'm going to do the same thing I do with all the other big animals. The easiest way to catch anything. Get a stinkin' flake of alfalfa and a bucket of rattly rabbit pellets and just let all the sheep out. They about knocked me down. I just started walking toward the barn where I had put a bucket of water and left no room for them to run down the breezeway. The dogs, Little and Darby are an excellent pair. Wow! They herded them all together each on a different side...rear flanks. They amaze me. Anyway, all the sheep followed and I threw the feed in the bin inside the stall. Bingo, every single one ran in like pigs. That was EASY and yes, I hit my "That Was Easy Button"

I let them out, well...they ran out one by one and when the last was the mother ewe and her lamb, I shut the stall door. The dogs put away the sheep all by themselves. How 'bout that!? The sheep do love their home. The mother needed to be milked-out, so Steve brought me the stanchion and I milked her like I was milking a dog, her teats are soooo small. I got a half cup exactly of great colostrum (it's like gold to a breeder) and fed the baby lamb with a bottle. The mother ewe didn't even flinch, she knew at that point, that feeding her baby was THIS way. Of course, I had the lamb on the stanchion and I think she thought the lamb was nursing.

It's been three days and the lamb is jumping everywhere. She's just as cute as she can be and I adore her. Little, our dog, still cleans her tail. Crummy job but sheep dogs do their duty. Little is.... did I already say amazing?

Kiely and I love cow commercials. We love the Happy Cows and believe me. That is no joke- commercial like PETA would like to have everyone believe. There is an organized group of commercial dairy farms that really raise and are certified "Happy Cow" farms. We plan to buy our heifer from one of the "Happy Farms"

April Winchell is usually the voice for the "Happy Cows" and she's so funny. She the daughter of Paul Winchell who's famous for the voice of "Tigger" on Winnie the Pooh or if you're old enough....Paul Winchell had his own show. The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show. I personally NEVER, EVER missed it! I can remember crying from laughing so hard. I'm glad his daughter April is now doing voice-overs.

From Happy Cows to the Hardee's or Carl's Jr. commercials all of them crack-me-up! But, I found another video with cows and pigs. CowGirl Kiely likes the milkshake commercials.

Be sure and turn my sound off on my player first before playing the video. It's a song and it has some great pictures. Is it really "Weird Al" Yankovic? Nope. The song, no idea, but the video was made by two lovely 21 year-old Norwegian girls and that is super fun to find that out! Since we seem to have a bunch of Norwegian's in our family tree. They're you tube website is: tomatsuppe I wanted to give them credit that they so deserve. Thank you!

I'm glad that the government health organization took the "Swine Flu" name off the Pigs. I was scaring a lot of 4-Hers. Farmers are our friends. me.

By: You Tube tomatsuppe

Kiely and I love Cows and Pigs. Kiely loves Sheep, Right?

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