Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This Week Is..Oh, Well, I Can't Decribe It! I'm Giggling and Goofy.

I decided to take a tip from Kiely and use some instant blogging. So much is happening so incredibly fast. It's just freaking me out.

We had a baby goat this morning and we didn't even know that the goat had "taken" we have lots of milk now and a beautiful new doe that is tri-colored. Kiely's favorite of all time. The picture at the right is a La Mancha Goat kid and I think it's name is going to be a precious stone because her mother is diamond. Kiely is partial to Tiffany. She's big and beautiful and so healthy!

I got my hair done. Acccckkk! I colored it and my husband told me I look so much younger. I almost screamed when I saw what I looked like it was one of those super make-overs that you never think can happen to you.

"Do you LIKE it?" as Eirely would say.

We're frantically packing for our cruise, Steve is teaching CERT tonight and then he has over a week off for our travel plans. I don't know what to take on vacation (I know it's too much) and I'm anxious, excited, doing something so completely new, I needed more heart medicine today. Excited just isn't enough of a word to describe it. It's not even MY birthday--it's for Steve!

A lot of us were able to go to Tressa's art show and I'm completely amazed at her energy and love for her students. In her Patriarchal Blessing it says that she be a mother to many. Never in my dreams did I think that so many of her little ones would number 1050 children. Her art class is amazing and the funding for her classes is for a good long time. I'm so proud of her and those children are amazing as well. I love you Tress--you make me beam!

I had to find a graphic so I wouldn't be writing a book. Sooooo, I'm all of the above--just add "random" to the list and it would be perfect. I love my family so much that bring me the joy that I can't even express.

Bree...hang in there with the hives. You have suffered way too long. I pray for you constantly. 6 months of out of control hives...I can't even imagine. We love you so much! You are the ultimate go-getter. Shy girl, no!...assertive, yes! Friends...I don't know anyone who has more precious friends than you. The peacemaker. You tell the doctors!

Thank you Marnie for always being there. I love you! Always. Your casserole was the best ever and you don't know how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I love it that you are right here. You take on everything and even when I want to party at YOUR house, you say bring it on. Are you ever tired?

Dustin, you are the strongest person I know! You won't say bad things about anyone and your whole focus is just to make your children so happy. You hope for all the best and just let things, whatever and still show love. Thank you for being such a good example while literally, "under fire." Eirely just loved on the baby kid all day today. I'm so glad you come over and make us laugh like old times. New George Strait? Really? A steep climb, huh? We love you!

Kiely, you make me crazy. But in a good way. I wish I could let you know that this whole learning and taking on so much impresses me to no end. You are literally a woman with big choices and great goals and I admire you. And our love for you is forever! Your dad and your siblings, your grandmothers and of course, Grandpa Doug, have led you to honor us with your choices to be worthy of your Lazenby name. I'm so proud of your going to the Temple. Bless your heart!

Last, but not least. I have a grand daughter coming and I'm so happy Larin moved here. It was the most awesome experience to see Dean and Jaxon come so far. Dave is a pain, but he KNOWS! how I feel about him! Yes, I still do. He saves me. My positive Larin, always on my side. Larin, I always wondered if you were like me. No, you are way cooler! hahahahaha... I love you and Happy triple Mother's Day.

I love you all and I hope this holiday of Mother's Day includes Dustin, too. I've never seen him have so much fun with the kids. So Happy "Stay-Home-Dad", Mother's Day. You Rock!

Gotta' go to bed. lymi me, me, me, me, me (Thinking of singing!)

Baby Goats Are Just a Bundle of Love, Happy Mother's Day! I love My Family!


Breeda said...

Mother....thank you for such a sweet post! I hope you and Dad have a great time. I love you both and miss you much! Happy Mother's Day Mom!

The Knappy Crew said...

Very lovely post...thankyou for your sweet words. I love your new doo. I think it's cute. Your picture is "Very Nice"

jenkinsfamliypost said...

what a beautiful post. we are a very blessed family. thanks to you and dad for being such wonderful examples. happy mothers day a few early. i will miss you on sunday but i know you will be having the amazing time. enjoy the peaceful, relaxing, no pressure time of it all. i am so excited for you both.
i love you mother.