Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Movie Worth Skipping Completely: Transformers 2

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
and their famous line: "Autobots, Roll out!" Please go to a critic like: Yahoo Summer Movie Review and see a conservative view on how bad this movie is and basically everyone I know, agrees with him and others. Especially, my husband and I. Too bad we were jammed in tight, or we would have left. I kept thinking of the little 3 or 4 year-old boy in line before us and how was he taking all this in. Nightmares for sure!

The best part of the Yahoo review is by the knowledgeable Transformer Comic Book reader and he gave the movie, a frank... "thumbs down!" Okay...let's see, the old fairy tales stories.... I'm not against fairy tales if they have a message, like Wizard of Oz. (sadly, that was scary to me when I was young) We enjoy the "Cinderella-type" movie, "Ever After," I loved, Princess Bride, "Neverending Story, and I loved, loved, "Peter Pan" with Robin Williams. I loved them! We watch Popeye, too. Very cute and entertaining. Why is this mess of a movie getting so big and making so much money? This Transformers didn't even have a real plot, besides every other bad idea that was portrayed on big screen and huge big screen. Overload And...really....I know why.

Okay Google! Quit underlining my fairy tales and making this blog an advertisement! I advertise what I want! AAACCCCKKK The Google Blogger did it. I can't even get into the HTML where it says "Edit" and delete that underline-link, don't go to the Disney cartoon sale on the movie. Head-flush!

Don't read the following if you are going to this MOVIE anyway, but I beg you to not take little kids or even teenagers. It made my heart flutter, and not because I was "taken away" by the lead character, Optimus Prime.

My biggest beef with it all, is the star, Sam Witwicky, a former Disney actor, goes to heaven and guess what? Transformers are the Gods and he was chosen before he came to earth to do this mission. Gasp! Did I hear that right? Are they showing heaven??? Sam goes toward the light and old dead Primes were there, restored! Sam does come back into his body, of course. So sick. How did the Primes have generations of Primes. The writers made the Primes Gods. Didn't anyone see that? There's live Robots in heaven? Nice try, but kids don't know. All of the computer stuff makes it look real. Scary real.I hated the writing for the seductive girls and how awful is that in a few scenes, one in particular is where the Decepticon transforms into this "seducing babe-person" and a weird metal thing comes out of her hind-end (?) like a tail and goes down the star, Sam's throat to get "this code" out of his brain. It was just sick.

There is no let-up on the action. And no set-up on each scene. It was gooey metal-like guts flying all over and constant. People died over and over by the thousands and Autobots did their share. Oh, I forgot, it's called collateral damage. Two small cars were the comic relief and weren't given the chance to let us even smile. What a mess.

Oh, I didn't even say it was too loud. My kids wear ear-cover at the races. You think that kids are going to wear them in the movie? It was 5x louder than drag races and constant. What are the people thinking that made the movie? I couldn't even hear as I exited the theater after it was over.

Here's the rating:
PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action violence, language, some crude and sexual material, and brief drug material

I wouldn't have let my 20 year old go if I'd known about the "online" date, bad taste in clothing for the girls, and how deceptive (nice word) the whole event became. Let's see....a 2 1/2 hour car commercial for Chevy and a "BIG" toy commercial for Hasbro Toy Company.

A pet peeve of mine is never wear a shirt of pants that advertises a brand of clothing. Like, "That's cute. I have to have one, too." Not cute. Walking billboards and now we're seeing blatant movie-long commercials. It might turn this economy around for Christmas...you think?

No one came out of this movie yakking and saying anything. No happy jumping around, or chatter about the movie at all. We were all stunned.

This part is a really major beef: The parents were "bumbling idiots" and the "boy" was "all knowing" with his great wisdom. The girlfriend was even disrespectful to her father and both were toward the government. The government too, was made to look so inept and downright stupid.

Yes, it honored our troops and waved the flag. Movie people, do you have no pride in our country at all. Why do you send this message in a movie like this over and over? We get it. I know.... It's the "last days" and things like this show that portrays good and evil as black and white sorry--the movie was was fuzzy gray and really black! I couldn't help remembering talks by our General Authorities about the Last Days. Think on these quotes by Neal A. Maxwell: Behold, the Enemy Is Combined Doctrine and Covenants 38:12

"Evil even calls itself good and often gets away with it! Just as foretold, our days actually are fast resembling the days of Noah, especially notable for their pattern of corruption and violence." "

"In a “wheat and tares” world, how unusually blessed faithful members are to have the precious and constant gift of the Holy Ghost with reminders of what is right and of the covenants we have made. “For behold, … the Holy Ghost … will show unto you all things what ye should do.” (2 Ne. 32:5.) Whatever the decibels of decadence, these need not overwhelm the still, small voice!"
Wheat and Tares...and can you tell the difference?


There you go--still wanna' see the movie. It was a waste of money. I liked the critic because he just says, "Burning Questions: The 10 Most Confusing Things in 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"

Do I sound mad? Yeah, I am. I get madder writing about it, so I better quit.

BTW if you're 10-25 you'll love the movie, especially if your a boy. Use real wisdom....Try and respect yourself and not go.

I'm grateful for:

  1. My dear family that understands my strong opinions.
  2. Guidance from our dear Church leadership.
  3. The Scriptures that helps clear the fog from my thoughts and show me the way.
  4. Swimming to relieve stress.
  5. My Mp3 player that I listen to at night and keep my dreams sweet

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Father's Day

I will admit I was a bit sad on Father's Day. I also hurt my back Saturday trying to make Grandpa Cookies--actually it was when I was changing clothes. Anyway, I twisted it just a little and messed it up. You know....everyone eventually has a "catch-in-their-back."

I didn't go to church and that was just because I knew I couldn't sit still at all. I'm not going to take pain medication again.

The very Good:
I was noticed. I was noticed that I wasn't there and it was my dear, dear Visiting Teacher. She came on Father's Day. Not like she had anything to do that day. She gave the lesson in Relief Society and then her own family that was waiting for her after church. Gloria Hanson came to see me. There was a "linger longer" after church and she didn't stay. I'm am so humbled by her sweet actions, there are no words to describe how my heart was touched.

Gloria gave me her whole lesson. What a deal and I so needed it. It was on doing my genealogy and how important the work is and presenting the names to the Temple. I read in the scriptures once about doing vain genealogies and getting caught up in what Paul wrote to Timothy. He said, “Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister [present] questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.” (1 Tim. 1:4.) Well, there are a bazillion insignificant facts and stories that need not be written and read, I need to just skip it. It's eats my time and I accomplish nothing. It's a bad habit trying to know all the history and tales (fables) probably exaggerated and one sided, yes...fables. I'm not actually getting the work done by playing around with the stories and journals.

We know without our ancestor's and our genealogy together, we can not be made perfect. (see D&C 128:15) I HAVE to finish and send my work in. Sister Hanson made me see my imperfections and start doing better. New goals set and repentance starts. I don't think she even knew, but I knew and that was exactly the message I needed. That day. Yes, on Father's Day. My dad is still not sealed Grandma and Grandpa Wellman. I received revelation from her and more on Father's Day. Do you feel what I see here, do you understand? It's very evident to me and I have a stronger testimony and increase in faith. The Church is True.

The Bad (It's Me)
Not Steve!
I didn't even see Steve on Father's Day because he was on duty, but I made sure his card was ready. It was about Johnny Cash's song, "Burning Ring of Fire" and it has a lot of meanings attached to it. Steve is my hero, he's a fireman, he likes to Bar-B-Que and also the card had a place to not only play the song but record my voice. Ding dong! I pulled the tap clear out of the card so my voice won't come out now. I sprung it. I wrote him a letter, which is probably better. It won't run out of batteries and corrode and the letter is longer than 10 seconds.

To my Dear Husband,

I opened a ton of message cards and when I heard this one I KNEW it was for you. You love Johnny Cash. Me too. I especially like this song, "Burning Ring of Fire" not just because you're a fireman, but the song has such a deeper meaning that really applies to your life.

You are a fireman and it's the most heroic occupation, ever. Think of the lives you saved.... Steve, you can't go to the market without EVERYONE stopping you and thanking your for saving them or a loved one, not to mention all the "saves" on the fires.

The trial by fire started when you were born and moving to an area that had no other members. I know it was hard in school. It was a "trial by fire." The missionary calling to the Bible Belt was a fire like no other because you ended-up just putting out all the dumb missionary fires, so that the mission could run and prosper. It did and it was though this experience that you ended up with your most challenging fire and that's me.

You single-handedly put out all my "fires" and took care of all our children's "fires." Your business was another huge fire and so was being a bishop. I think your family has been the "big one" as in fire dept talk..."See you at the 'big one' and stay safe" Our family was like the packing house fires spread out over a lot of years.

I know you live to take care of us. You work constantly doing outside chores, all my chores, and working absolutely non-stop with your second job to make ends meet. You are a peacemaker and fire extinguisher at the highest degree. Hey, and you do like your Bar-B-Q!

I want to more than just thank you because that isn't enough. I appreciate you and I'm so grateful every single minute of everyday for you being my husband and the father and grandfather of our children.

To our Patriarch, Father, and my most bestest husband I could ever pray for....I love you more than I've ever loved anything in my life. You are precious and I hope I can make myself better to be with you in heaven. I love you. Susan

Yes, he's in the picture below. I couldn't find a house with him in it, that didn't actually show the house and the address or something that someone would know where it was. I didn't want to post pictures that and make victims or others see their home or family member. That would be so sad. But...I do have lots of pictures of him being a hero, over and over. The above picture was in the newspaper, so I thought it was okay to post that picture and the child wasn't hurt.

So I get these flowers right after Father's Day....how do I feel? I wrote that "Gorilla and Snake Post" Yeah, the one about how "men evolved from apes" It was a crock, I know. I thought the post on apes was funny, I'm sorry. (the video's still funny)

How I can connive him at every turn? I'm so bad. Gorillas don't give flowers, do they...? They are beautiful and smell wonderful and still are beautiful . I love flowers. See what a great man I married?

Steve asked me later that day, (the flower day) if I wanted to go to Walmart? Yes, I want some shoes, remember Marnie's Walmart shoes? How could I go there? I completely forgot his kindness and generosity and picked-out not just one, but four pairs of shoes. I would have gotten five if they had red in my color. The shoes are so comfy and I'm blessed to have them, I give them... five stars!

I can't wear all of them at the same time. What was I thinking? He got them for me, because I made a note of the shoes on the blog. I am pond-scum!

Steve caught me meditating on this pair that I had taken off my feet and put them on a pillow. He asked me if I was admiring my shoes. No, I was admiring him getting me the shoes. That was salt in the wound and he didn't even know it.

These are now my "movie shoes" Don't ask. I name everything. Like: Brown Movie Shoes, Black Movie Shoes, etc.

The Ugly:
Sing here>>>Father's Day is a special Day . It's the day, Dave scares his mother-in-law, Day!
Dave, the snake was ugly not you, well...I didn't like it. I wasn't too scared, really. The snake went crazy, nuts when I tried to hold it. I saw it had a mouse wiggling inside and then I freaked -out. It was inside a sack of grain, in the barn, and Kiely just missed the snake's strike. Gopher snakes do leave teeth in their bite to start infection. Careful handling---

Good: Relief Society Visiting Teachers