Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chaa' Don't You GoThere With Me-Okay...? Phone!

Oh No-You Di' int!

I-know- huh...?

I hate these phones. "These are my phones!" " These are my phones on "the-stove" A
ny questions?

I traded phones with Kiely because mine was a "touch screen special" and I was calling random people all the time and texting in a foreign language. So, Kiely traded with me. She loves the other phone, it takes great pictures and her fingers are little and her "other language" is semi-understandable, she can erase quick. I go to erase and send the message. ACCCKKKK!

I don't understand her phone. I can't understand her phone. I still can't get my messages, pictures... and.... OH NO! There are people I don't even know on that phone. I don't want to call all her old boyfriends! If she reads this post, I'm so busted. Anyways... I call my green cell phone: "The Dark One" the other one is our home phone. I use it a lot but the battery lasts about one hour. I call it the "dead bunny" as in opposite of "Energizer Bunny." My family knows I name everythang--my kids even name their cars. I guess that's not so weird, as in "Pile-la" yeah, pile 'a-junk or "Heap'a."

So... I decided to burn the phones up to get new phones. I have pulled that trick before, 'cuz I'm this snake. I tore-up my carpet I hated and Steve had to get me new carpets. So... I decided I'm really gonna' do this, but just as I began to take a picture of it.'s incriminating evidence. Evidence doesn't matter--I tell the truth in all things. Back, as I started to I began to take a picture of it the craziest thing happened! I sat the pan next to another one cooking chicken. AND thought the one I was using was "on"...sorta'

FAINT! The phone started this screaming ring...

"BAM! "I FEEL GOOD! Na Na Na Na Na Na...Na!
I almost had a heart attack

Thank you Kiely and Dustin for the ringtone.not.

Yes, someone called and I almost dropped my camera!

I know I can't let it go like, "I literally repel technology now" (Renee, in Twilight...I know you got that)

I'm not kidding, I can't hold the dang phone all day like my husband does or just hook it up in the car, as someone else ALWAYS has the plug..So the other obvious place would be my purse, but it's way too heavy and the phone would be lost for time and eternity. The other places to hold the phone will give me cancer so how ' my boot? Like this knife in the boot?

As I reach for my "phone" buzzing in my boot, I'll say, "Reach for the sky..."
Maybe not in banks, airports, crowds at Disneyland, Santa Paula, ahhh--never mind.

Where do I keep it and don't say on a necklace???!

I so forgot to put 5 things I'm grateful for:
  1. I didn't burn the phones
  2. I love our kittens
  3. I love my boots
  4. I have my "free-agency" to make rash decisions
  5. Yes, I'm glad the phone yelled at me. Wish it would sing the whole song.. .now that I have it stuck in my head.


Anonymous said...

Just another reason that I worry about you home alone while i'm at work.

Susan said...

Who wrote that? My dazzling husband who worries about me. I love you, Steve!

jenkinsfamliypost said...

i love it, good dancing dad. i did not know you had in in you!