Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday Is For Going To Church & Keeping The Sabbath Day Holy.

I look so forward to our Sabbath Day. The week has gone by fast, but everyday, I wish was Sunday. Not for the reason of just doing nothing...I don't mean that. I want to feel the same way I feel on Sunday. I was looking at my journal as a source of information for the ward web page and calendar.

The ward web page "calling" for me is a bit confusing especially when I can't have more control of the HTML. I found blogs hard to adjust to because of the Javascript and CSS and it's the same thing with the ward website. Now, everything has to be within the guidelines exactly, guidelines as in tables and forms. So simple a caveman can do it.

My Journal

I found my entry from last Sunday. I didn't remember writing this in my journal. It's not unusual for me to take notes to remind me about what I've learned, but also to keep my attention on the speaker or the lessons provided for us. I did bear my testimony after my daughter's testimony in Relief Society. I'm often not in attendance in Relief Society because of my calling in Young Women. This Sunday was different and I did have the feeling that I needed to stand. I remember my knees didn't hurt at all. First time in many weeks--months that my legs didn't hurt. It was so odd to look down at my legs and really notice it didn't hurt to stand. Why?

I wrote: I'm so grateful I was able to attend church today. I feel so recommitted. The Spirit was so strong in Testimony Meeting and flowed through-out our lessons today. Our Sunday School lesson was given by Margaret Ann Brock. I adore her. Humble, sweet, loving...all the good that I can think of applies to her. She's been my example of a strong LDS woman since I joined the Church in 1970, in this ward. The lesson was for me and was really life-changing and we talked about the lesson afterward-she said it had changed her also. The Lord knows when the time is right for all things and let him accomplish it with our prayers and be patient.

I think this was the first time I actually really felt I had a chance to make it to the Celestial Kingdom. My husband will be there, I know...but me a follower and not a leader.... I didn't think that I had "the right stuff" I've never given-up, because I knew I had to be a good example to my family. Me? I feel worthy to attend the Temple, but will I remember all I need? Will I do what I'm supposed to do? We sang "Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel" and the song absolutely stuck-in-my-head. Really, that's a good song to have stick there. I signed-up to take a dinner to The Single's Potluck on Sunday and I signed-up for the Elders to eat at our house 2 nights this week. All four elders. It is a huge struggle to do this because I never, ever know when to quit with the food. But I can say, honestly, that I completely smile the whole time because there is joy in service.

I want to add that so much food was made. I'm still in the 6 kids at home cooking-mode. I made enough for Larin's family and then gave her a loaf of bread last night and kept right on baking. My husband did so much to help me last night and I appreciate him and Marnie, my next door neighbor and daughter, Kiely too for making food and carrying it all over to Marnie's. I'm so grateful for all they do to help me. I love my family so much.

The Sabbath

No, I don't have a talk for tomorrow, but I read something while looking for the clip art to put on this page.

"The Sabbath is a day on which to take inventory—to analyze our weaknesses, to confess our sins to our associates and our Lord. It is a day on which to fast in 'sackcloth and ashes.' It is a day on which to read good books, a day to contemplate and ponder, ... a day to study the scriptures and to prepare sermons, a day to nap and rest and relax, a day to visit the sick, a day to preach the gospel, a day to proselyte, a day to visit quietly with the family and get acquainted with our children, a day for proper courting, a day to do good, a day to drink at the fountain of knowledge and of instruction, a day to seek forgiveness of our sins, a day for the enrichment of our spirit and our soul, a day to restore us to our spiritual stature, a day to partake of the emblems of his sacrifice and atonement, a day to contemplate the glories of the gospel and of the eternal realms, a day to climb high on the upward path toward our Heavenly Father" (President Kimball Teachings, 216).

" As we plan our Sunday activities, we may want to set aside time for our family to be together, for personal study and meditation, and for service to others. We might want to read the scriptures, conference reports, and Church publications; study the lives and teachings of the prophets; prepare Church lessons and other Church assignments; write in journals; pray and meditate; write to or visit relatives and friends; write to missionaries; enjoy uplifting music; have family gospel instruction; hold family council meetings; build husband-wife relationships; read with a child; do genealogical research, including the four-generation program and family or personal histories; sing Church hymns; read uplifting literature; develop our appreciation for the cultural arts; plan family home evening study and activities; plan other family activities; friendship nonmembers; fellowship neighbors; visit the sick, the aged, and the lonely; hold interviews with family members " (President Kimball Teachings, 217).

You May Have to Eat Your Words
Make sure they are sweet and tender.

Sorry Edison-guy and related items.... like angry thoughts.

Sunday Is A Special Day and I Look Forward To Going

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thanks for this beautiful blog post. i agree that last sunday was the most spiritual. i love you mother!