Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Brother's Love

What Do Brother's Do When They Want To Give A Present?

I lost quite a bit of Monday...worked-out hard and got pretty sleepy after the swim. I had a bit of a headache only because it was so blazing hot. I could hear Dustin and Tanner digging around in the basement.

There were puffy clouds covering the sky and it was just glaring. This is earthquake weather.

I just meandered toward the window in the kitchen to see Dustin and Tanner drag Larin's old Banana bike out from the basement. It was needing a lot of work. New tires and good shine of the chrome and of course it needed to be repainted. The seat however, was perfect. What a project. Tanner wouldn't give-up and he sanded and painted and painted. My grandson took some stuff Dustin gave him for the bit of rust and he shined it all up. It took a lot of "elbow grease" worth it because what he created out of an old bike was amazing. Yep, a birthday present when a kid has no money to spend--better than store brought! Grandpa Steve helped by buying a new chain and supports for the seat and some other shiny stuff. We were blessed watching the whole experience.

The transformation from dirty basement bike to a birthday present was so extraordinary. He surprised Tatum with it after she came here. Tatum and Adree are BFF and Dustin took all of them to the Butterfly garden in Santa Barbara. Wow, did Tatum have a birthday month or what?This is one grateful and excited girl. She has a light pink bike that no one else has. Tatum is a Princess with a "Happy Scream."

I hear my husband mowing the grass and the sound and smell is as relaxing as hearing the ocean waves break in at the beach.

We had a beautiful, beautiful sunset--Should have been like Bree... and taken a picture. I was in awe of the long "pink moment." The puffy clouds started turning all the warm colors of a sunset, but glowing of summer.

A picture, howdy! I wasn't the only one who thought this was just a beautiful day!

My grandson is only 11 but has the thoughtfulness of a grown man. Tanner loves his family and is an amazing big brother. How could you ask for more? Tanner's a shorter McGyver and just as smart.

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

tanner is such a great young man!bike is sure cute.