Monday, July 20, 2009

The Jokes On You. Tatum and Corbin and Anyone Else We Can Think Up.

My son, Dustin, has been hilarious his whole life. I'm glad he recently got back to his old-self and is laughing again and we love hearing it.

Growing up Dustin did have lots of experience entertaining us at Family Home Evenings and very randomly in everyday life. We would have a FHE lesson on the Scriptures and then all the kids would entertain us. Steve and I loved being the audience. His particular talent was always a bunch of really funny jokes that he had made-up (I never got the Santa Claus one) and making us laugh was his big reward. Actually, he's a lot like his Grandpa Doug..Grandpa

Grandpa Gene was over at the dinner table at his house and the kids could see him sitting there eating. They all piled inside and said, "What's this, Grandpa?" "Jerky," my dad answered. "Can we have some?" "I don't care--ask your mom." He knew they wouldn't because I didn't like them eating a bunch of jerky and it was expensive. I found the wrapper in the yard and asked all the kids, "Where did this come from?" "Grandpa gave us jerky." I just about lost it..I was laughing so hard I almost lost my balance and fell down. It was Dog Jerky. Normally, I would have just flipped, but the look on my kids faces when they knew what it was. That was just priceless! How's that for their most memorable moment with their grandfather?

I started playing jokes on Dad, well, he signed-up! I bought a big, rubber lizard with lots of teeth and set it by the different facets, so when he watered the horses he thought he was going to get eaten. I put rubber snakes out on the yard and even have the kids take Blue, the horse over to the dining room and let the horse peer in the large window. Scared him proper!

I know Dustin's group of new rookies on the fire department don't think he's a real funny guy. Just you wait.

Dustin was driving Tatum, his daughter, up to see her other grandparents in Tehachapi, CA and it's a long stinking way to get there. Especially since, it's 2 1/2 hours distance and up in the mountains. Tatum gets really bored because the California desert is pretty darn boring if you don't ride motorcycles.

Dustin texted his dad out of the blue...ELWOOD. A short time later the phone rings and it's Tatum. She asks, "Does my dad have anothe
r brother?" "Does he live in Texas?" Kiely jumps on the computer and starts looking for Elwood and Jake pictures. Steve and Kiely knew right away what Dustin was doing. Steve said, "Yeah, he does and he does live in Texas?" Steve hears Dustin say he has another brother that lives with him. He said, "Yeah, and I have another brother named Jake." "Naught-ugh!! Naught-ugh!!!" Why didn't you tell me?" "I did, don't you remember?" Eight-year-olds wouldn't get the whole family thing, especially since "The Mother" has so many relatives that aren't really, really related to her. Not to mention our family is BIG! Tatum was sucked-in.

Tatum said, "I wanna see a picture of them!" Steve alre
ady sent Dustin a picture. Then, she says, "I wanna' see a picture of the as kids!" Steve had already got that picture from Kiely forwarding it to his phone and then to Dustin. "Wow!" "I forgot about them."

Just Kidding, not monkeys--I found that picture.

Jake and Elwood As Kids

A couple days later Corbin, Tatum's older brother says, "Tatum says you have brothers...." "Where are they?" All smarty... Dustin says, "You want to see some pictures of my brothers?" "Okay" Corbin is still very skeptical. Corbin looks at Dustin's phone and yells, "NO WAY!!!!" "THE BLUES BROTHERS ARE YOUR BROTHERS??" He was so surprised, Dustin broke a smile and the tale was over. All of them ended up laughing. I wish one of them would have said, "Where in Texas?" Dustin could have said, "Jail." "That's why we never get to see them."

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