Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Grand Anniversary Trip to Morro Bay

Our anniversary trip to Morro Bay was so wonderful. It was bliss. We had our favorite dinner on the docks and the grilled fish and shrimp were so fresh and...yeah...we picked the right restaurants. Steve really looked over the meals so we could make them at home. Actually now, his grilled fish and shrimp are even better. Steve really loves cooking--I think it might be a "fireman thing."
Morning View

Romantic Evenings

Spectacular Sunsets!

Steve and I always buy Salt-Water Taffy and this time we found a wonderful new place. I was just messing around and separated all the flavors. Now, what's wrong with that? I picked and Steve picked our special favorite ones and I just fixed it so we could find our own. Somehow, Steve took extra time in the room in the early morning and wrote me this message. No, I'm not O.C.D. Thank you very much!

There's so many close neat places near to visit. There's downtown San Luis Obisbo, and there's the western town of Templeton, Horse trails and camping areas for horses. Riders can go riding on the beach. Heaven. That's really in the town of Los Osos and can be seen from the bay to the south.

Morro Bay Campground has a wonderful area for tent and trailer camping. Our first trip was when we were newly married we camped there because it's inexpensive and really the best place we've ever camped, and its in the pine trees (Well, almost our favorite. We love Lake Cachuma ) The pine and ocean sea air was is so refreshing!

Back... almost 40 years ago, there were sea otters, but they were really, really rare. I love just them. The otters seem like kittens and play and love their babies. Oooohhhh. They are really common now and can be spotted all up the coast. We took our kids up to see them. I bought Kiely the Sea Otter Watercolor at the bottom of the page and it's been in her room her whole life. Kiely's little blessed beginning, started on our vacation here. We were so grateful and we really believe that it was a miracle gift from Heavenly Father. How would our lives be without her?

The kids all wanted to see an otter so bad (especially me) and we really traveled up toward Jade Beach to try and find one. There were lots of tall cliffs, rough waves, and turquoise water.

A big huge bus of German tourists were trying to find otters for pictures just like us, but their cameras were huge with big lenses. My children all piled-out of our big Mormon van. And I said, "Look Gretchen, a BEAVER!" "Foreigners are so funny, watch them jump around when they see one." I loved making fun of them. Maybe it was their big cameras and the way they looked at our large family. Nooooo, they're not all ours. hahahaha

Marnie thought she saw one and pointed it out to me. I knew I was looking at one and I started really jumping around--I was so excited and happy, we saw it first! "Nah, nah, na-na na!" I said to Steve, "Look, Look Steve, there's a BEAVER!"

My Pictures Aren't The Greatest. I was So EXCITED! And

The Actual Time and Place! See, Marnie and Tressa's Still Laughing!
The 80's hahaha

All the Germans looked at me like I was from another planet and my children still quote me every time we mention our vacations to Morro Bay. Or, now, even every time we go to the beach and there's even a seal or porpoise. "Look, Look Steve...There's a BEAVER!" I really, really love being reminded. Not.

July has to be the best for short ocean side anniversary trips and it is such a wonderful bay. It's a vacation site never to be forgotten by anyone visiting there.

Why did I actually write in my blog that the tourist bus was full of Germans? I say, "My German ancestors are getting even with me!" Years of getting even.

Favorite Gardens

New Favorite Painting and I Really Love This Lady's Style

Kiely Watercolor. Isn't it Just So Sweet? I Think I Already said, I Love Sea Otters!

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