Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Special Sunday

I didn't have to give a lesson, but I had been praying and really studying the scriptures a lot recently. All week I'd found talks that had spoke to me. It is wonderful to be looking up a quote on something and pass by another talk and see words literally "pop" off the page at me. So, then I read another talk. Steve says I spend too much time on the computer, but my friends will tell you that I'm not emailing or Facebooking much. I read, study, and ponder the words that have been uploaded for our use. It's hard not to get A.D.D. and forget where you were in your search...but you've been uplifted anyway. Kiely had kept saying to me, "Mom, you are giving a talk." "When is your talk?" I told her over and over I'm just busy. She says, "I just need the computer for a poster, and you can have it right back." I remembered to tell her to just minimize the screen so I can go back. "What are you reading that's so important?" I didn't answer, which was a perfect teaching moment about learning of the Savior. Regret.

I loved Sacrament Meeting. Sister Johnson, our Relief Society President, spoke on Provident Living. It's a great subject and our whole family is really involved in trying to live by those goals. I always sit in the very center of the Chapel. I scoot over on one side for a group of grandchildren and then scoot over the other way for more of our family and "Behold" I'm there again... in the center. It's a very good place to be. Okay....my eyes just glued on to hers and I felt the spirit so strongly as she spoke. We are so blessed to have her in our ward.

My son-in-law, Dave, was the other speaker. He didn't tell us he was speaking! I've never seen a congregation so glued to a talk, ever. It was powerful and a beautiful testimony of faith. His personal stories...I was overwhelmed...no written works, his talk was from his heart and so perfect. He looked at each of us personally and that's a great talent when speaking.

We hear talks on faith so much, but this time it soaked into me like I was a sponge. I forgot he was my son-in-law, and the time flew by. Doesn't time do that when a talk is just so good? Dave told the whole stories without notes. And gave the story of the "Stone Cutter." He had seen the Church video recently at the Visitor's Center at St. George Temple. I know I'm going to have to see the movie.

All of us were very awake, even Brother Ashby. ...that's a miracle! I kept glancing at him to see maybe approval in his eyes.

I hugged Dave after the meeting and after everyone had shaken his hand and "pats-on-the-back" and whispered how proud I was of him. He was surrounded by so many. Good Meeting.

Sunday School went the same way. Even though I hadn't studied I was up on the material that was being covered. I had studied so many talks during the whole week. I was preparing for Sunday and didn't even know it. I understood and I read out loud and it didn't end there.

My daughter, Larin, was giving the Relief Society lesson. I didn't know that. Usually...the Young Women's leaders in other wards can't attend Relief Society, but Lisa and I arrive late and I was just in time for her lesson. hahaha When a person comes in late.... we have to sit on the front row. Why doesn't anyone sit there? I get so embarrassed to walk in front of everyone. Its always intimating to walk in late and have to block the sisters view to sit in front. My daughter is giving the lesson, come on you guys....I'm not sitting here because she's my daughter, but I'm glad I was there. She was so poised. Did that come from years and years of giving talks as a child? Was it that Larin has shown at tons of fairs and have to give impromptu remarks over and over, not to mention 4-H Presentations. Ewwww. I can only imagine the stress she had gone through. Was this the result? Calm and beautiful.

I just stared at her countenance. She was so comfortable giving the lesson to all these older ladies. I can remember how hard that was in San Jose for me. Newly married, young, teaching Relief Society Presidents, Stake Leaders, wives of Mission Presidents, and Stake President's wives. Why did they think I could give the lesson? That's where faith come in, lots of study, and turning it all over to Heavenly Father for help. Larin gave, by far, and beautiful lesson. It was so beautifully prepared (I don't know how with her two wild boys and way pregnant) Larin's lesson included all the sisters in attendance and incorporated a lively discussion that held the Spirit. She was so calm and completely glowing. The lesson was given humbly and sweet and I'm so thankful for her family. I admire the strength and commitment they have to the Gospel. I wanted to say the glow was the pregnancy, but she had a spiritual glow and lovely perfect smile, just as her husband did on the stand today as he bore his testimony of faith.

I'm so happy they are together and growing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and finding so much joy. They don't maybe know it yet...but the joy even gets better. I love you all so much!

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