Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kiely Focus. Young Women's Program Is Great. Disappointment. Learning Always, Anyway. Faith

Kiely, I'm so proud of you! I love you!

I really believe Kiely, our youngest daughter, came home from our county fair a different person. She definitely was so excited, she couldn't wait for school to start. Parents should always pay the fees of tuition, books, and parking, at the time of signing-up, but we couldn't. A new trick from our state was that just before school started, our governor of California, raised the tuition to $26.00 per unit, It was done just, just before the fair. We tried to come up with the extra money, but there was no time for my hard-working husband to get his name up higher on the list for more over-time work. Kiely had a chance for a short-term paying job so she went for it. hahaha "On the job training."

Kiely had an obligation and again this year, she was president of the Junior Fair Board and even though she asked to be excused, she was contacted by the main Fair Board and really pressed to stay on. They said that she was absolutely needed and to be at the fair as full-time president and to stay and work and she's not paid, all volunteer.

The Junior Fair Board is something Kiely did as a Young Women's project. And... as all her sister's before...she received her medallion. The big accomplishment wasn't the necklace, it was that she continued in service, happily. She is doing exactly what the program was meant to teach the Young Women and an inspired program in the Church. It is "joy in service." She knew that, and did truly feel the obligation she had signed-up to do. Kiely was president and vice president before and after over 5 years, she did know how important it was to stay-on. We were all worried about school, but we felt something would help us getting her to be enrolled this semester.

The Young Women's program truly made my girls the most giving, service unwavering, bunch of women I know. They perform acts of service that rarely if ever, anyone knows. And... I always said, "Do it happily, or the service won't count!" I pretty sure that's the doctrine of Susan, but I wanted all of them to feel good about being able to help another. And...they all do. And...all have been wonderful extra "mothers," even Dustin, well... substitute dad, maybe. All my kids are an example to Kiely and someone she can talk w/o me, and I feel it's probably a good thing right now...I guess.

Just today..Kiely went with Marnie to clean one of my family's member's house because the housekeeper didn't show-up--they didn't hesitate, they both quickly just took off to help. My children are my examples of service.

Right here and now... I saw "love unfeigned" "Good Works" and staying with the Junior Fair Board without a word from Steve and I, I saw great "Integrity."

She actually smiled for me instead of running away.
Just before fair began....I fell through our porch and Kiely was also very worried about me. I missed the fair and all my friends. Some of Kiely's evenings were centered around the rodeo events, so she stayed over with the other parents that camped at the fair. One of her nights she really hesitated to leave. Yep, it was one of the times and I needed to visit the ER at the hospital because my large knot/bruise on my shin became inflamed, infected, and UGLY. I drove myself to the hospital during the early morning hours. Steve was on duty.

My second to the youngest, Larin was due to have her baby at any given moment and with all of this going in the fair business, a couple extra bad fire calls, my fall, Larin's coming of her precious baby girl, and then...another "big" mess in the family... that's not exactly a secret, we didn't borrow the money to pay the extra fees. Why did the governor do this to the students at this time when not only there wasn't enough time to save or even apply for a loan? Inevitably, we missed getting the money by less than 24 hours and she lost all her classes.That was it! No understanding, no help, overcrowding....trials.

Kiely did get one teacher to let her in an online astronomy class, way different than her chosen classes that she needs, but she needs credits. Here I have a child that loves to learn, to study, and begs for school.... and here she is...Steve and I feel terrible. It's too late.

I'm proud of her working now on the job she was offered. It is with Pam and Steve Colvard. She's training ponies at their Painted Pony Farm Now, that's a job no one wants at all. Horse trainers prefer regular-sized horses and a monthly or weekly fee. Kiely gets paid when she works and they are so good to her. Kiely has not quit studying HARD even though she only has one class. She is reading and watching every video she can find on horse and pony training. We bought her a $3.00 clicker the other day...but she's looking for treats. She didn't know ponies are so particular.. Yep, tell me about it!

Kiely did have a wonderful palomino pony when she was little and she had him until her feet touched the ground. He was an American Pony. She always loved her pony. Never knew that early affection for a pony would help her now when jobs are so hard to find. Timmy, her little pony, was very well proportioned and she adored him. He and she both got too old. Although, he lived ten or more years with another family after being our "little love" for so long.

Kiely and Timmy

My "cowboy dad" hated Shetlands. I thought we would never have a pony and I cried for one. I can remember all my prayers were aimed at having a pony. We had horses, a place to keep it, extra feed, everything! We even had a pony saddle and bridle. My dad was sure we would be hurt by their bad behavior. So...he got us some donkeys.

Here's "Casper" with a ewe in our backyard.

"Donkeys" We all rode the donkeys. I don't know how Mary, the mother of the Savior, endured that. Anyway you ride one, it's uncomfortable--side saddle, too. Mary must have been extra blessed or that ride is what caused her to go into labor.

Doesn't every animal bred to be extra small, have bad attitudes? Let's see... tiny little bunnies, made to stay little... are so mean! We had those and I can truly say that they growl when you go to feed them and often eat their young (actually, all rabbits can end-up doing that, under some circumstances) No wonder someone wrote "Bunnicula" the vampire bunny. They must have had owned a small rabbit.

Small dairy cows like Jersey's, have a bad reputation. Funny... because they look so sweet with those big brown eyes. There's the not so sweet Banty chickens, especially the roosters, that have some "chip" on their skinny chicken shoulders. My Steve shot our Bantam rooster while it was attacking our neighborhood's small dog. It would have poked the little dogs eyes out. Pygmy Goat bucks, or any small sheep (Finn Sheep are an exception) can so tear you up. Kiely was almost killed by a small ram when she was watering and he wasn't even in rutt. Oh Yeah, the "Chihuahua Brothers" behind Marnie's house in Fillmore--you could actually lose fingers if you stuck them through the fence. I just remember seeing mean, shiny, white chompers in her backyard. I think all the little dogs think they are pit-bulls. Most people never realize that really little dogs almost always bite. hahahaha It's the "Napoleon 'Syndrome" for animals.

Kiely and Her "Mean" (not at all) Cookie

I was very concerned about Kiely training Shetlands and Miniatures, but also knew she had taken an "Alpha Steer" from a herd off the range and tamed it to be her precious pet, that even knew voice commands and obeyed every one. He was her baby and he also loved her. The first day here--at Danger Ranch, that steer almost killed my husband and that's no exaggeration. It hit him at least 5 times and if there hadn't been a big water tough to jump out of the pen... it would have. The steer hit and knocked down and trampled the Ag. teacher and was going after him again. Everyone came to the rescue. The cowboys at the farm had a go around with him, too. "Cookie" did not like men unless Kiely had a hold of his head. One guy lost most of his arm and shoulder skin as Cookie drug him all over the concrete base at the FFA Farm. I have great faith in her ability to train the ponies and what a wonderful experience to really train proper ground manners, tricks, driving and voice commands. I know she can do it.

Sahara BFF

Kiely got another quarter horse and that's wonderful for her and her horse, Sahara.. The horses are great friends. I watched her take the horses out today and feed them their own mixture of nutritious food. They'll get great care.

I'm proud of her volunteering to watch Dustin's children without -pay and when called on. She'll always volunteers the first, to make food to take in ... or feed here for any family. And it's GOOD! She does dishes without hesitating and likes to clean house, but I know her favorite thing, as far as work goes, is working on the ranch with her dad, making fences, painting, planting, and just picking up rocks. Horses to her... are not work, even the ponies.

It's just so hot right now that some days are put on hold because she gets dehydrated so easily... (dancers need lots of water) I know that the successes she is getting from teaching the horses is so rewarding just like when I FINALLY had my first pony. Yes, my prayers were answered with a Welsh Pony named Blaze. I taught him to do everything a nice big horse does... plus he would jump anything, I wanted him to try, never-ever shying from a jump. It really scared my family. But, I guess I proved myself before Blaze came, honestly.. I rode horses everyday.

Utt, Oh! Kiely just came home from a church activity called the "Harvest Hoe-down" She was really dressed to the "nines" in her cowgirl hat, new boots, new jeans, and ruffled red and white gingham blouse. Guess everyone really did learn some two-stepping moves and so she's off to "The Borderline" tonight at 9:00 p.m. to the famous county, country dance hall in Thousand Oaks, with a bunch of her friends. hahaha The same night she learns, loves it, and it's off to dance as long as the place is open. Funny... I can just see her teaching a bunch of ponies the 2-step.

College is just a couple months away and in the mean-time, a whole new world is opening up for her. Love for her family and the horses bring her home. (Except...I don't think she loves Banner the brood-mare at all. She has some issues right now, actually... maybe issues on both sides of the fence; each other! Nothing attacks her Sahara)

Every spare moment, Kiely's out with her best friend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut, Sometimes You Are

So I went to the movies a couple nights ago. It was to see 'The Time Traveler's Wife'. Pretty much a "chick-flick" that I truly couldn't completely understand, but it was an okay movie and I loved the stars. I missed the first 5 minutes, so maybe that had something to do with a bit of the confusion.

My leg is still messed-up--I had no drugs, so I wiggled a lot. My leg couldn't get comfortable. This guy sitting in front of me kept turning around and looking at me. I tried to be more still, so my girls tried to help. Lots of my girls were there, including my sister-in-law, Luana, two of my nieces, and a few of my daughters. We were all there together and they all decided I needed to get my mind off the leg and on my stomach. I hadn't had dinner yet.

The girls bought popcorn and I brought pop. I opened the pop when there was loud action stuff, but "that guy" in front of me turned around again. OOPS! Sorry...Then the girls gave me a bunch of popcorn. I sooooo tried to eat it..but it was just plain horrible...yes, they all didn't like it so, "Give it to Mikey, she'll [sic] eat anything!" It was garlic and Parmesan cheese flavor. It even smelled like old socks! I passed it back to the girls and said softly, "That's awful!" They laughed a little...kind of a sad part, so it wasn't exactly an appropriate timing on my part. "That guy" looked at me again! What's the deal!

Dang it, this is a small town and a lot of people were in the audience. What if "this guy" turns around and tells me to "shut-up?" My husband probably knows him for sure and I was getting real embarrassed and more anxious. Oh no! The thought came to me..."I could even know him!"

The credits started at the end and I was relieved to take-off (eh) but my leg was swollen and I needed help. "That guy" passed by me and SMACKED ME! Right on my arm! I was freakin' out. My Thought: "Don't you know Mister, that I have a handicap sign and everythang?!" The nerve! I thought about running (Hahahahaha) after him and smacking him back, but I heard a very familiar laugh. It was Sally Cook--good, good friends of ours. Rick Cook was "that guy" and they were there at the movie with Steve's Fire Chief and his wife, Laura. They were cracking-up...Did they see my face? I was going to get-in-his-face and say, "You wanna' piece of me?" "Here!" "Take my leg!" j/k but, I promise, I grew-up with that corn-ball, guy. My mom was on the police department with him. We were in 4-H together. Why didn't he tell me who his was?

That's not the first time he's done that to me. Oh....way, way worse. Yes, it was when we were in Mupu 4-H. Mrs. Burleson was our leader and we had to wear our uniforms to all the meetings. The girls wore skirts and hose, even. All of us wore white.

One night around October, I was in charge of the refreshments and had to leave a little early to the kitchen to get the treats ready by myself. I think Mupu has a basement or big crawl space because a person has to go up stairs to get into the school. It had a tiny kitchen where Mrs. Burleson made the best lunch food in the whole world. There were two windows high up for ventilation in the kitchen. They were very high-up, so high that you need a ladder to look out of them in the kitchen and maybe a 12 foot ladder to even get to the bottom of the windows to clean them on outside.

Okay...I'm mixing Hawaiian punch. It was a concentrate and needed water and I was using the old sink below the windows and look-up and there's a man/boy's face smashed against the window, looking at me. Now, mind you, the meeting is still going on and I'm in the kitchen screaming like I burned my hand-off.

Everyone stops. I come-out of the kitchen covered in what looked like blood. I'm crying and couldn't even tell anyone what happened. You know that cry, where you sigh over and you're REAL UPSET. Two young men came sonderin' into the classroom, and I'm standing there dripping Hawaiian Punch all over the floor. Mrs. Burleson didn't say a word. Cleaned me up as best as she could, and then made the punch and gave-out my cookies. I made them from my cooking class with Mrs. Dickenson's. hahaha They were pan sugar cookies. I hate 'em. I won't elaborate on that.

I called my mother and she came up to get me. I didn't eat, or talk, or say bye. But... I punched Rick Cook in the arm as hard as I could on the way out. I guess being smacked lightly in the movies, was just a "tap of payback" for just a practical joke. Nothing like me to over-react!

BTW: Our family had two Dry Cleaning shops. Hawaiian Punch is hard to get out, but Skeeter my grandpa's best spot-cleaner, ever, knew the formula and I was able to keep my skirt and shirt. And...that's good, because I made the skirt in 4-H, too, and loved it. It was the first thing that I had ever sewn.

Yes, Steve, it was white, with a side zipper and lined (thank-you very much...whew!) and I made my collar (I still have my original collar and my hat) also... I was wearing the cutest blouse ever, it had a peter-pan collar with puffy-sleeves that had and very neat little band around the bottom of the sleeve. I had a crush on Gary Rafferty, so that "over-the-top" embarrassing reaction pretty much made me I'll like Scott Lee. Hope he doesn't read this, he lives in Fillmore. 4-H Memories.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jaxon Man. I'm So Grateful For Grandkids Every One of Them Are Great!

I'm holding baby Preslee and now we are waiting on a new little girl coming into our ever growing family. Jaxon is a little bug-eyed red-headed and held by Grandpa Steve in this picture of us in our Donkey Wagon (thank you Colvards!!) Oh! It's our little "Arkansas Charlie" who we were waitin' on at the time.... The wagon's getting painted as soon as my leg heals. I'm anxious to do a lot of stuff. Funny how being down and I mean really down, makes you want to so live! I made Steve promise me yesterday, early morning in the hospital, that if I made it with my leg or my life (at that point the doctor thought I had clots) He would take me horse back riding just as soon as my leg was better. He promised! I so love him.

My Kiely, the just the other night, put her hands on my leg and with the seriousness and concentration of a TV preacher/healer said, "Mom the good cells are working hard to take over the bad cells in your leg" "Feel how hot it is?" "The heat shows that the leg is increasing circulation, fixing-up, and there's a lot going on in there." "It's like... congested." "I bet you need some antibiotics." My daughter is a genius, she said almost exactly the same thing as the Ultrasound technologist.

"Yes, daughter, I'm foundering." I sorta' laughed it off, because I thought my leg was just bruised. Come to find out--she was right! My second Ultrasound was awesome, my technician said, "Whew, no clots, but you have a lot going on in that leg." "Looks like a traffic jam with trucks haulin' all the bad stuff out and the repairing trucks are trying to get in there." "It's really congested." BTW she also said, "Wow! You have really great muscle tone in your legs" YES!!! I haven't been going to the Easter Seals and working out for nothing! I don't really see the improvement at all, but she did. It made me feel so good that I'm making good decisions and really working out. (I receive lots of encouragement from my visiting teacher, Gloria Hanson and also Doris Snoeck, my coaches)

My leg has had a lot of improvement and I'm grateful for the Priesthood Blessings of my son-in-law, Dave and my husband and my son, who is so "there" for me. I know the Temple Prayer List is something I'm so grateful to have. Bree, thank you for doing that for me. Oh and my doctor for changing or adjusting my meds so quickly today, he called me so fast--I think it was just seconds after I called the exchange. Dr Gary Wikholm is the best! My leg already looks better this evening.

I've read a lot. I'm trying to keep happy... so I've been laughing at Calvin and Hobbs, rereading the whole book. What really cracks me up.... is that... the kid at the age of Calvin... always is the age as one of our grand kids. Right now it's Jaxon. The grand children are all different personalities and don't even look like their cousins much, which is so weird because I thought all my kids looked like their cousins. Anyway...this Calvin stage is Jaxon. Sorry to Mr. Bill Waterson who created the comic--I added the orange hair.

Here's a few Jaxon lines just in the last couple days:

"I killed a man with this thumb!"
"Pretend. There's a dog in the tree. Just in case."
"You're In a heap of trouble."
Larin says something like, "Don't touch it." He says like an adult, "No problem.."
"Oh, Graattee!"
Hey! You Wanna' Get Told!"

I love my grand kids. We just saw our kids in Arkansas on Skype, minutes ago... and finally Marnie and her family are home from San Diego. It was sure a long week without them. I missed them so much.

I'm so blessed. I wanna' hang-out here on earth for a good long time. Oh my gosh! Can you imagine Kiely having kids? I have to see it!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dennis The Menace and Other Cat Tails (Tales)

This IS Dennis, Not the actual one-- It Captures the Essence of Her Personality

This Is My Sweet Firefighter Husband, That Saves Cats and Kittens.

My husband, some hotshot, (I say that with all the emphasis on "hot") My Steve is a firefighter, so is my son, but I'm unsure how many cats lives he saves. He always tells the kids wash your hands, you don't know where that cat lives. hahhaha

My dad was a firefighter and cat saver, also.

One moonless night, years ago, when my children were little and Bree, Larin, and Kiely were still waiting in Heaven for their turn on earth :) my tender-hearted dad heard a faint kitty crying near the old chicken coop. That's actually the place where our old house was moved and we made our home over the chicken coop region. (Yes, it's fertile!) It's
a large area, and Dad had no flashlight, but couldn't stand thinking some old owl or coyote that was sure going to eat the baby kitty for a midnight snack. Of course, dad just had flip-flops on, so he wouldn't step in chicken s---? OOPS... droppings...he wasn't concerned about nails, barbed-wire, or torn-up metal buckets. I guess he thought his under-bunders, his everyday house attire... briefs, were just fine, even though it was a cold night in California. Yes, he did find the baby kitten, still partly in the birth sack, and just left by the "mommy-dearest"...mother cat. Dad knew it was meant to live. We got the emergency call about 2:00 a.m.

My kids were so excited. Steve came up to fetch the kitten and this dog, we called, Pup-pup, she adopted us, not the usual other way. She wanted to be in our family so bad. How does person say "no" to that? She was precious! And yes, she.... loved the kitten... if we wanted her to. ...She really did! Pup-pup, was an American Eskimo and she just had puppies not too long before she adopted us. She was actually dumped at our house. Long story, but she didn't want to leave us. Pup-pup just happened to have lots of milk and the baby kitten didn't know her mother from a gopher hole. And...Yes, Pup-pup fed the baby kitten and it got tons and tons of love, even though the kitten just bit and scratched the heck out-of-her. She would cry while nursing. A person doesn't have to physically birth a baby to be a REAL MOTHER! The kitten was licked over and over until I thought it was going to be a naked kitten.

The kitten's name was Dennis and it was a girl. I couldn't convince
my children of another name, even Pup-pup, the dog, called it Dennis. (not really--I may be on Vicodin... and it's after 1:08 a.m., but I'm not that silly, yet) The cat was weird from the time it started walking (slinking) around. Maybe the milk did it. It was a slinky, scary, "eat you" type-cat and wanted out of the house so bad. Dennis, the escape cat. We lived near a very long rural road that cars just zipped by at rip-roaring speeds. I didn't want Dennis, the cat, to be road-kill. tear.

My dad asked about the cat all the time. I wanted to bring it up to the ranch. Obviously, it was a feral cat and didn't want to be domesticated. Tressa has since confessed it might have been "The Three Amigos" siblings constantly dressing it like a ba
by doll, and taking it out for walks tied in a carriage, that made it go "over-the-edge" (as in: crazy-land) That particular activity could have led it to dislike humans, also. By the way, it constantly bit the kids! Like.... mean, deep-cat bites. and bleedy scratches.(eh?) Nice, huh? But the more it bit the children, the more they wanted to tame it to love them.

Yes, it finally escaped all dressed-up! And... Whoa! Did that look weird?! The cat ran around a very long time dressed like a baby. Finally, the worn clothes sort-of fell-off, well at least the baby bonnet.

Dennis, the cat, like to hide under our car and we just got a new (to us) Toyota Landcruiser. It was the same color as our FJ right now. We had just gotten
the Landcruiser on Saturday and Sunday morning was the first day for a ride in it to Church. Steve had come home from Priesthood to pick us up (yeah, this was the old days) and we were going to Sunday School. It was a pretty cold day and Dennis, the cat went to the warm car. Can you guess what happened next?

Steve ran over Dennis and Dennis flew up in the air so high we saw it out the front window. It screamed the ear-splitting and never to be forgotten, "YeeeeOOOUUUUHHHH!"

We were going to be late for Church, but Steve got out to try and help it. Expressionless Dad...Don't tell the kids yet....Dennis, the cat, was dead and he didn't tell us. Can you imagine what that would have caused? He picked it up by the back of the neck, looked fine...and tossed it behind the garage. We all went to Church and he told the kids the cat really needed a break from them.

I think the kids found the cat a long while later when Dennis,the cat, was bones. We lived way out in an orchard and I don't know...maybe we all had allergies. There was no smell! None. At least the children didn't bring the cat inside the house or talk much about it. Tressa, just told me recently about finding Dennis. I asked her if she was traumatized by all that, and I think she said the
cat needed to go to Heaven... anyway...I'm not sure Dennis went to Heaven, I think it went to the other place.

We have cats everywhere right now, mostly feral and they were saved from the gas chamber. They lived right behind the back alley of the fire station and were "trash-diggers" until Animal Control decided to take them away.. Steve's co-firefighter,Uncle John has some of the cats, too. Firemen are so tender-hearted!

Now we have even more abandoned cats that were just dropped-off here at the ranch. I guess because we have dairy goats and lots of milk. We are thankful for all the varmints the cats take care of (eat) and they do work constantly. BTW I hate mice, rats and ground squirrels. Have I ever mentioned that?

The grand kids are frightening me just a little bit. They hold the Siamese kitten or the other one... and it's screaming and they say, "I think I'm naming this one... half-grown, mean, baby kitten, Junior." As in Dennis Junior? repeats...besides our dogs chase them and yes, we do feed them.

I Was Looking For Cats That Look Like Dennis...Well, This Cat Caught My Attention!

I'm Bored Otta' My Gourd....What's GOOGLE Doing With A Time-Bomb On Their Browzer?

Well, the way things are going with the Microsoft & the Yahoo merger, I instantly thought GOOGLE was getting ready, with PDWs (personal-defense-weapons) to protect themselves. Yes, I watch NCIS on the USA Channel! I bet millions of other web searchers thought the same thing. Like..."What the heck?" hahaha They got us! GOOGLE did!

GOOGLE quote, "Probably not even the physics geeks remember much about Hans Christian ├śrsted, although Google's Doodle logo illustrates his key discovery. That is, if you run a current through a wire – in this case, from the battery at the front – then the electricity creates a magnetic field, which will deflect a compass needle.

Thus the study of electromagnetism was born, and it's the basis of a lot of modern life: it led to the development of electricity generators and transformers. Remember that next time you flick a light switch." End of GOOGLE quote.

I love REAL history! Hahahahaha You can't make-up the real stuff, for sure!

I thought that Edison and Benjamin Franklin invented everything--I didn't know until I was 55, that the U.S.A. didn't invent the automobile! GASP! You too? Don't quote me, but I think it was France. Hey! Don't yell at me! That's really funny, however. (The whole thing!) Hahahaha Sorry...France!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Wonder My Kids Where Saved For The Last Days! Flip-Flops, Tight Levis & Baseball Caps Wouldn't Get It...On The Pioneer Journey.

You know.... that now things get shortened during all our emails and texting, but before that even became popular, "The Prom" was shortened to "Prom" and the "The County Fair" was shortened to "Fair". Now I see.... "The Mormon Trek Reenactment" is now "Trek" Most "non- Mormons" don't know what the heck?..."Star Trek?" "Yeah, California ... yeah ...Ojai!" "What?" Well, you HAVE to LIVE in UTAH to get it! The Mormon kids here didn't even GET IT! They needed more Church History before all this... CAME TO PASS!

Okay…our stake tried a shortened version. The "Trek" and went clear-out (not so far) to Sulfur Mountain to do their "Trek" and about the worse thing is.... is smells like someone was leaving a "tooter trail" to show the way. It is a very used hiking, mountain biking trail that So. Californians love.

Now tell me how far can a big group of "Trekers" get from “tree hugging” Californians? Especially just over one ridge from Ojai? I can truthfully say..... The reenactment did not turn out well.

While everyone was really, really trying to be sad burying their babies (dolls) and try and feel the emotional and deep sorrow of real grief, a group of mountain bikers slowly inched by. The puzzled looks of the mountain bike-riders thinking like..“strange ritualistic Mormons” sent my youngest daughter into a laughing frenzy… Well, it was actually two of them. One name starts with "B" and the other with "K". You know of course... that there are really people that get their emotions confused at sad moments. All my kids except Dustin...well...giggle at funerals. I'm sorry it's inbred....line-bred...never mind. Okay.... this was 7 or so years ago and a very new activity to most of us.

Well... My two dear daughters... as precious as they are, wrecked "The Trek." My middle daughter and her husband were her “parents” and the more reprimanding they were, my baby who's my youngest, 14 year-old- daughter laughed and then tried to quit.... and by the time it was over, well, I must say…she takes after her mother. The whole trek went “south” from there. She regrets what happened…(whew) but, then says, “Mom, you should’ve seen those biker’s faces!” Sorry Bree and especially Chip, the father. Bree did confess later, that the mountain bikers, did make weird faces. HaHaHa and we think the Mountain Bikers dress weird, too!!

The Trek moved actually north and suddenly when the laughter started.... the handcarts were in a "full-on race" to get to the bottom. The leaders were booming mad!

Some of our very own ancestors we're handcart pioneers, so it makes it even worse to blog about this. I do share their grief. I couldn't go on as they did, losing so many of my family and starving. I really wonder what they think when these dear Heavenly Beings look down on the reenactments like this one. :(

This is the CLINCHER! The baby dolls are still on the "Trek" and mountain bikers see them all the time. You know... every few feet there are heads, feet and hands sticking out of the side of the road and trail and I know it's disturbing! Next time, leaders..... let's fetch the dolls.

One of my son-in-laws was a Sheriff Deputy in Ojai, and every-so-often, there's a scared-hysterical mountain biker or trail horse group that reports, "Some strange (the deranged word, has been used) has buried a bunch of dolls on the Sulfur Mountain Road." His answer is, "Oh that was a long time ago, it's part of the landscape."

Stinky Sulfur Mountain In August

No Wonder My Kids Where Saved For The Last Days!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Good News First or Bad News?

Good News: My husband doesn't think I'm a wino, the bottle still may be in the barn---no....W-H-I-N-O! I can't crawl like that, either.

Bad News: I'm addicted to Cherry Dr. Pepper. I can't help it, I married into the Lazenby's. Ever read the history of Dr. Lazenby?

He was a co-conspirator to the making of the "Original Snake Oil," Dr. Pepper???
(Check-out paragraphs 6-8. Lazenby was 'some' chemist, huh? Promoter...yeaaahh!)

The Badder News: You know for a fact that you are taking too many pills when you try to down two Alka Seltzers with a sip of Dr. Pepper. I'm glad I was over the sink. I think I cleaned our garbage disposal.

Mormons Beware I'm Going To Wine (I Mean Whine)

By the looks of my feelings today, I know I'm hurt on my legs, but I think have Bipolar Disorder or Manic-depressive in my brain. Sooooo today is my "sad" day and this blog is the result to what I got on a stupid quiz on the Internet. hahahaha, Not Facebook some psychiatric disorder page, like some reference with some truly real information. I'm still laughing.
Here are my quiz results:
I'm happy for you. You got the EXTRA happy one !
Still don't know how you could pull that off
You're energetic, hyper, nice to hang around with and you probably like shopping/dancing/party's/whatev..
You are (almost) always happy and you can crack a smile on everyone's face.
Good for you!! Keep it that way! Please rate high!

THIS was my quiz results??! I laughed out-loud all by myself. No, I wasn't having a pity-party, no crying. I had a wonderful husband make me breakfast, it's a beautiful morning, and I'm just looking at all the of the sweet fair animals and I became sad. It's FAIR TIME. I haven't missed the fair in 48 years. I had an animal when I was 10 years old. Whaaa!
(Ventura County Fair)

Kiely said to me last night, "Mom you don't want to go see this group." "It's for really old people!" and then she told me it was Huey Lewis and I flipped-out, I'm not THAT OLD! I was thinking old reenactments of say... Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman or Artie Shaw. I'd almost go to those, but old people like my mom don't know when to e quiet nd my kids say I'm just like her... we wouldn't be able to hear a thing!!! That's funny--have I ever been to a concert and people were quiet, ever? Never mind, Raffi Concerts are sorta' quiet.

OLD People??!!!
Dang...entertainment: Huey Lewis & the News
Yesterday, I got the news, no fair. I have a severely sprained ankle. (I can hardly feel it--I think it's dead) and a deep vein damage, that even if it gets bumped just a little, I'm toast. A cow-kick makes me shiver.
Okay, when I heard the news... Steve took me to Lin's Restaurant for Egg Drop Soup, a big bowl to let my tears fall where they may. Not really, but it sounds good. Anyway, this Fortune Cookie is pointing at me. Now... do they point with both edges at you or the rounded edge at you? I picked it up and it said:
We own burros, so "ass" is NOT a bad word! They're girls...As in: jennetts, not jacks, and it's too hard to fix the graphic. Jennett Ass? hahaha And there you go..Steve! Secret Joke.
Not really....Mine said, "You are a fun-loving person and you will find much happiness" I did like Steve's better...I always want his, bad...huh? "The sun will always shine through your heart, into your smile, and warm your soul." Just how cool is that fortune? I don't think the fortune cookie makers ever say stuff like I put on my example. The restaurant would be liable for "bridge jumpers."
I need to go freeze my leg--then heat my leg, then walk my leg, and then put it higher than my heart. It will be a busy day and I'm glad my air-conditioning works. Don't count on me saving energy today, I'm not in the mood.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Doug Lazenby Santa Paula High School English Teacher. Grandpa Doug

Look carefully and you can see Doug, winking!
So sweet and yes, he was a romantic.

Doesn't this man look like Grandpa Doug?
Steve, my husband, cried all through the movie.

If my father-in-law would have heard the song, Dream Big, it would have been his theme song. A whole big bunch of his life was messed-up by that leg. The leg was burdensome, always in the way, and hurt like crazy... all the time!

Doug was my example. My legs are ugly and hurt, but they'll get better. I'm thankful for such a wonderful person to pattern my hope and my attitude in my life. I want to look for the good, the great, and for all the fun stuff around me... and I don't need legs right now to enjoy life!

Doug was a huge sports fan--I think it was any sport and he actually held the shot-put record for Utah forever. He played track and field and was a great football player.

My five girls, and I think Diana's too, put pennies on his grave because he always picked pennies off the ground. Not because they were worth anything... but that President Lincoln was being walked on and when you think of that, it makes you stop and think about patriotism. He was that; and a veteran. ( Did I put the semi-colon in the right spot? Doug?)

Grandpa Doug was way beyond silly and ANYONE who had him in school absolutely loved him as a teacher!! Everyone's favorite. Mine, too. I had him for Sophomore English. He was everyone's favorite coach and took the baseball team to CIF. He was the tennis coach and a Driver's trainer teacher. Brave, very brave.

Orpha, his mother was 100 years old
and she sang to his songs. It was so emotional--
Kiely remembers crying. She's on the far left.

This one was just for FHE
On the evening of Monday, Dec. 15, '97. We held Family Home Evening at 604 Ellfred Court. Bree gave the lesson and asked each of us to write down our personal articles of faith. great-Grandpa Doug wrote:







Nope! Not by a long-shot, Grandpa and they're not through yet.
He could play the harmonica beautifully and wrote songs and we have tons of poems that he wrote. Of course, give him a paper to write on, even something little, and it was poetry! Doug memorized long, long poems like "Casey At The Bat" and we would listen mesmerized and in awe because he would act it out while he sat in his chair.

Doug was there with my mother-in-law when I joined the Church. I was afraid to bear my testimony about 4 months later and my home teachers would not let up on me. So.. I went to the clerk's office and found him and had him sit in front of me so I could hold on his shoulders and stand without my knees giving away from nervousness. I loved him before I loved my husband. (Steve was on his mission in Oklahoma, when I joined the Church)

Did I mention he made wooden toys for the kids and grand kids? Yeah, he was an artist, too. He painted the wooden toys and we are so blessed to have so many of his creations. He made tons of stuff, even really intricate windmills and marble mazes. How'd he think all those wonderful toys up?

I can't even tell you who misses Grandpa the most. Kiely cries that she didn't get enough time with him and she doesn't ever remember him walking, normal.

Right now, he's my hero. No complaining much--he couldn't even drive or walk. We did get into all the rides at Disneyland first. That was his "happy place" and there's a sidewalk brick with a gold coin just for him in it, right in front of the Mickey Mouse Flower Garden. Grandpa Doug's theme song... "Dream Big" (but, that may have been for a fish)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Don't Hop. Don't Hop. Don't Hop or Pop Will Take The Firetruck to Take You To The Hospital Top

Yes, I went to the hospital at about 3:00 a because I thought I was dying. More xrays, more advise (good stuff) and interesting drugs!

What happened is... I ran out of painkillers and felt everything that I had injured. My body didn't react well. I had super chattering teeth and I wasn't cold. I was in a super panic and hyperventilating. Actually, I hurt so bad I would hold my breath.

Honestly, my legs hurt worse than giving birth. Always be careful when going down stairs and have a plan in case you trip. I was hanging on tightly, thankfully... or I'd been worse off. I go to the doctor. again tomorrow and all my results will be laid out on the table. Oh.... Swell, literally.

I have this theory that if I re-hurt my knees... new body junk is going to come to my rescue and maybe heal all the rest of my knees.

My children are so good to me and so our my grandchildren.

Tatum and Eirely listened to my heart and Adree made me a Siamese cat. Kiely wouldn't leave the house until she knew Larin or Marnie would be around here. I have really great nurses and a doctor, and a really smart fireman husband to help me. Sorry Steve, that the pain killer made me "talk through my hat" and I started laughing hysterically in the ER. If they didn't know I was Steve's wife I might be in the Behavioral Health Facility. Yeeeaaahhhh, a patient shouldn't ask for sterile leaches to suck the fluids out of my legs. At least one leg, the one that is twice as large as normal.

Dave thank you for coming up in the wee hours for the special Priesthood Blessing before Steve even arrived with the fire truck. I was able to slow down enough after the Blessing to breathe deep and quit hyperventilating.

Bottom line, I thought it was over for me and I was on my way out wit a blood clot.

BTW this isn't the first time. I knocked myself out falling down the stairs that go out to my moms. They are just a bit more stairs but I hit the side walk with my face. Thank you, no pictures.