Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm Bored Otta' My Gourd....What's GOOGLE Doing With A Time-Bomb On Their Browzer?

Well, the way things are going with the Microsoft & the Yahoo merger, I instantly thought GOOGLE was getting ready, with PDWs (personal-defense-weapons) to protect themselves. Yes, I watch NCIS on the USA Channel! I bet millions of other web searchers thought the same thing. Like..."What the heck?" hahaha They got us! GOOGLE did!

GOOGLE quote, "Probably not even the physics geeks remember much about Hans Christian ├śrsted, although Google's Doodle logo illustrates his key discovery. That is, if you run a current through a wire – in this case, from the battery at the front – then the electricity creates a magnetic field, which will deflect a compass needle.

Thus the study of electromagnetism was born, and it's the basis of a lot of modern life: it led to the development of electricity generators and transformers. Remember that next time you flick a light switch." End of GOOGLE quote.

I love REAL history! Hahahahaha You can't make-up the real stuff, for sure!

I thought that Edison and Benjamin Franklin invented everything--I didn't know until I was 55, that the U.S.A. didn't invent the automobile! GASP! You too? Don't quote me, but I think it was France. Hey! Don't yell at me! That's really funny, however. (The whole thing!) Hahahaha Sorry...France!


Susan said...

Before I get comments from a bunch of crazed French people....

I took French in school for my grandmother who was from the French part of Alsace-Lorraine.

My other grandmother's maiden- name... was Charboneau.

I had family who fought and some died for your freedom, at Normandy.

My son-in-law served his mission there, in the Bordeaux Mission, and did not EVEN drink your wine...did you Dave?

Thought I'd add all this while I'm still on two Vicodin for my knee. lymi!

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