Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jaxon Man. I'm So Grateful For Grandkids Every One of Them Are Great!

I'm holding baby Preslee and now we are waiting on a new little girl coming into our ever growing family. Jaxon is a little bug-eyed red-headed and held by Grandpa Steve in this picture of us in our Donkey Wagon (thank you Colvards!!) Oh! It's our little "Arkansas Charlie" who we were waitin' on at the time.... The wagon's getting painted as soon as my leg heals. I'm anxious to do a lot of stuff. Funny how being down and I mean really down, makes you want to so live! I made Steve promise me yesterday, early morning in the hospital, that if I made it with my leg or my life (at that point the doctor thought I had clots) He would take me horse back riding just as soon as my leg was better. He promised! I so love him.

My Kiely, the just the other night, put her hands on my leg and with the seriousness and concentration of a TV preacher/healer said, "Mom the good cells are working hard to take over the bad cells in your leg" "Feel how hot it is?" "The heat shows that the leg is increasing circulation, fixing-up, and there's a lot going on in there." "It's like... congested." "I bet you need some antibiotics." My daughter is a genius, she said almost exactly the same thing as the Ultrasound technologist.

"Yes, daughter, I'm foundering." I sorta' laughed it off, because I thought my leg was just bruised. Come to find out--she was right! My second Ultrasound was awesome, my technician said, "Whew, no clots, but you have a lot going on in that leg." "Looks like a traffic jam with trucks haulin' all the bad stuff out and the repairing trucks are trying to get in there." "It's really congested." BTW she also said, "Wow! You have really great muscle tone in your legs" YES!!! I haven't been going to the Easter Seals and working out for nothing! I don't really see the improvement at all, but she did. It made me feel so good that I'm making good decisions and really working out. (I receive lots of encouragement from my visiting teacher, Gloria Hanson and also Doris Snoeck, my coaches)

My leg has had a lot of improvement and I'm grateful for the Priesthood Blessings of my son-in-law, Dave and my husband and my son, who is so "there" for me. I know the Temple Prayer List is something I'm so grateful to have. Bree, thank you for doing that for me. Oh and my doctor for changing or adjusting my meds so quickly today, he called me so fast--I think it was just seconds after I called the exchange. Dr Gary Wikholm is the best! My leg already looks better this evening.

I've read a lot. I'm trying to keep happy... so I've been laughing at Calvin and Hobbs, rereading the whole book. What really cracks me up.... is that... the kid at the age of Calvin... always is the age as one of our grand kids. Right now it's Jaxon. The grand children are all different personalities and don't even look like their cousins much, which is so weird because I thought all my kids looked like their cousins. Anyway...this Calvin stage is Jaxon. Sorry to Mr. Bill Waterson who created the comic--I added the orange hair.

Here's a few Jaxon lines just in the last couple days:

"I killed a man with this thumb!"
"Pretend. There's a dog in the tree. Just in case."
"You're In a heap of trouble."
Larin says something like, "Don't touch it." He says like an adult, "No problem.."
"Oh, Graattee!"
Hey! You Wanna' Get Told!"

I love my grand kids. We just saw our kids in Arkansas on Skype, minutes ago... and finally Marnie and her family are home from San Diego. It was sure a long week without them. I missed them so much.

I'm so blessed. I wanna' hang-out here on earth for a good long time. Oh my gosh! Can you imagine Kiely having kids? I have to see it!


Kiely Jean said...

haha those pics of Jaxon are adorable. I love you mom and I am glad that your healing quickly. I can't believe I was right. That makes me feel good. Maybe I should be a dr. after all.

Breeda said...

Great post Mama! it was great to see you on the Web Cam. I miss you!

jenkinsfamliypost said...

we missed you too mommy! glad to be home and sure sorry that i was not here for you when you need someone. i love you

The Knappy Crew said... fun! Yes Jaxon keeps us laughing. Love you mom. I am glad you are feeling a little better.