Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kiely Focus. Young Women's Program Is Great. Disappointment. Learning Always, Anyway. Faith

Kiely, I'm so proud of you! I love you!

I really believe Kiely, our youngest daughter, came home from our county fair a different person. She definitely was so excited, she couldn't wait for school to start. Parents should always pay the fees of tuition, books, and parking, at the time of signing-up, but we couldn't. A new trick from our state was that just before school started, our governor of California, raised the tuition to $26.00 per unit, It was done just, just before the fair. We tried to come up with the extra money, but there was no time for my hard-working husband to get his name up higher on the list for more over-time work. Kiely had a chance for a short-term paying job so she went for it. hahaha "On the job training."

Kiely had an obligation and again this year, she was president of the Junior Fair Board and even though she asked to be excused, she was contacted by the main Fair Board and really pressed to stay on. They said that she was absolutely needed and to be at the fair as full-time president and to stay and work and she's not paid, all volunteer.

The Junior Fair Board is something Kiely did as a Young Women's project. And... as all her sister's before...she received her medallion. The big accomplishment wasn't the necklace, it was that she continued in service, happily. She is doing exactly what the program was meant to teach the Young Women and an inspired program in the Church. It is "joy in service." She knew that, and did truly feel the obligation she had signed-up to do. Kiely was president and vice president before and after over 5 years, she did know how important it was to stay-on. We were all worried about school, but we felt something would help us getting her to be enrolled this semester.

The Young Women's program truly made my girls the most giving, service unwavering, bunch of women I know. They perform acts of service that rarely if ever, anyone knows. And... I always said, "Do it happily, or the service won't count!" I pretty sure that's the doctrine of Susan, but I wanted all of them to feel good about being able to help another. And...they all do. And...all have been wonderful extra "mothers," even Dustin, well... substitute dad, maybe. All my kids are an example to Kiely and someone she can talk w/o me, and I feel it's probably a good thing right now...I guess.

Just today..Kiely went with Marnie to clean one of my family's member's house because the housekeeper didn't show-up--they didn't hesitate, they both quickly just took off to help. My children are my examples of service.

Right here and now... I saw "love unfeigned" "Good Works" and staying with the Junior Fair Board without a word from Steve and I, I saw great "Integrity."

She actually smiled for me instead of running away.
Just before fair began....I fell through our porch and Kiely was also very worried about me. I missed the fair and all my friends. Some of Kiely's evenings were centered around the rodeo events, so she stayed over with the other parents that camped at the fair. One of her nights she really hesitated to leave. Yep, it was one of the times and I needed to visit the ER at the hospital because my large knot/bruise on my shin became inflamed, infected, and UGLY. I drove myself to the hospital during the early morning hours. Steve was on duty.

My second to the youngest, Larin was due to have her baby at any given moment and with all of this going in the fair business, a couple extra bad fire calls, my fall, Larin's coming of her precious baby girl, and then...another "big" mess in the family... that's not exactly a secret, we didn't borrow the money to pay the extra fees. Why did the governor do this to the students at this time when not only there wasn't enough time to save or even apply for a loan? Inevitably, we missed getting the money by less than 24 hours and she lost all her classes.That was it! No understanding, no help, overcrowding....trials.

Kiely did get one teacher to let her in an online astronomy class, way different than her chosen classes that she needs, but she needs credits. Here I have a child that loves to learn, to study, and begs for school.... and here she is...Steve and I feel terrible. It's too late.

I'm proud of her working now on the job she was offered. It is with Pam and Steve Colvard. She's training ponies at their Painted Pony Farm Now, that's a job no one wants at all. Horse trainers prefer regular-sized horses and a monthly or weekly fee. Kiely gets paid when she works and they are so good to her. Kiely has not quit studying HARD even though she only has one class. She is reading and watching every video she can find on horse and pony training. We bought her a $3.00 clicker the other day...but she's looking for treats. She didn't know ponies are so particular.. Yep, tell me about it!

Kiely did have a wonderful palomino pony when she was little and she had him until her feet touched the ground. He was an American Pony. She always loved her pony. Never knew that early affection for a pony would help her now when jobs are so hard to find. Timmy, her little pony, was very well proportioned and she adored him. He and she both got too old. Although, he lived ten or more years with another family after being our "little love" for so long.

Kiely and Timmy

My "cowboy dad" hated Shetlands. I thought we would never have a pony and I cried for one. I can remember all my prayers were aimed at having a pony. We had horses, a place to keep it, extra feed, everything! We even had a pony saddle and bridle. My dad was sure we would be hurt by their bad behavior. So...he got us some donkeys.

Here's "Casper" with a ewe in our backyard.

"Donkeys" We all rode the donkeys. I don't know how Mary, the mother of the Savior, endured that. Anyway you ride one, it's uncomfortable--side saddle, too. Mary must have been extra blessed or that ride is what caused her to go into labor.

Doesn't every animal bred to be extra small, have bad attitudes? Let's see... tiny little bunnies, made to stay little... are so mean! We had those and I can truly say that they growl when you go to feed them and often eat their young (actually, all rabbits can end-up doing that, under some circumstances) No wonder someone wrote "Bunnicula" the vampire bunny. They must have had owned a small rabbit.

Small dairy cows like Jersey's, have a bad reputation. Funny... because they look so sweet with those big brown eyes. There's the not so sweet Banty chickens, especially the roosters, that have some "chip" on their skinny chicken shoulders. My Steve shot our Bantam rooster while it was attacking our neighborhood's small dog. It would have poked the little dogs eyes out. Pygmy Goat bucks, or any small sheep (Finn Sheep are an exception) can so tear you up. Kiely was almost killed by a small ram when she was watering and he wasn't even in rutt. Oh Yeah, the "Chihuahua Brothers" behind Marnie's house in Fillmore--you could actually lose fingers if you stuck them through the fence. I just remember seeing mean, shiny, white chompers in her backyard. I think all the little dogs think they are pit-bulls. Most people never realize that really little dogs almost always bite. hahahaha It's the "Napoleon 'Syndrome" for animals.

Kiely and Her "Mean" (not at all) Cookie

I was very concerned about Kiely training Shetlands and Miniatures, but also knew she had taken an "Alpha Steer" from a herd off the range and tamed it to be her precious pet, that even knew voice commands and obeyed every one. He was her baby and he also loved her. The first day here--at Danger Ranch, that steer almost killed my husband and that's no exaggeration. It hit him at least 5 times and if there hadn't been a big water tough to jump out of the pen... it would have. The steer hit and knocked down and trampled the Ag. teacher and was going after him again. Everyone came to the rescue. The cowboys at the farm had a go around with him, too. "Cookie" did not like men unless Kiely had a hold of his head. One guy lost most of his arm and shoulder skin as Cookie drug him all over the concrete base at the FFA Farm. I have great faith in her ability to train the ponies and what a wonderful experience to really train proper ground manners, tricks, driving and voice commands. I know she can do it.

Sahara BFF

Kiely got another quarter horse and that's wonderful for her and her horse, Sahara.. The horses are great friends. I watched her take the horses out today and feed them their own mixture of nutritious food. They'll get great care.

I'm proud of her volunteering to watch Dustin's children without -pay and when called on. She'll always volunteers the first, to make food to take in ... or feed here for any family. And it's GOOD! She does dishes without hesitating and likes to clean house, but I know her favorite thing, as far as work goes, is working on the ranch with her dad, making fences, painting, planting, and just picking up rocks. Horses to her... are not work, even the ponies.

It's just so hot right now that some days are put on hold because she gets dehydrated so easily... (dancers need lots of water) I know that the successes she is getting from teaching the horses is so rewarding just like when I FINALLY had my first pony. Yes, my prayers were answered with a Welsh Pony named Blaze. I taught him to do everything a nice big horse does... plus he would jump anything, I wanted him to try, never-ever shying from a jump. It really scared my family. But, I guess I proved myself before Blaze came, honestly.. I rode horses everyday.

Utt, Oh! Kiely just came home from a church activity called the "Harvest Hoe-down" She was really dressed to the "nines" in her cowgirl hat, new boots, new jeans, and ruffled red and white gingham blouse. Guess everyone really did learn some two-stepping moves and so she's off to "The Borderline" tonight at 9:00 p.m. to the famous county, country dance hall in Thousand Oaks, with a bunch of her friends. hahaha The same night she learns, loves it, and it's off to dance as long as the place is open. Funny... I can just see her teaching a bunch of ponies the 2-step.

College is just a couple months away and in the mean-time, a whole new world is opening up for her. Love for her family and the horses bring her home. (Except...I don't think she loves Banner the brood-mare at all. She has some issues right now, actually... maybe issues on both sides of the fence; each other! Nothing attacks her Sahara)

Every spare moment, Kiely's out with her best friend!


jenkinsfamliypost said...

sweet post! I love kiely. she is wonderful and such a great helper.

Breeda said...

Super sweet post Mom. I am so proud of Kiely. She is such a great example to me. She is strong and brave. I am so happy my little Jane is just like her.
I miss you all so much....I wish that I had used my time more wisely while I lived there. I never thought I would be so far away. Being close to family is such a blessing and I hope everyone enjoys it and realizes how very important it is.

Kiely, you are truly wonderful!

I LOVE you, Mom!