Friday, August 7, 2009

Mormons Beware I'm Going To Wine (I Mean Whine)

By the looks of my feelings today, I know I'm hurt on my legs, but I think have Bipolar Disorder or Manic-depressive in my brain. Sooooo today is my "sad" day and this blog is the result to what I got on a stupid quiz on the Internet. hahahaha, Not Facebook some psychiatric disorder page, like some reference with some truly real information. I'm still laughing.
Here are my quiz results:
I'm happy for you. You got the EXTRA happy one !
Still don't know how you could pull that off
You're energetic, hyper, nice to hang around with and you probably like shopping/dancing/party's/whatev..
You are (almost) always happy and you can crack a smile on everyone's face.
Good for you!! Keep it that way! Please rate high!

THIS was my quiz results??! I laughed out-loud all by myself. No, I wasn't having a pity-party, no crying. I had a wonderful husband make me breakfast, it's a beautiful morning, and I'm just looking at all the of the sweet fair animals and I became sad. It's FAIR TIME. I haven't missed the fair in 48 years. I had an animal when I was 10 years old. Whaaa!
(Ventura County Fair)

Kiely said to me last night, "Mom you don't want to go see this group." "It's for really old people!" and then she told me it was Huey Lewis and I flipped-out, I'm not THAT OLD! I was thinking old reenactments of say... Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman or Artie Shaw. I'd almost go to those, but old people like my mom don't know when to e quiet nd my kids say I'm just like her... we wouldn't be able to hear a thing!!! That's funny--have I ever been to a concert and people were quiet, ever? Never mind, Raffi Concerts are sorta' quiet.

OLD People??!!!
Dang...entertainment: Huey Lewis & the News
Yesterday, I got the news, no fair. I have a severely sprained ankle. (I can hardly feel it--I think it's dead) and a deep vein damage, that even if it gets bumped just a little, I'm toast. A cow-kick makes me shiver.
Okay, when I heard the news... Steve took me to Lin's Restaurant for Egg Drop Soup, a big bowl to let my tears fall where they may. Not really, but it sounds good. Anyway, this Fortune Cookie is pointing at me. Now... do they point with both edges at you or the rounded edge at you? I picked it up and it said:
We own burros, so "ass" is NOT a bad word! They're girls...As in: jennetts, not jacks, and it's too hard to fix the graphic. Jennett Ass? hahaha And there you go..Steve! Secret Joke.
Not really....Mine said, "You are a fun-loving person and you will find much happiness" I did like Steve's better...I always want his, bad...huh? "The sun will always shine through your heart, into your smile, and warm your soul." Just how cool is that fortune? I don't think the fortune cookie makers ever say stuff like I put on my example. The restaurant would be liable for "bridge jumpers."
I need to go freeze my leg--then heat my leg, then walk my leg, and then put it higher than my heart. It will be a busy day and I'm glad my air-conditioning works. Don't count on me saving energy today, I'm not in the mood.

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Breeda said...

I love you Mama! I am sorry you will miss the Fair. :'( -wiping tears-