Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Wonder My Kids Where Saved For The Last Days! Flip-Flops, Tight Levis & Baseball Caps Wouldn't Get It...On The Pioneer Journey.

You know.... that now things get shortened during all our emails and texting, but before that even became popular, "The Prom" was shortened to "Prom" and the "The County Fair" was shortened to "Fair". Now I see.... "The Mormon Trek Reenactment" is now "Trek" Most "non- Mormons" don't know what the heck?..."Star Trek?" "Yeah, California ... yeah ...Ojai!" "What?" Well, you HAVE to LIVE in UTAH to get it! The Mormon kids here didn't even GET IT! They needed more Church History before all this... CAME TO PASS!

Okay…our stake tried a shortened version. The "Trek" and went clear-out (not so far) to Sulfur Mountain to do their "Trek" and about the worse thing is.... is smells like someone was leaving a "tooter trail" to show the way. It is a very used hiking, mountain biking trail that So. Californians love.

Now tell me how far can a big group of "Trekers" get from “tree hugging” Californians? Especially just over one ridge from Ojai? I can truthfully say..... The reenactment did not turn out well.

While everyone was really, really trying to be sad burying their babies (dolls) and try and feel the emotional and deep sorrow of real grief, a group of mountain bikers slowly inched by. The puzzled looks of the mountain bike-riders thinking like..“strange ritualistic Mormons” sent my youngest daughter into a laughing frenzy… Well, it was actually two of them. One name starts with "B" and the other with "K". You know of course... that there are really people that get their emotions confused at sad moments. All my kids except Dustin...well...giggle at funerals. I'm sorry it's inbred....line-bred...never mind. Okay.... this was 7 or so years ago and a very new activity to most of us.

Well... My two dear daughters... as precious as they are, wrecked "The Trek." My middle daughter and her husband were her “parents” and the more reprimanding they were, my baby who's my youngest, 14 year-old- daughter laughed and then tried to quit.... and by the time it was over, well, I must say…she takes after her mother. The whole trek went “south” from there. She regrets what happened…(whew) but, then says, “Mom, you should’ve seen those biker’s faces!” Sorry Bree and especially Chip, the father. Bree did confess later, that the mountain bikers, did make weird faces. HaHaHa and we think the Mountain Bikers dress weird, too!!

The Trek moved actually north and suddenly when the laughter started.... the handcarts were in a "full-on race" to get to the bottom. The leaders were booming mad!

Some of our very own ancestors we're handcart pioneers, so it makes it even worse to blog about this. I do share their grief. I couldn't go on as they did, losing so many of my family and starving. I really wonder what they think when these dear Heavenly Beings look down on the reenactments like this one. :(

This is the CLINCHER! The baby dolls are still on the "Trek" and mountain bikers see them all the time. You know... every few feet there are heads, feet and hands sticking out of the side of the road and trail and I know it's disturbing! Next time, leaders..... let's fetch the dolls.

One of my son-in-laws was a Sheriff Deputy in Ojai, and every-so-often, there's a scared-hysterical mountain biker or trail horse group that reports, "Some strange (the deranged word, has been used) has buried a bunch of dolls on the Sulfur Mountain Road." His answer is, "Oh that was a long time ago, it's part of the landscape."

Stinky Sulfur Mountain In August

No Wonder My Kids Where Saved For The Last Days!!


Bree said...

Hee Hee that is so FUNNY! And yes, they really did look at us funny.

And yes, also, the "babies" need to be picked up next time.

I love you, Mom. I love your fun posts!!

I hope you start feeling better.

The Knappy Crew said...

Why did Bree and Kiely get the chance to do this and I didn't? I would not have laughed. Rrrrr!!!

I have silly sisters.

Bree said...

It was so awkward. So when we got our directions and the red dot at the top of the page informing us that our "family" would have to bury our baby along the way......we dreaded it the whole time.

I did cry.....til I saw the cyclist, then I laughed with Kiely.