Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut, Sometimes You Are

So I went to the movies a couple nights ago. It was to see 'The Time Traveler's Wife'. Pretty much a "chick-flick" that I truly couldn't completely understand, but it was an okay movie and I loved the stars. I missed the first 5 minutes, so maybe that had something to do with a bit of the confusion.

My leg is still messed-up--I had no drugs, so I wiggled a lot. My leg couldn't get comfortable. This guy sitting in front of me kept turning around and looking at me. I tried to be more still, so my girls tried to help. Lots of my girls were there, including my sister-in-law, Luana, two of my nieces, and a few of my daughters. We were all there together and they all decided I needed to get my mind off the leg and on my stomach. I hadn't had dinner yet.

The girls bought popcorn and I brought pop. I opened the pop when there was loud action stuff, but "that guy" in front of me turned around again. OOPS! Sorry...Then the girls gave me a bunch of popcorn. I sooooo tried to eat it..but it was just plain horrible...yes, they all didn't like it so, "Give it to Mikey, she'll [sic] eat anything!" It was garlic and Parmesan cheese flavor. It even smelled like old socks! I passed it back to the girls and said softly, "That's awful!" They laughed a little...kind of a sad part, so it wasn't exactly an appropriate timing on my part. "That guy" looked at me again! What's the deal!

Dang it, this is a small town and a lot of people were in the audience. What if "this guy" turns around and tells me to "shut-up?" My husband probably knows him for sure and I was getting real embarrassed and more anxious. Oh no! The thought came to me..."I could even know him!"

The credits started at the end and I was relieved to take-off (eh) but my leg was swollen and I needed help. "That guy" passed by me and SMACKED ME! Right on my arm! I was freakin' out. My Thought: "Don't you know Mister, that I have a handicap sign and everythang?!" The nerve! I thought about running (Hahahahaha) after him and smacking him back, but I heard a very familiar laugh. It was Sally Cook--good, good friends of ours. Rick Cook was "that guy" and they were there at the movie with Steve's Fire Chief and his wife, Laura. They were cracking-up...Did they see my face? I was going to get-in-his-face and say, "You wanna' piece of me?" "Here!" "Take my leg!" j/k but, I promise, I grew-up with that corn-ball, guy. My mom was on the police department with him. We were in 4-H together. Why didn't he tell me who his was?

That's not the first time he's done that to me. Oh....way, way worse. Yes, it was when we were in Mupu 4-H. Mrs. Burleson was our leader and we had to wear our uniforms to all the meetings. The girls wore skirts and hose, even. All of us wore white.

One night around October, I was in charge of the refreshments and had to leave a little early to the kitchen to get the treats ready by myself. I think Mupu has a basement or big crawl space because a person has to go up stairs to get into the school. It had a tiny kitchen where Mrs. Burleson made the best lunch food in the whole world. There were two windows high up for ventilation in the kitchen. They were very high-up, so high that you need a ladder to look out of them in the kitchen and maybe a 12 foot ladder to even get to the bottom of the windows to clean them on outside.

Okay...I'm mixing Hawaiian punch. It was a concentrate and needed water and I was using the old sink below the windows and look-up and there's a man/boy's face smashed against the window, looking at me. Now, mind you, the meeting is still going on and I'm in the kitchen screaming like I burned my hand-off.

Everyone stops. I come-out of the kitchen covered in what looked like blood. I'm crying and couldn't even tell anyone what happened. You know that cry, where you sigh over and you're REAL UPSET. Two young men came sonderin' into the classroom, and I'm standing there dripping Hawaiian Punch all over the floor. Mrs. Burleson didn't say a word. Cleaned me up as best as she could, and then made the punch and gave-out my cookies. I made them from my cooking class with Mrs. Dickenson's. hahaha They were pan sugar cookies. I hate 'em. I won't elaborate on that.

I called my mother and she came up to get me. I didn't eat, or talk, or say bye. But... I punched Rick Cook in the arm as hard as I could on the way out. I guess being smacked lightly in the movies, was just a "tap of payback" for just a practical joke. Nothing like me to over-react!

BTW: Our family had two Dry Cleaning shops. Hawaiian Punch is hard to get out, but Skeeter my grandpa's best spot-cleaner, ever, knew the formula and I was able to keep my skirt and shirt. And...that's good, because I made the skirt in 4-H, too, and loved it. It was the first thing that I had ever sewn.

Yes, Steve, it was white, with a side zipper and lined (thank-you very much...whew!) and I made my collar (I still have my original collar and my hat) also... I was wearing the cutest blouse ever, it had a peter-pan collar with puffy-sleeves that had and very neat little band around the bottom of the sleeve. I had a crush on Gary Rafferty, so that "over-the-top" embarrassing reaction pretty much made me I'll like Scott Lee. Hope he doesn't read this, he lives in Fillmore. 4-H Memories.


jenkinsfamliypost said...

rick cook smacked you!!!! I will get him for you. :)
glad you went to the movies. widh i could have been there but i was out looking for bad guys with steven. we found one but he got away.

Susan said...

It was more like a quick firm pat...don't get him..he just scared the "Dickens out-of-me." That would been an even funnier saying if I used "Chickens" instead of "Dickens" Hahahaha.

Bad guy hunts--stay home with your "motts" Both of you guys could wind-up in a bad situation. I get scared every time you go! Thanks for being tuff for me! lymi bunches. Mom

The Knappy Crew said...

I cant believe after the whole movie you still didnt know they were there. Hahaaha That was funny mom!!

Breeda said...

Reading this is a Mupu School Deja'vu!!