Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Empty Nest This is Where It All Gets Scary

The Last, Kiely Is Going To College
Do I want her to go? Easy answer: "No!" She has spent all her scholarship money and steer auction money on her education at three different community colleges. Some courses are still unavailable to her because incoming freshman always get first shot at Spanish and English 101. Not nice, actually since she has 86 transferable credits and since she has to have those two classes for graduation from junior college and to transfer to the state college it makes transferring difficult, but...well...she can still do it. Kiely is actually trying to get into a college not far from where Dave and Larin are going to live soon. She hopes to get housing, but they are planning for her to live with them just in case she doesn't receive a scholarship for the shared housing. Kiely has a strong "B" average and lots of leadership experience. We are going to send them a real example of being a well-rounded individual with a determination of all her sisters and brother, combined. She wants to learn so bad and loves school. Wow! If I only had that will-power when I attended school.

Kiely tells us all the time that Heavenly Father didn't want her to attend Cal Poly like her grandfather. I thought that not going up there to San Luis Obisbo or to U.C. Davis would break her heart. She has been disappointed with stories from so many new freshman that come back from BYU of stories (completely just stories, but she does want the LDS atmosphere) BYU isn't what they expected, and it was too huge to really acclimate. The weather, no friends, small town girls get confused....no Animal Science Department to speak of, and a great way to be lost in the shuffle. Small town girl hitting Provo would be like downtown Los Angeles with the same very fast cars, but super slippery and foggy. I think she made a wise chioce. She's excited that the school seems to fit her perfectly.

The tuition for an out-of-state person to attend any Utah school is about $8,000. Steve and I are still taking her up to the school this weekend and try very hard to attend General Conference, also.

Kiely has only seen Utah through a young babies eyes and tells us that it looks like an old sepia-type photo, even the lights on the Temple. Yes, we were only there in the darkest part of winter. What Kiely saw was white, browns, grays and black. She can't even imagine that it is as pretty as her Grandma Dune describes. Sooooo, here she is wanting to go to an upstanding school that has great discipline like an LDS religious school. She could study her chosen major in a smaller environment. She already knows some students that are going to the same school when she goes as a junior.

Is it weird for a mother to not want her to get accepted yet? I couldn't stand for her to be disappointed again. I am absolutely sure she could get in, if we had the money. It's all gone. Everything we saved for this day has gone to other priorities and the economy. Does she dare get a loan? We will have to do this like we jump into anything. We will have to rely on turning this over to the Lord and not worry. If she gets in and starts, maybe things will come for her to keep her there, or on to the next chosen college... that she's aiming for at this time. She has followed the advice of the Church leaders to attend local schools first, and then continue after accomplishing that goal. Kiely is ready.

This whole thing makes me "sigh" and then feel lonely. I'll miss her silly laugh and still running down the hall, practicing tap dancing on my living room floor, and trying to out-scream Tatum. And Sahara and I will miss her, "SSSSaaa---hairrrrr---aaaa," high pitched "hello" to her horse every morning.

P.S. From all the errors in my grammar, spelling, and verb agreement, etc. you can sure tell I didn't do much in college! Yes, all this school stuff rattles me completely.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old Old Journal File Just For Bree & My Kids

I wrote this when my kids were young I think the date was 1990. Dot Matrix printer and funny graphics. It was one of the first programs we bought and it was for our Commodore 64 and when we got a new computer and upgraded it was a small floppy disk that held just a few more graphics and they were in color and also a lot easier to see...yyyeeeeaaaah...these aren't them. Oh well.

Reaching tall grow the Hollyhocks,
Begging for sunshine there.
Where there are only stones and rocks,
And none will water care.

Leaves round like hands and cupping so,
blossoms pink and shiny,
larger than one could ever know

Each petal calls to me,
At the garden gate I stand stern.
Reluctantly I pick O'vr the Hollyhock bloom, I turn.
Dancing ladies twirl, kick.

I'm always tempted and I do,
Pick one blossom to see,
A Hollyhock Lady or two,
To set the flower free.

A Wish to be a child of ten,
And picking Hollyhocks again.

Later. March 8, 1991

Today, I have a bunch of wild kids over to teach singing and to again work on our Easter Primary Songs for Sacrament Meeting. The song is about Joseph Smith and Gospel and very hard to learn. It's called, "On A Golden Springtime."

This has to be the hardest calling in the Church or at least I have ever had. I get sick just walking in the side door and so scared of my mistakes. I'm at home and it's still hard. Maybe this is harder. The kids make my time such a mess physically, mentality, and my whole house turns upside-down.

I hope when this day is over I will be able to say it was worth it

It is a beautiful day
and everything
seems to be
starting to bloom.
I really feel like
starting a new garden.

Little Kiely has just undone my whole entire living room while I wrote in my journal. All that I have worked on for 5 hours to make my house beautiful, is completely gone. What a mess-maker. You gotta' love her!


The Program went WONDERFUL, I remember! Not because of me because I feel in programs at Church seem to have Heavenly Father's blessings and little angels backing up my choir. I learned that even if something odd happens it makes the program more memorable and everyone would chuckle in the congregation. It was beautiful. It was WORTH IT!

Be a Primary Song Leader and stay in long enough to learn the songs. That Primary calling became my absolute favorite calling and I did it over 20 years all combined. (I was released and put back in a couple times)

I can't sing. I can't hold a note or hit it right. I've made hundreds of mistakes. And the children loved it and looked forward to me making a mistake. I even got to the point of being able to sing the song without the children, so they could learn the tune. A little like Karaoke. Yikes, that's a scary thought.

And Kiely is my "worker bee" around here. She does everything for me while my leg is mending. Young Women taught her to cook every Sunday night and now she's an expert. Cakes and cookies were a big hit, but her baked chicken, she won't tell me how she makes it, but it's yummy.

I have to say all my girls and my son really work hard. It's not easy to do the things you have to do when the kids are growing. Dustin learned housekeeping on his mission. It cracked-me-up that he had crepes so much. (Our eggie pancakes from my Great Grandma McKean.) Well, that's better than fried bologna that Steve had. I like regular bologney sandwiches with mustard, but NOT fried. Is fried bologna only in Oklahoma and Arkansas? Or, is it a traditional missionary meal? Bree, you don't eat that do you?

Serious Stuff All Family Bloggers Need To Know

I made my blog open, but I feel inclined NOT to post my grandchildren and put them up on a post in a different place for my family and friends. Please read the explanation on this blog. It really scares me. My one little grandchild was copied hundreds of times, one picture in particular. She was completely dressed and eating watermelon on her back stoop. Darling, darling photo. It was copied by people in the Netherlands, Germany, Micronesia, and Thailand. Why? I'll never know. They did leave their IP address on computer.

I disabled my right-click copy, but even I, know how to get around that. Please, please don't copy my words or photos. It makes me so sad. Here's the website and it explains my reasons very well.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Dad and Summer Memories. Gene Wellman

Model T Ford with Compound Low. I learned to drive in that Big, Flat-Bed Truck. Dad Is Building The Large Roping Arena In Our Backyard.

Mondo's, Faria, Rincon, We Called It: The Cove

My Dad and I, Almost 58 Year Ago

Tressa wrote this poem out in the meadow near the creek for her Grandfather in 1990. She presented it herself at Grandpa Gene Wellman's funeral:

Sad is the feeling, deeper it goes
through your heart then to your toes.

Pain is real and remorse is strong
The times that we spent, the seasons so long.

Smiles and frowns, heartaches and joys,
Christmas with packages, so many toys.
Ponies and saddles, bridles and boots,
Horses and gallops and a big gun that shoots.

Tractors and fence-post so straight,
pitchforks and the long hours he worked so late.

The love that he shared, the stories he told,
The smiles he brought to the young and the old.

The animals that love him and followed him,
And brought such glee.

We really do love him, all of us, you and me

By Tressa Lazenby Saviers 2-20-90

Thursday, September 10, 2009

End of Summer Fun With Everyone. Disneyland

Gerry and Julia
Luana Lindsey Soaking Up Some Rays by the Pool

Susanna and Holly

Susanna and Natalie

Kiely Pill

She was trying to look cross-eyed
...almost, but don't do it! They'll stay that way!

Right-out Our Window North Porch


Marnie and Dallin and Me on the Right


Dallin and Adree

I'm a bit behind in my posting, not because of my leg, or Facebook... lol, or wasting time, or even too busy, my really big computer that I do all my posts.... have all my pictures, and that's the computer that helps me maintain my websites. It now has developed a monitor problem. I do back-up all my files, but without being able to see what's there....it's impossible to try and update. The monitor will be going to the computer doctors tomorrow.

Our summer has been so fun. It's been a mix of activities of all my children and grandchildren busy all around me. There have been really well-planned activities at church and I feel I have been blessed so much by the Priesthood Blessings that I've received and also our own prayers and by the attendees of the Temple. I started swimming again with my visiting teachers. Wow! They are so good to me.

Funny that the exercise coincides with a new program one of my crazy fitness daughters have just started. Jackpot self-improvement. It consists of $10 join fee and support and meetings. Points are awarded on the integrity clause. We are not only are we going to get fit on the outside but have set spiritual goals as well. It has gotten around church that we're doing this and it now it isn't just our family. I am already behind....the winner may receive a bunch of money, but I'm going to get a new me with good legs. Better reward.

I think stuff like this always starts with September for us. It's like being the month of starting new. Like school and change of season. We all do this fitness deal because we all want to better ourselves at the Disney Marathon. I have basically been the photographer--but I will make it soon and really walk the marathon.

Yeeeeaaahhh, hanging out at the Grand Californian Hotel near Labor Day. What-A-Life! The marathon at Disneyland to me is a tribute to Grandpa Doug, who was a great athlete and couldn't walk for many years of his life. There's a brick in front of the gate with the Lazenby name and a gold coin pressed in the cement and was presented to him not too long before he "walked to heaven."
Starting Gate

I want to say all of us run the 1/2 K or the 5 K but, it's only the family that are in town or near Southern California go and we all participate, even if it's just cheering on everyone else. Larin, is a life-coach and has a degree in (I hope I get this right) Physical Trainer. She wasn't there this year because she just had baby Finlee and the Arkansas Watson's watched via webcam on the Matterhorn ride.

The whole event was all well-planned..Luana sets-up the room where we stay and she's so good to us. She's the one that makes this possible and we appreciate her more than anyone could ever imagine. We stay at the farthest room with tons of suites attached. It's as big as a whole house. All of us have never stayed on the south wing, but almost every suite on the north-east side. The rooms overlooking the Brother Bear area and the Grizzly ride are so pleasant with birds singing all night and the waterfall. Oh, and the pine trees smell so good. Lately....we've been staying above "Downtown Disney" and "California Adventure" It's a long, long area with lots of porches all connected. It smells like caramel popcorn and we can see all the beautiful fireworks easily from the porch or from the windows. I love this area. Best of all I'll see the runner-family from our room.

I think she planned this room because it does have the run path go right by. And.... I had a movie camera. I wrote this whole announcing spiel from like, the Del Mar or Santa Anita Horse Race Tracks.

"This heat for the "gold medallion" this year includes well-known names of up and coming fillys, mares, and stallions and a couple geldings. The participants are: Red Roan (Steve Jenkins), Mookie-Face (Marie Jenkins), Bratsky and Mott (Marnie's two oldest kids), Old Dude (my husband, Steve, Tinsey Fingers (Luana Lindsey) Randy Man Poser (Kiely's friend, Randy West)
Jessica Simpson (Kiely) a Quarter House filly that runs like crazy (sometimes) and has nice hindquarters, but tacky tack." Remember Kiely you hated your outfit! Just want the cousins and aunts and uncles that I had names for you guys, too. Just ask me...Hunka' Jim, Di Di, Holly Molly, Oh Susanna, Ger Bear, etc.
Gold Medallion

...."And here they come around the corner and onto the stretch. The filly is distracted by the water feature and wants to play. Coming into this race her handicap was HHHD (Hidden Horse Hurry, Hold-on Disorder). Yes, Jessica Simpson is being distracted by the water oasis and wants to blow bubbles in the water." Wait, do I have that disorder?

Sooooo... I'm looking at the recording on the camera and dang I didn't hit the "record" button twice. Yep, I have it. HHHD I didn't get the race on the camera, no recording. The group passed and I could hear already the first placers coming back from the finish line. Chipmunks!

I wish I had done some reading or had Steve tell me how to take movies. I thought the movie camera was like our old video camera. It's not at all the same hahahaha except you can flip it around too fast and the movie watching can make you dizzy. Also, lots of ground is covered, literally.

Look In The Left/Center and Under
The Golden Star is My Steve

I saw them tho with my own eyes running their hearts out; and I'm glad they took pictures of themselves running with the Disney characters along the way. I know it's hard to believe we're all doing this and our family (cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles) all work on their times and plan to beat next year the time that they recorded for this years event. Steve works out by running either in the station or around the blocks by the fire station. My Steve runs to a Rolling Stone song that is paced perfect for him (he tries not to think about who sings it) Anyway, its: "Jumping Jack Flash." Just kidding...It's: "Start Me Up" and that song is perfect! I even know all the words and I put it on the last of my "Playlist." and you'll see what I mean about the timing of the song.

I met everyone after the race at the concierge to eat, then shower and then go swimming at 9:00 am. Yes, it was super hot and humid already. I didn't feel it, I wasn't outside and running and had the air-conditioning going full-blast.

All of My Family Looks Great!
Thanks Susanna For The Wonderful
Marathon Pictures!!! I Love You!

I had a motorized vehicle for my damaged knees. This time I had it, the scooter was from a contractor with the hotel and I could use it anywhere. And this time it was the luxury model. It was as big as a Hummer and fast enough to drive on the road. Dang scary! I certainly wasn't prepared for this! I had just gotten used to the other style and could efficiently move about without disaster. I only ran-over my grandson in the California Adventure Winery and I have an excuse. It was dark and the scooter had no lights. This fancy scooter is way, way different.

The Hummer scooter is wider and deeper, faster, slower, with lights and signals and it goes so fast it has a speedometer. It's a good thing I started-out in some training with the smaller models. I would have maybe maimed someone if I didn't have some prior experience....as it is...this is so huge it doesn't fit through a regular door with the arms down. I felt like a race car driver in the Indy 500. Oh, and getting in the elevators were like...."being pulled through a keyhole front-ways" and then "destruction derby" backing out.

If you ever have the inclination to look inside of the Grand Californian Hotel floor plan it will show you "mazes" of hallways and there are more than any other hotel I've ever been to in my life, including a cruise ship. Okay, so far I've had numerous incidents (crashes) with the new scooter. Right-off, I ran head-blast into the door of an unopened elevator and broke the basket off. I tried to run over a waiter. He actually cussed-me-out in Spanish and I knew every word he was saying. Yes sir--re! I live in a Latino town and cuss-words are about what I know best... but I DON'T USE THEM!!! I PROMISE!!! I almost called him Gordo because he took up all the floor space, but I was kind and didn't say anything except I was so sorry. Yes, it was my fault. Steve then took the wheel and guided me into the elevator.

Torilla Joes
Great Service
Mean Busboys

I noticed as I go along in the quiet halls the scooter makes this ARRRKKK, ARRRKKK, ARRRKKK, noise as the wheels cycle. Steve said it probably needs new brakes. Great! That's comforting!

I was doing that usual weird noise and some dude at the end of a very, long hall looked back at me. He gave me a puzzled look, I think, so I decided I was going to catch-up to him. I was going at least 20 miles an hour and then right behind him, right on his rear. He started walking faster and I went slower, but right on him. It bugged him bad. You know those kind of dudes that won't let a women pass you on the freeway. Well, he took off running and guess what? I took off going super rabbit speed and you should have heard the wheels....just one long, "ARRRKKKK."
hahahaha.... He ran even faster and luckily for him the elevator was open on our floor and he jumped it and hit the button closed. I got in pretty fast and when it opened-up we were on the same floor. I loved it! One look at me and he "booked-it!" The dude went into the men's restroom to hide. Or maybe he was running all that time to the bathroom. Nah....

I gave up and went out to meet everyone and go have dinner. It was dark after the Tortilla Joes meal and me getting cussed-out in Spanish. A whole bunch of USC football players were right behind us (me) and it was really crowded. I was in extra slow-mode and being very careful. It wouldn't be a good idea to make Steve completely exasperated with me. I was with my whole family and it was hard to navigate. I could hear those football guys talking behind me. One of them said, "Hey Jack, you're way to close to that lady in the scooter." "She's gonna' stop and you'll just fall right on top and then you're down, man!" "She's just like my momma!" Just a few steps later... my family reminded me about the fact that I had headlights and without my glasses I couldn't see the switch...and drive at the same time. Guess what? I stopped suddenly. Yes, the guy fell on top of me a bit like the domino effect...maybe 5 went down all together. I told them I was sorry, I didn't have my glasses, and it was crowded...blah, blah, blah... and I was trying not to stop like that because I heard their conversation, but I got distracted, more blah, blah, blah. The one that ran into me said, "It's okay." and they kept on walking, but quickly around ME. And...I could hear the really big guy said, "See? I told you...she's just like my momma!" I think he intentionally said that for my ears because it was loud. :)

That problem was... I'm sure, from maybe short-term memory loss. My family came at once to my defense "Yeah, she doesn't know how to drive at all and she should especially not drive at night in large crowds." Thank you, guys! The moral or lesson of this rant on my wonderful, and it was wonderful, scooter is: "Don't drink and drive" j/k Well, I couldn't really even drink anything and drive, I will not make U-turns, and never, ever in elevators, and when I'm on a mission.... drive slow because no one can keep-up. Another important rule is to keep Steve at my side at all times for helping me do defensive driving or blocking.

So after a interesting off-road experience that was incredibly fun, I went swimming and swimming, keep swimming, keep swimming, until one of my grandchildren pooped in the pool and they shut it completely down.
OOPS! Wrong information!!!!...
Marnie's Steve was j/k and I thought it was from my babies. Watch what you say to me, 'cuz it might end up on my blog! We did tell the kids the staff was looking for DNA. I loved the hot tub next and so did the rest of the gang. It was crowded and cozy...

Fun Times

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Leeches!...Some Snakes. I'm A Lying Sack Of Horse Muck

Well, I have been bored for weeks or in a drug induced stupor from my fall through our porch. My leg has been raised above my heart for weeks. My shin is still filled with mess and very hot with infection :( I had to do something other than just write notes on Facebook. I was not going to do the fake farm game on Facebook, when I have a real farm and real animals and real plantings that need my attention. I'm not getting more animals like an fake aquarium, fake rain-forest, or the other virtual Mafia Wars or Farm Town. I'm not.

But, when my kids were little I told them all kinds of stories and entertained them for hours. Mostly because we didn't have TV. I thought, "Why not just make-up a story and make it exciting and ugly?" So... the following story is somewhat true.... Yes, we had a snake, yes, the horses fought, yes, I did run amok in Walmart. And yes, I laughed hard at the reponses I got from all the Virtual Make-believe players on Facebook. Sorry... you were just MY entertainment. I love all my friends and don't be mad. This probably won't be the last story. But....It really wore me out. One too soon would just take me over the edge of reality. "The Twilight Zone" and not the Vampire one ( I wish!)

Real Pacific Coast Rattlesnake That If It Bit Me With My Heart Problem I Would Really Die! Honest!

I wish they got the picture of its head, really--just too scary and Steve had to do it fast
(later note that I didn't know: There is no head on this rattlesnake, Steve already shot it off! Yuck! And that's why there's not much more to show except, well ... you know)
There is this man we give all the rattlesnakes to from Hollywood and then they release them. The guy went on vacation the rattlesnake was getting meaner and the grandchildren more curious. Too Scary! We can't wait anymore this time. It's gotta' go.

Great Great Grandpa Wellman's
Favorite Rattle Snake Gun

Shot It!


Susan Wellman Lazenby thinking that we have a very mad rattlesnake--it didn'T eat the mice (they're both dead in the cage) and the dude that wanted the snake went on vacation. What now? Can someone lend me a gun with birdshot? I VANT TO KILL IT!
You could take it out in the boonies and let it loose. They do help keep the rodent population down. Just make sure to run fast when you open the cage;)
August 26 at 1:17pm
Yeah, what Karen said--they're really good creatures, just not near our houses!
August 26 at 1:19pm
take it to GRIMES CANYON where there are no homes for miles. ( :
August 26 at 7:07pm
Find a local drug dealer and put it in his mailbox!!
August 26 at 10:31pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
Now, I like that one! But.. since said it on facebook my son-in-law would have to arrest me for terrorism.Sheriffs!!
I bet your son n law would be afraid to arrest you! Lol!
August 27 at 8:57pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
is happy it's DEAD---you silly tree-huggers! Scared me soooo bad..I almost threw-up! Can u imagine me driving with an escapee rattlesnake in my car? Grimes Canyon, yeeeahhh...I can even imagine my FJ looking like a liittle Tonka Jeep at the bo...ttom. yeeehhh, like "snakes on the FJ." Yes! I'd bail and the fall would kill me.
Susan you made me laugh out loud...and spew water..
August 27 at 9:03pm
Bree Lazenby Watson
where are you? I call and call and no one ever answers......miss you Mom!
August 27 at 9:14pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby

oops...sorry! Danger Ranch IS NOT GETTING SAFER! We had a full on 4 horse fight today--I bet on the winner and Banner, the witch won...me too.

freaked my husband out---WE LOVE BARBED WIRE! New project: Banner is grounded to jail time, and the fence is getting replaced.
August 27 at 9:17pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
Broken phones--I gotta' new battery today and works now. cell is 000-4013. (NOT MY REAL NUMBER, BUT YOU KNEW THAT) It's right next to me and I found out today the phone doesn't well as a mouse. By-golly! You'd think I would know the difference!
August 27 at 9:48pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
waitiing for her husband's tobacco cocktail (poltice) for my leg. Okay... antibiotics aren't working. Great Grandma McKean's Remedy book is now my source for healing. BTW...I' still taking the pills. What can tobacco do to you if ...you don't freakin' smoke it? Acccccckkkkk! It smells like burnt hair!!!
Friend: likes this.
Hope your leg gets better- sorry to hear you are not feeling well.
Susan Wellman Lazenby
hahaha I fell through the porch...I know know for sure...I on a major diet.Thanks for the kind thoughts!
Owww that sounds painful!!! hope your recovery time is quick.
Susan Wellman Lazenby is watching Steve gently attaching sterile leeches to my bad leg. Fed-Ex brought them here at about 5:00 a.m. They're from Ecuador--you can buy anything on the Internet! Soooo...that's the latest news from Danger Ranch.

Man Friend and Friend like this.
Who are you people ?????
August 28 at 8:57am
Susan Wellman Lazenby
It doesn't hurt at all and they look like slugs, but don't move all around. Cool!
August 28 at 9:04am
Susan Wellman Lazenby
It's not bad really, just the white bedsheets looks like I had a GI leak.
August 28 at 9:08am
LOL! I hope you don't plan on posting the photos of it on facebook!! Haaaaaaaa!!
August 28 at 9:12am
what a picture that would be lol
August 28 at 9:21am
Susan Wellman Lazenby
Just to let everyone know... I really feel guilty about killing the snake, so I'm making a commitment right now, to set the leeches free in the Santa Paula Creek. I have to make amends.
August 28 at 9:27am
LOL!! You are definitely my source of entertainment on facebook Susan....I love it!!
August 28 at 9:31am
What - we don't want leeches in SP Creek, do we? At least I don't.
August 28 at 11:03am
SUSAN!!! That would be terrible! What if you start some kind of leech colony that takes over! Noooooooo! Also...Luana's statement was perfect. :)
August 28 at 11:04am
Man Friend:
I want pics! lol
August 28 at 11:07am
Just say no to introducing a new species into an environment. It could become invasive. LOL. Can you tell I just finished Biology? :) Susan, your posts ARE a hoot tho! :)
August 28 at 11:31am
PLEASE don't release a non-native species into the creek--that would NOT make up for the snake incident! Do some extra recycling or wash out and reuse some ziplock bags--that would be a better way to make it up! And I hope the leeches work--how wonderfully medieval!
August 28 at 11:35am
Susan Wellman Lazenby
okay they are going in lake piru
August 28 at 12:31pm
Bree Lazenby Watson
It is odd that everyone is so concerned about the environment and not saying any thing about my Mother wanting to attach blood suckers to her body.
hahaha...just sayin'....
August 28 at 2:14pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby is wondering if leeches get in your eyes? I might have bad dreams..
August 28 at 9:31am
August 28 at 10:35am
Susan Wellman Lazenby
you'll have to read my previous posts...
August 28 at 10:43am
Susan Wellman Lazenby Ya'll wanted to see the leech mess...I can't take a picture of the leeches because they'll dry out. Steve has this holey wrap on them(Really, the tobacco poultice leaked through the suran-wrap----shhhhhhh! I didn't post that information on Facebook.)

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You are way too funny!!
August 29 at 11:05pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
IS SPINNING!! WHO RATTED-ME-OUT ABOUT HE LEECHES? I thought Facebook was secure! The FBI is coming to my house to talk to me about transporting So. American leeches to the US. I'm outta' here and going to an undisclosed Walmart location. I... didn't know you need some kind of license! Marnie! Don't tell them anything! I'll be very upset--you didn't call your husband did you? Bye--we maybe on a TV police chase. I've got to go to subway and stop long enough to put on some make-up.
August 28 at 11:51am
Larin Lazenby David Knapp
Run mom run, seriously I just saw fish and game heading your way!!!!! They drive a blue prius and they are wearing hemp clothing.
You are going to prison. I will visit you often, well often enough, I think!
August 28 at 12:06pm
Larin Lazenby David Knapp
P.S. Have you ever seen Jack-ass the movie. Steve-O puts leeches in his eye-balls. What a jack-ass, not you mom, him.
August 28 at 12:07pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
oh goody ! yakkkkkkk cough...cough
August 28 at 12:12pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
ok..thanks for the update..we are going to chill a bit at subway i'm not ready for a car chase. i need to do my make-up
August 28 at 12:19pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
noooo...this was all per doctor discussions
August 28 at 12:21pm
A little too much vicadin, hmmmmm??
August 28 at 12:33pm
ummm... kinda concerned about all this. i hope it is all susan's really good sense of humor...and there are no leeches..and there are no agents knocking at 'danger ranch.??'
August 28 at 12:46pm
I took it as she was really was using leeches for medicinal reasons (I've heard of this) but I did think she was kidding about releasing them LOL. Either way, her posts are interesting to say the least! :)
August 28 at 1:53pm
Well, I must say, interesting is one way to put it.
August 28 at 2:03pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
i'm almost to lake piru and i'm gettin' a little ansty - just saw fish nd
August 28 at 2:10pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
dang...they are stopping us can't run on this crowded little rd. i'm so poed!
August 28 at 2:17pm
Bree Lazenby Watson
I'm watchin' the news mom! hahaha
August 28 at 2:24pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
this is not good and the leeches are moving up my leg. I can't be cool...they see i'm hiding something
August 28 at 2:29pm
I'm taking you to the looney bin! Take off, eh
August 28 at 3:05pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
we got free...STeve flashed his badge and I quickly said, "My husband is doing a smoke check" He would never lie, like me.
August 28 at 3:25pm

"This should have been the tip-off that I’m a liar."

Susan Wellman Lazenby Confession time under severe threat of torture...actually....I've been mad at my husband for buying me Depends! I shouldn't have...it was a very large container of pens as in writing pens.
Marnie Lazenby Jenkins how are your pet leeches???? they look like they are doing their job. good luck. btw no one came here while you have been gone ;)
August 28 at 4:53pm ·
Susan Wellman Lazenby
Okay.... I did discuss the leeches with my doctor. I had blood pooling---he dismissed the leeches but "blood-letting" procedure he was considering. I got happy because the pressure was horrible...his filleting of my leg was mentioned and I ...freaked-out truth: Steve witnessed the conversation.
Susan Wellman Lazenby You'all have these virtual farms you guys harvest ...I'm laying in bed with my legs higher than my heart an I only got to hold Finlee 15 minutes total. I neeed adventure! BTW leeches wouldn't service our crik 'cuz there's NO water.
Farm Town rules too.
Susan Wellman Lazenby
Leeches rule!
August 28 at 6:34pm

Susan Wellman Lazenby
Lastly, I did go to an undisclosed Walmart and really didn't knock down, with the scooter, a round of clothes and run-over the greeter. I only laid-out a bunch of underpants and socks. and when I took back the scooter... the mean old man exclaim...ed, "WATCH-OUT!!!" and everyone looked at me.... like I needed Depends. If that old man greeter is there next time he better watch "His" back. I think we're the same age.
August 28 at 5:20pm
Friends: and 2 others like this.
Susan Wellman Lazenby
dang you Kiely for telling on me on facebook....and just so you guys know....the stain on my bed was a tobacco (gasp!) poultice....Steve already washed the sheets and made the bed. Not mad...kisses to him! ♥ ♥ ♥
Susan Wellman Lazenby
Still yearning for leeches, they have a new purpose in my life.
August 28 at 5:27pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
You guys can delete me if you want....no vicodin was involved today. HONEST!!!!
August 28 at 5:28pm
Vicodin rules.
August 28 at 6:29pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
okay...yeah u win..but my system is not working.
August 28 at 6:38pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
just received a note in my inbox from friend saying,"You are not a credible person to me anymore." Thank you! I always knew I was "incredible!" I'm trying to ROTFLOL, but.... I'm in bed with another tobacco poultice an...d it feels great! Lots of towels to save the bedding. FWI just had Alka Seltzer for pain--no more vicodin.
Friend: likes this.
If a "friend" told you that you are not a credible person...time to find new friends. And you are right..you are INCREDIBLE...and your so called friend can "pound sand"
August 28 at 9:10pm
Pound Sand--Now there's and oldie and I agree..
August 28 at 10:57pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
She didn't delete me---hahahha You think I'll ever be credible? Actually, in the end... I always come clean. I don't want to go to hell over my leech tale. Imagination RULES!! It helps my attitude when I'm Sooooo stuck.
August 29 at 7:59am
I'm going to start calling you Susan the incredible.
August 29 at 2:23pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
Oh, my gosh...Thank-you "Ashley the Wonderful!" You Are!
August 30 at 11:04pm
Susan! I hear the story about the leeches, etc. was not true. Did you _ _ _ about it?
I can't believe you would do such a thing. (You have daughters that talk, ya know).
Susan Wellman Lazenby
No! I didn't lie. I did get the idea at the Dr's office. But yes...I made the story up as the day went on. I had too many fun responses and I'm sooooo bored with my leg up. I did go to Walmart and that all was true & "big" disaster.. I really set my recovery back. I wanted to add more to the Leech Story, but my daughter's "ratted-me-out" I will always confess my stories at the end... and all my kids knew that...t.hey were concerned that I upset so many people and everyone would mad at me.
August 29 at 11:23pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby
You know this place is a bunch of virtual fairyland. There are even wars & farmtown. I would feel so guilty doing my farm town when I really,really need to be outside with the puppies or loving on the animals.

I hate missing Church. I listen to church songs very night to go to sleep and I love them Thanks for being easy for me to keep going. lymi Susan
August 30 at 12:02am
Susan Wellman Lazenby is just wondering if I've been banned from Facebook?
August 30 at 1:39pm
You'll always be my friend....
August 30 at 2:05pm
Heck no!! I would protest..you are my great source of entertainment!!
August 30 at 2:14pm
Bree Lazenby Watson
August 30 at 2:22pm
Agggh she does Rock..Always has!!!
August 30 at 2:25pm
Marnie Lazenby Jenkins
no, you just have to promise to keep being silly! :)
August 30 at 2:44pm
i agree with Marnie. Your posts the other day, Susan, were the highlight of my day! Keep up the good work!
August 30 at 3:54pm
Man Friend:
I enjoy your posts. they brighten my day.
August 30 at 5:21pm
Man Friend:

Kiely Lazenby to all of you who are friends of my mother on FB she was totally kidding about her pet leaches .. she is a little silly today. Do not worry about her introducing them to the creek.
August 28 at 12:17pm
whew! glad to hear she was jk! :)
August 28 at 1:12pm
I had a feeling she was kidding about the releasing of them..now I'm wondering if she really did order the leeches off ebay? :) Either way, your moms post always make me giggle :)
August 28 at 1:55pm
Whew! hahaha
August 28 at 3:16pm
Marnie did the same thing and "ratted-me-out." She deleted it so I wouldn’t see what she wrote

Larin Lazenby David Knapp: Thinks her mommy is pretty funny!! You are perfect for facebook entertainment. I loved to hear you cracking up today as I read a loud all the funny comments you got. Happy Leaching!

Susan Wellman Lazenby
thank u. I tried to read them yo Steve...but his face! (LIKE... NO YOU DIDN'T--flash my badge! Are you crazy?)

I was laughing so hard I was crying. Lots of folks looked at my mascara all over my t-shirt at Walmart. Poor lady in the stroller...if they only knew.
August 28 at 9:10pm

I was asked by my son if I was wearing "tin foil" hat. Though Larin's Facebook: Are You waiting for aliens?
I said: Susan Wellman Lazenby

Susan Wellman Lazenby just the usual metal headband...people don't lookat me weiird
August 28 at 6:42pm
Susan Wellman Lazenby

Susan Wellman Lazenby you do know we are connected to SETI on our computer TRUE....ASK KIELY...SHE HOOKED US UP!
August 28 at 6:31pm

Actually, now that I've read-up on leeches, I'm going to try some. Didn't hurt Demi Moore! There are images all over the Internet with the cosmetic improvements with leeches. See:

Demi Moore’s Medical Leeches

Susan Wellman Lazenby just freaked my family all out. Steve took me to the doctor at my app't@ 2:00 and I fell asleep listening to my Ipod and the crew there forgot me and the nurse saw me at 5:30 p.m. Air-conditioned, good music, comfy jeans to lay my head on. Whoa! Is my husband ticked?
Yesterday at 7:10pm

The End!