Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Have A New Grandbaby Finlee Luree and A Movie, Even.

Finlee Luree Knapp

Larin & Dave Knapp and Beautiful New Daughter!

Biggest Brother Dean Knapp and "spanking new" baby sister. (I don't think she was spanked! lol)

Jaxon Has Tons of Love For His Baby, Finlee!

Finlee has arrived from heaven. I wrote a few notes on an old ward bulletin from my purse... at the hospital:

I'm so glad we left Larin all those cheers on her blog because she had the baby this night. Her precious bundle came and we all were so surprised.....

Blogger Breeda said...

WOO HOO! Start the Cheering....come on everyone in the back! Let's hear it........ Push it out, shove it out, Waaay out!

August 20, 2009

Blogger jenkinsfamliypost said...

i agree with breeda! lets have us some baby! 'shake that thing, dubaduba shake that thing' get her out :)

August 20, 2009

Blogger Lady Dot said...

We're all excited to meet baby Finlee! You should look at It's updated AT LEAST once a day. :) I love looking at the cute & modest clothes. Hang in there!

August 21, 2009

Blogger Lazenby Family News said...

is wednesday par--tay time? you do look sooooo great and yes! you are dropped. i think i could be a great cheerleader Granny: S is for Super U is for Unique P is for Perfect,'cause you know you both are sweet. E is for Enthusiasm R is for Ready and packed So come on all you Knapp Fans! And Dang (clap,clap) stand back! no chucking stuff at the doc or window..okay? oh! h...e...double toothpicks! i'll bring you some rocks. Don't forget to bite your husband's face, again, either. Dave, you "NEED" to feel her pain! lymi! mom

August 24, 2009

Blogger Mark and Alissa Peterson said...

Scream and shout Scream and shout don't care how, just get it out! o. u. t. O. O. u. t. HEY! All right, I'll admit it. I was a volleyball player NOT a cheerleader. haha! Good luck and may she come speedily. Well, with enough time to get to the hospital and if you're me, an epidural too. :)

August 26, 2009

Blogger Heather and Spencer said...

I agree, no one updates their blogs often enough...speaking of, I want to see more pictures of that adorable little girl of yours!

August 26, 2009

Blogger jenkinsfamliypost said...

so you have been home almost 24 hours and i still do not see a blog post!!!!!!!! j/k let me know when you want a visit. i want to get my baby fix!

August 27, 2009

I'm so jealous of Larin's epidural! How sweet. I could have had as much fun having a baby! Larin just killed me. She was 10.3. Weird! 'Cuz that's her birthday, too. She was my only induced-baby and Jeanie, my best friend, started bawling on the phone when I told her that was going to be induced at the hospital. Little did I know.... it would just be one huge contraction and no pain killers.

Larin's experience was exciting, she had the adrenalin without the pain, and felt like a million bucks right after the baby arrived. It was extraordinary in so many ways. The big plus was that she was in shape from walking constantly. I barely remember walking....but I did a lot with her pregnancy. I remember I walked in the early morning, dark hours and we had a beautiful lunar eclipse. That experience was close to the end of my pregnancy and I thought about that beautiful moonscape to escape my pain. Like maybe...just send me to the moon.

I loved standing over there... listening at the door and listening to Larin's delivery of her little, baby girl...her first little cry and all of us huddled around the door with our thumbs up and trying to keep it quiet and not jump around like the excited fans we really are!

The baby was so prepared by Heavenly Father. Steve took a video of me holding the baby. I actually just came in and swipped Finlee out of Larin's arms. Finlee turned to each person as they spoke. Before we came inside Finlee was crying and suddenly stopped when she heard Dave's voice... and turned to look at him. How neat is that? We all are so blessed.

We looked here name up here at the hospital on Steve's tiny, tiny phone that has Internet. It means for a girl, "Sunbeam" in Irish OOPS! I mean Scottish, but her middle name, Luree, is Irish. There. And that... just quite describes her completely!

Go to Knappy Crew to see more pictures. Yikes! I have the movie!

Notice that my voice get really high after she smiles, it turns upside-down. She's probably thinking my high-pitch voice is a cry. Babies come to earth with a lot. And...we don't realize their gifts!

Great! Aunt Luana Lindsey (Steve's sister) and Finlee's Great! Grandmother, Dune Lazenby

My Sweet Husband and Finlee's Grandpa. Steve Lazenby

Me and Laid-back Larin ... Giggling In The Background.
I'm Granny Susan Lazenby

Aunt Kiely, Larin's Baby Sister, Holding Her New Cute, Cute Niece!


Breeda said...

This is great, Mom! Thank you for posting the video. This delivery sounds WAY better then Larin's first...watching Dad so worried outside the door. I love the times we have been able to have in welcoming babies into the family.

The Knappy Crew said...

So cute. I love the post. You were right. You knew she was coming out.I am glad you guys were there......very different than having a baby in another state.

Susan said...

I'll figure out how to copy it okay?