Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old Old Journal File Just For Bree & My Kids

I wrote this when my kids were young I think the date was 1990. Dot Matrix printer and funny graphics. It was one of the first programs we bought and it was for our Commodore 64 and when we got a new computer and upgraded it was a small floppy disk that held just a few more graphics and they were in color and also a lot easier to see...yyyeeeeaaaah...these aren't them. Oh well.

Reaching tall grow the Hollyhocks,
Begging for sunshine there.
Where there are only stones and rocks,
And none will water care.

Leaves round like hands and cupping so,
blossoms pink and shiny,
larger than one could ever know

Each petal calls to me,
At the garden gate I stand stern.
Reluctantly I pick O'vr the Hollyhock bloom, I turn.
Dancing ladies twirl, kick.

I'm always tempted and I do,
Pick one blossom to see,
A Hollyhock Lady or two,
To set the flower free.

A Wish to be a child of ten,
And picking Hollyhocks again.

Later. March 8, 1991

Today, I have a bunch of wild kids over to teach singing and to again work on our Easter Primary Songs for Sacrament Meeting. The song is about Joseph Smith and Gospel and very hard to learn. It's called, "On A Golden Springtime."

This has to be the hardest calling in the Church or at least I have ever had. I get sick just walking in the side door and so scared of my mistakes. I'm at home and it's still hard. Maybe this is harder. The kids make my time such a mess physically, mentality, and my whole house turns upside-down.

I hope when this day is over I will be able to say it was worth it

It is a beautiful day
and everything
seems to be
starting to bloom.
I really feel like
starting a new garden.

Little Kiely has just undone my whole entire living room while I wrote in my journal. All that I have worked on for 5 hours to make my house beautiful, is completely gone. What a mess-maker. You gotta' love her!


The Program went WONDERFUL, I remember! Not because of me because I feel in programs at Church seem to have Heavenly Father's blessings and little angels backing up my choir. I learned that even if something odd happens it makes the program more memorable and everyone would chuckle in the congregation. It was beautiful. It was WORTH IT!

Be a Primary Song Leader and stay in long enough to learn the songs. That Primary calling became my absolute favorite calling and I did it over 20 years all combined. (I was released and put back in a couple times)

I can't sing. I can't hold a note or hit it right. I've made hundreds of mistakes. And the children loved it and looked forward to me making a mistake. I even got to the point of being able to sing the song without the children, so they could learn the tune. A little like Karaoke. Yikes, that's a scary thought.

And Kiely is my "worker bee" around here. She does everything for me while my leg is mending. Young Women taught her to cook every Sunday night and now she's an expert. Cakes and cookies were a big hit, but her baked chicken, she won't tell me how she makes it, but it's yummy.

I have to say all my girls and my son really work hard. It's not easy to do the things you have to do when the kids are growing. Dustin learned housekeeping on his mission. It cracked-me-up that he had crepes so much. (Our eggie pancakes from my Great Grandma McKean.) Well, that's better than fried bologna that Steve had. I like regular bologney sandwiches with mustard, but NOT fried. Is fried bologna only in Oklahoma and Arkansas? Or, is it a traditional missionary meal? Bree, you don't eat that do you?


jenkinsfamliypost said...

i love the journal entries. you are such a great journal writer. i am not. but i am trying.

Laurel said...

SO GLAD that I can get back into your blog again!! You have been busy... Always a good sign:)

Breeda said...

Thank you Mo for this post! I have always loved you poems and all! and your journal it sounds just like something I would write!

I love and miss you BUNCHES!!!

P.S. No fried bologna for me....blah!!