Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Priesthood of God. Tanner Lazenby is A Deacon

My grandson, Tanner, the first to be twelve, received the Aaronic Priesthood recently. I know all the aunts and uncles wanted to be there. The room was full and there were maybe 11 children there. Steve is in his uniform because he was teaching a CERT class (Community Emergency Response Team) in Santa Paula. It took a real coordinated effort to get a substitute teacher for him to cover him while we went to Ventura Stake for the ordination. We pulled in the parking lot and Dustin was waiting on the steps. Right behind us, Kiely and Grandma Dune pulled-in and Marnie and her kids, and Larin and her kids...convoy...but it just looked that way.

Dustin looked so serious and focused on the ordination. He would only have two young men in his family to bless and pass on the Keys of the Priesthood. I think about the greatness of the moment it not only brings joy, but great hope, and responsibility. The Priesthood is real and the ordination, is one of the most spiritual blessings I could even attend. In no way is this ordination taken lightly or without great reverence.

Dustin has such a wise and wonderful, Bishop Larry Young.

Tanner received not only the Aaronic Priesthood but also a blessing and it was beautiful. I hope he remembers it always.

We took a few pictures afterward and Steve and I left quickly because he had to get back to class, pronto. It was hard to leave. Bishop Young is so right, in every way. Bishop Young's words of wisdom and love made the ordination ever more memorable, especially under the circumstances. We all were edified, uplifted, spiritually lifted, and our testimonies grew and love. It was just a small passing moment but... imprinted on my mind, as everyone in attendance felt the Spirit, and reverence, and the magnitude of the importance of The Priesthood is.. in our lives. All of the children felt it and were quiet as when the Prophet came in to General Conference.

Here's The Order and Line of Priesthood for Tanner Lazenby.

Tanner McKean Lazenby was ordained by:
Dustin McKean Lazenby
Who was ordained by: 
Steven J Lazenby
Who was ordained by:
J Douglas Lazenby
Who was ordained by:
Kenneth Tanner
Who was ordained by:
Samuel E. Taylor
Who was ordained by:
Orson F. Whitney
Who was ordained by:
Joseph F. Smith
Who was ordained by:
Brigham Young
Who was ordained by:
Joseph Smith
Who was ordained by:
Peter, James and John
Who was ordained by:
Jesus Christ

I'm so grateful I was able to attend that spiritual moment. Tanner passed the Sacrament for the first time on Sunday. Dustin was so worried about him. I remember the first time Dustin passed the Sacrament. The Young Men's President didn't give him any slack and put in on the center section, I understand, that section is the hardest to do. And Dustin, as I remember, did really well.

Tanner's first assignment as a Deacon, was passing the Sacrament. Dustin tried to take Sunday off, I mean..really tried. But with the flu and fire season...Dustin was mandated to stay at the fire station, as was my husband. Kiely took the Lazenby kids to Church and other family came. They all sat in the center. Jeff and Susannah are in the same ward and Susanna is Dustin's cousin. Jeff said he'd take care and help Tanner if he needed anything and would keep Dustin updated and he did. Of course, Tanner was assigned the center section, but maybe he choose it to be able to pass the Sacrament to his own family. It was reported from all our family, he did great.

Steve, Kiely, and I are really proud of you Tanner, and so is the huge, rest of your family. We love you.
We were able to see Tanner pass the Sacrament in the Santa Paula Ward. We have no deacons right now. Tanner was visiting to see Finlee's Blessing and he went to go help to pass the Sacrament. He passed it to our family. First time Steve and Dustin were able to see him. It made all of us cry. Steve's heart was especially full. (translation: lots of tears of joy)

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

great job tanner. we are so proud of you. you are such a wonderful young man. we love you!