Monday, October 5, 2009

Computer Troubles... But Loving Utah and Feeling Great

I'm back online, but we were celebrating disaster week at Danger Ranch: Three injured and one dead. No dead horse, sheep, goat, or chicken. It's my phones and my computer! The injured ones were real...Adree slipped-off the horse. Horse's fault..... and Dallin cut his finger. No details here on that sweet mess, but it just hurts me to write about it. Razors. The third injury was one of the horses. Steve's horse has decided to kick her feeder when it's empty. Nice mess and she hasn't learned yet that it hurts her leg.

Oh yeah......FROG DIES ALSO..SAME DAY...the fire sprinkler wires and early morning 1:30 am making the smoke alarm scream throughout the land. DEAD FROG. FRIED! Sorry Marnie, I forgot. Danger Ranch has interesting, crazy, every daze! Marnie's house, not mine. The mansion is not sits on Danger Ranch!

Okay..a couple neighbors and I were talking... and we found-out all of us that bundled our stuff, like...our phones, the Internet, and TV. It came to light that we must have bought them all at the same time. The big phone lines are shared.... and we are out of luck. Sweet. That made my husband furious, mainly because we all didn't have 911 and he was going to the city council to really "stir the mud" and I mean, really! He's the Disaster Specialist for the City of Santa Paula. We couldn't even call in a fire, get an ambulance, nothing.

Steve talked to the cable company and they said it will be a few days maybe 24 hours and still they didn't get it done. Steve did one more "mad march" to the cable company with the admonition that it better be fixed before Monday night, or they will hear about their inept service over channel 10 and in the newspaper. The cable guy was here in 1 hour.

I had so many plans to write about Conference, Kiely's college, the Temples, and my dear family.
And of course...squeaky cheese. You all know that squeaky cheese is a mistake. It's the cheese that gets too high in temperature too fast and it is lumpy and rubbery....just exactly like my whole family loves it. I make cheese, but I've only done that once--save the real "Beaver Squeaky Cheese" to Utah. It's special, it really is!

Funny thing when Kiely put the cheese in her mouth, and she's 20, she said exactly what she said when she was about 6 years old. "It feels like a bunch of mice in my mouth" and laughing hard at the same time. I thought she was going to choke. Yummmm.

Cache Valley Cheese

I wish we had complained about the phone and Internet earlier. We went along over 3 weeks without phone and Internet. TV worked, why could we get TV? Kiely, Steve and I had just come home from Utah and Kiely has all these beautiful pictures and I have so much blogging to do, so frustration just took over. Actually, my physical activity level went-up because I had to do my Internet at the Family History Center in Ventura and I did more of my aerobic swimming class...well, I just stayed and it's also relaxing. I really love that place and playing in the pool really tires me out. Wonderful! Really, I sleep like a little kid that has played at the beach all day. And I think that by working-out longer; I may have lost more poundage off my bod (Something that sneaks-up on me while tripping-out) That didn't sound like it was supposed to. I gain weight when we travel. How's that?

This picture just doesn't
look real--
like someone painted it.
Kiely took this beautiful
picture in Snow Canyon.

I love Utah!

More blogging very soon!

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

Danger ranch never rest huh? The important part is that no one got really hurt. (well except the dumb fried frog)
beautiful picture of the mountian.