Sunday, January 24, 2010

Overcoming Obstacles And Then Great Rewards

These Are My Boots!
I'm so spent, I REALLY BUSTED MY ABS on taking my rubber boots off. Don't ever, ever fill the boots at anytime with water while they're on your feet. I accidentally got water in them trying to keep our red heeler doggie, Darby, away from playing in the water. I was getting wetter from the dog and completely missing the horses' troughs. Darby loves the hose when crazy, fast water comes out .... It's like attack-time. My heart raced all night! One foot became covered with a big hicky-thingy! I miss my dear chore-laden daughter, Kiely, more than anyone could ever know!

I called my husband on the fire line at the station and wanted him come home to cut the boot off of me. I was afraid of actually cutting myself with the only scissors I have and they are very sharp. Fiskars, yeah, you know, skin would be no problem. My foot is still swollen today and my back, stomach, and knees hurt so much. I had this anxious, crazy fit trying to get it off my foot. I wasn't in a real hurry until it started swelling. I became very mad at my husband for laughing and not coming home to help me. I honestly was dialing 911 when I broke-out into this claustrophobic attack. The boot HAD to come off now! The boot-jack wasn't working. I almost tore my rubber boot off on that thing. I pulled so frantically hard! Finally, I stepped on my toes and somehow a little bit of air came out the heel area of my boot. I did it over and over and yes my toes hurt, too. (I hate blogs that are just rambling on, with old people talking about their aches and pains) This is super weird stuff, here. I am giving the blogging world an answer to this "stuck - rubber - boot - on - the - foot" problem. The way to release your foot is to smash your toes over and over. The air finally sucks in and VoilĂ ! Foot Loose! I would have danced, but I couldn't even stand-up straight.

I prayed for someone to help me with the chores on Saturday morning and night because I almost couldn't get outta' bed Saturday. I was scared. Heavenly Father answers even prayers that seem trivial and I was really troubled by the fact that I would probably fall down. The mud is sooooo deep, I have to use a walking stick for balance and check the depth of mud as I walk. I had the phone right next to me, because I really thought that I had burst a blood vessel in my head from the pressure of trying to pull that CUTE boot off of me. I didn't have a busted vein, but you know how the night puts crazy thoughts and dreams in your mind. I did have a headache.

My prayers were answered by my grandchildren that appeared on my doorstep bight and early because Dustin was called in for work, unexpectedly. The first words out of their mouth, no second, was.... "Can we feed the animals?" I looked at Heaven and said a "Thank you Prayer" right there. Wanna' know what the first question was? Can we play our xbox on your TV? All day I thought about how little this situation seems to everyone else, but me. I so needed them. I wasn't going to ask anyone, because the responsibly is mine, completely. THEY WANTED TO DO IT! I'm so blessed, I had even other grandchildren come and help me in the evening and grandchildren overnight, so I didn't feel so alone.

We come to today ... It's Ward Conference and I'm singing as part of a sextet, a song I've sang just a very few times. It's was a bit difficult, especially since I was late this morning and missed the practice before Sacrament Meeting. The Young Women sang a song arranged by our Relief Society President Karalee Johnson. I did manage to walk normal and sing okay. The best part is that I stood by the Bishop's wife and she has a beautiful voice and perfect timing. She's the teacher for the Young Women and they love her.

We had great, great talks. One I can give a reference, because it was taken by our Bishop from a talk given by President Monson's story of "The Wedge" or "The Peril of Hidden Wedges" wonderful lesson there and also President Jones talk on following our leaders. All were so excellent and I'm so glad I went today. I was worried about my gait and if I could make it up the stairs to the stand. Heavenly Father takes care. A little Adrenalin kicks - in and I couldn't feel my soreness at all. Great painkiller.

Young Women's was wonderful, as well. My own niece is on the Stake YW and I used to teach her right in that room. She looks the same but her message was so incredible. I love our new theme this year. Joshua 1:9

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

The Young Women General Presidency has provided us with new addition to our theme and to add to the virtue is the scriptural message

Have Courage: Lead Out in the Cause of Virtue!

President Elaine S. Dalton suggested a three-part commitment: daily scripture reading, prayer and smiles. Based on the teenage standards handbook For the Strength of Youth and the counsel from Church leaders, the young people were invited to make commitments for the upcoming year.

My heart was so glad to hear that message for us all. So simple, so easy, and my own children so love to smile. "Kiely, do you hear me?" Your goal to "Scatter Sunshine" even in the darkest days, is a goal you have kept for years. A smile can bring an unhappy countenance to one that is happy, if you keep it pasted-on long enough, right? Be sure and remember the other two very important goals.

Today's lesson in Sunday school was about creation and I shared my story about my grandchildren's private talk on the rain. One said, "You think it rains in heaven?" and the other one said, "Yeah!" very surprised, "We wouldn't see rainbows, if we didn't have rain." We've all marveled at the rainbows and double rainbows this storm season and what a sight to see them arch across the whole valley.

This is one of the views behind our house. There are almost no homes and we have these amazing mountains. The high coastal range of the Topas, Santa Paula Peak and the side of beautiful San Caytano. This picture was taken by the Fillmore Gazette.


Breeda said...

I am sorry those boots held you captive in torture! I am glad you escaped and your dear little Grandchildren came to your rescue.

I love you Mom!!!cor

jenkinsfamliypost said...

stupid boots! where are they??????
i am glad that the laz kids came to the rescue. you rock!