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Real Firefighter Sayings Old and New

Real Firefighter Sayings!

If you want more,
Here's the Link: Real Firefighter #2

I have to say first that firefighters are funny! Really funny! One time I came in the station where my son was doing a mask test. I watched for a while and then figured, "Why is he ignoring me?" So, I said "Why are you messing with the dummy?" Oops! New hire sitting really still. I'm so sorry Jessie, I really didn't look closely at you.
The dummy, or King Airway/Res-Q-Pod as shown below, sometimes is left-out of it's case. And ... Sometimes there's the whole practice body, on the floor and in the station bay with the fire trucks and engines. I left to go get a pop in the "bay area" and saw this fireman without much on, just sprawled-out on the floor. I was having dinner with the crew and I screamed really loud. Scared me so bad! The crew jumped to go rescue me and Steve said, "Oh... she just saw Resuscitation Annie or whatever her name is. Thanks Steve. Yes, he really knows me. I came back in and it was as if I didn't make a peep. Thanks for the rescue, it coulda' been a.....
"Station Rat."
(person that has nothing to do, but hang-out at the station and be cool)

My husband takes his duties and training at the fire house very seriously. There's really a lot of sayings that have been going around the department for years. No one will tell me. I just picked-up on a few. Most of the sayings are the great wit of John, the engineer. My son is great with his expressions, but they will not reveal because they can't remember. (right!)
Just in case you think this is when Steve was a volunteer firefighter putting-out fires in Hawaiian shirts, it's not. It was some neighbors and other houses were at risk, so the chiefs just put him up there on his engine on his off-duty day. Southern California firefighter, like the ol' days.

"Hope I don't see ya 'til mornin'!"
"Ain't done until the paperworks done."
"It's a guy, no it's a girl, no it's a guy!"
(fighting with yourself)

"It's a ripper!"
"See ya at the big one!"
"Stay safe!"
"Shoulda' Gone Before We Left!"

Great way to wake-up firefighter's "sleepwalking turn-out readiness"
Honestly, it does happen & Dollar Store horn wakes everyone up!

(no picture needed)

"If your hose line is short
or your pressure is low,
move your apparatus closer.
No drafting!"
"Corn, I don't remember eating corn!?"
"Look!" "Don't Look!"
"And That's Funny, Right There!"

This is all bathroom humor the middle quote was a sign since the 60's, maybe before and was taped to the men's bathroom wall.

"Try before you pry."
"Quit spinning!"
"We're Going In!"
"First In"

"Don't straddle the hose, ______!"
"Shut It Down!"
(Power, hose, leaving, etc.)
"Don't Run Over The Hose"
(motorist stops on the hose)
"Don't stop!"
(motorist just stops where they are, and not over by the curb)
"Pull Over!" "Grrrrr!"
(Yes, motorist again.)
(said going through a intersection with the engine
and on the wrong-side of the road, facing traffic)

"Stay out, deny entry, call for help."
" Engine__we're staging _________!"
Train Hard and Right!
(Don't want any visitations from "Above" to tell
the trainer, "It was you that
didn't train the firefighter!")

"Captain Crunch!"
"Just Go Sit in The Rig!"

The use of profanity is not used around my Captain Steve or Captain Dustin. Actually, if it's used in the fire house or at calls after a call. And around the public, they are on your case.

"Beans saved!"

"Who's cooking for us?"
(Where are we going to eat?)

"Post Code Seven Syncopal!"
(after eating code)
syncopal means: Google it! I can only explain....
it's like the firefighters mean, "eating so much turkey
they want to take a long nap"

"Truckies are a different breed."
"East Side vs. West Side"
"Mormon Firefighters Smoke!"

"Addresses in town are Sweven!"
(South and west even)

"Were Going!"
(New call just coming over the radio and station)
"Poaching Calls"
(Out of sector and at someone else's call first)

as in:
"First on scene!"
"Cumulus Over Timeless"
(Describing the large cloud of smoke.
Bush Fire Season overtime. That pays
for a long-needed refrigerator) I might
add it is said, and then it's scary stuff from then on.
Out To Eat Mexican Restaurant Never Can Get Enough "Hot" Sauce

"Shake 'n' Bake"
"Pee Often and Pee clear!"
Seriously? Seriously!
 'So, You Wanna' Play That Game?"

Never spray cold water on any of my guys
(lots in my family) You won't win!

(This is when a person is working
on a big fire with every muscle,
and then sit-down to relax. Ya'
wait too long and you become
all knotted-up and become sore.)
She's HOT!
That actually can mean one of two things:
The FIRE is hot literally or that girl/woman
is covered in tattoos and piercings, sarcastically.

My daughter with her Dad, Uncle John and Cousin Bryan

Kiely, my daughter, on a ride-along with her dad, Uncle John, and a Rookie. j/k Bryan. BTW ... Bryan, I know who put that decal on your truck. Zipped-lip.

Anyone reading the rest of the quotes in these paragraphs may have to look them up. I'm not explaining.
"Frequent Flyer"
"Code Brown"
(well, this is a sad saying. It's, "Dead Right There." No one wants to say the real thing.)
"Sheesh, he's looking at her like she's a rack of tools at Sears!"
"Hispanic Panic"
I almost didn't add this one and it should be Latin panic, like even to include Italians. It is a custom to be hysterical and hyperventilate actually causing a rise in blood pressure, tachycardia, etc. In the south, maybe it could be related to the "Southern Belle Swoon" were women faint out of panic or surprise, or embarrassment. I suppose low blood pressure. But the saying is used, treated and taken seriously.

***Just for reference: My daughter, Tressa was a dispatcher for Santa Paula Police and Fire, actually... just like my mom did. She said that "I" was going in the record book for the most hysterical (not funny) call she EVER received. I was crying and screaming and she couldn't understand me, but she knew it was her mother. Yeah, a neighbor kid or kids got in our barn and started an arson fire. It ruined a lot of real, awful, junk! I was sad about the big sycamore tree, but the poison oak, at the base...well it burned, too. I have "Hispanic Panic"...ask my daughters, my son, and my husband. Oh, and my mother.

This picture is lovingly titled,
"Captain Lazenby's Class Reunion!"

"There's medication for that!"

"Don't worry, I'll get it"
This is a sarcastic Captain saying to a rookie
to make him feel inferior. It works.

"No chief Friday"
"No chief weekend"
"Looking at my 4-day!"
"Call-in sick!"
"Sweep To The Freeway"
My husband is the maniac sweeper in front of the station.
Sign on Hydrant in our yard...
"Not Real and Not Connected"
"Dang, bossy husband! I just say...
"Yes sir, Captain sir!"
We're wrappin' it Up!
(meaning the shift is almost over
and the 4 day is just a sleep away)

Steve, Dustin, or Matt .... The phone's for you ...

"Out by locals"

My most embarrassing moment at the fire department was when Steve was a volunteer and we came to the station in a hurry and in our '64 Valiant convertible. Steve stopped and I was to jump-out and run over and drive out the back and carefully dodge incoming traffic. I flew open my door and my blouse caught on the door handle and ripped my shirt-off. Yes, in front of maybe 20+ firefighters. Don't tell me you remember!

Please add more sayings in my comment section. I would love to hear some more from other stations. Real sayings, but leave-out all naughty stuff. Not allowed. Thank you.

Here's the New Stuff-Don't Have a Clue Where It's From: March 10, 2011

Just Tell Me, Is Sitting On the Job A NEW Fad? 

What? You guys too Cold To Fight The Fire? Move and You'll Heat-up!
The Posers Gott'a Have Those Pictures At A Drill

Drills Are Perfect For A Bar-B-Que

Please Call 911

Is This Our Department? I'm Confused!

Turn Around! Clearly This is not Santa Paula or The U.S. for That Matter

Firefighters really save cats and dogs we have eight rescued cats at our house.
Sparky is Soooo Sweet with My Grandson, Jaxon

Sparky, Did You "Go With The Dark-Side?"

Way Better Than A Parking Ticket

My Favorite Firefighter Quote, EVER!
 Thank you All for sending me your pictures. My son has a camera on his helmet and as a Captain it sees lots of action. I'm going to "take-it" and get some real, nevermind...I don't want to see where he's been. I'm afraid of smoke and fire.

I really laughed at this web site a long time ago and it's on my bookmarks from two computers ago.

This site reminds me of all the years before Santa Paula became a full-time department. Yes, Steve and Dustin left me at restaurants, gas stations (while in the restroom) and especially at the grocery store without money! Oh, and responding to a call on a tractor! Coulda' been our tractor or forklift. I love that page, I hope my firefighter "picture link" works, still.

My son, Dustin Laz Capt. 82 West-side and My Husband, Capt. Laz 82 East-side

Put The Blue Stuff
On The Red Stuff
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