Monday, January 18, 2010

STORM WATCH 2010 My Videos Are Back, Fixed

G blogger videos Are Back

Yesterday I turned on my Playlist so that at least there we will music. The videos are back sooo Please if you watch the video, you'll have to turn the lovely music player off but hitting the II button to an arrow and that's located right at my Grandpa Joe's backside is located. (You know, on the horse picture) That will shut the music off.

Seems it never rains in southern California
Seems I've often heard that kind of talk before
It never rains in California, but girl, don't they warn ya?
It pours, man, it pours!
Song by: Albert Hammond (It's true!)

My Marnie just said, "HOLY RAIN STORM!" " I can not ever remember it raining that hard. Looks like it has eased up, so I am going to take out the trash while I can! :)"I think mom just took a picture from the kitchen door. it is a crazy rain storm. We have a bucket outside to measure and we are at 3.5 inches! I the creek is roaring. I love it!

My nephew-in-law said, "I'm loving the torrent! It's rare for here."

My Bree said, "It's sounds like Arkansas."

Kiely's friend Kelly said, "Seriously, I think there's a hurricane outside my house."

My other daughter, Larin Luree said, "Wow, Santa Paula is already flooded and we are not even to the worst of it yet. I better get my treadmill up off the floor in the basement or we will be up crap creek....or is it Knapp creek? lol

Okay then, "Pounded with rain and flooding from Knapp Crik!"

My thoughts are, "Did you know sheep swim?" "I thought with all the heavy wool would make them drown. But...they're just "sheep paddling" around in their pen. It's the fat, they just float. Einstein (the ram) is diving off the shed! Yes! That was a great belly-flop!"

Lilly got in the swimming action.

Actually, I noticed this outside...It's RAINING CATS AND DOGS. The News Team even broadcast that fact on the "Storm Watch News" so it's true. I whistle with fingers in mouth (very loud) and yelling, "Dallin, you're gonna' get bit!" "Enough, already!" "Quit calling the cats and dogs!"

Kiely asks me from very far-away, ""How much rain have you gotten way over yonder?" And it's snowing where she's now living and going to school. Very cold.

Curious thought, I don't have to fill the bird baths, water the lawn, or the flowers. The animal's pens each have large troughs and have magically filled to the brim.

I always wondered why we have so many cats and dogs. Yes, it is raining that hard, still! I'm very grateful the dogs live in the barn and the cats? I don't have a clue where they live, but there's a big bundle of them on my porch every morning for food, even "Scrappy The Wonder Kitty" She was partially eaten by a big ol' Barn/Screech owl. I think the little kitty probably got some good parts of the owl, too. Maybe a couple of toes.

My kinda' Video! Love This Bree!
It's true sheep are ashamed when
they're sheared. All naked, buff, and stuff.

The Lamb is a Michael Flatley from Riverdance....
Let this video buffer it's a'doozy!

He's all pink, my favorite lambie color! Don't you figure in the "hot" weather that lamb jumped in that pool? The BEST part of this video, if your not happy, you can rebound and your life will be as you make it. Sad or BOUNDIN' ! I'm going swimming in the rain and I'm going to "bound" in my pink bathingsnoot! (Family saying for my our favorite swimwear) BTW ... It's a REAL SWIM -SUIT! Don't even ask that question!

Added Thurs. Jan. 21, 2010: We are still having this huge rainstorm, lightning and thunder, hail, tornadoes (weak waterspouts, unless they hit your field) and even major flooding. My poor Larin is going to move away. Her basement flooded-up all day yesterday. And I was almost electrocuted by that big lightening blast out in the just plowed (thank you, Steve) field. Smart. I was holding the large metal rail to a fence, under high-lines, in the rain, and herding wet sheep and up to my knees in muck. My husband literally yanked me in the house and all the sheep ran back in their pen. Freaked-out all the animals, me, and a few people in the town. Not usual weather. I can so take earthquakes compared to this. But....what a beautiful Easter and Mother's Day we will have this year! Color!


Breeda said...

I LOVE IT!!! I love the Rain is Falling song. The cute little singing with the torrent of rain...funny and cute.
And where did you find the video? Good job!! Had you watched it before? Isn't it cute? hahaha As I looked for it yesterday, I saw that one lady had posted it on her site about her Cancer and losing her hair. Sweet!!

I love ya Mom!!!

The Knappy Crew said...

So funny!!!! Den was way confused when I told him the library would not be any fun if it was raining cats and dogs. Silly sayings!