Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why Do I Make Things So Complicated! This is EASY.... My Homemade Bread Recipe

My Homemade Bread Recipe

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I just sent Kiely, my daughter, this email for the Resident Coordinator at the dorm where Kiely lives.

OKAY... USE HALF THIS RECIPE for the breadmaker. I usually don't dissolve my yeast, but if you do.... the loaf rises higher. I don't beat the egg, for the machine either and I don't half the egg.... just more protein.

Most of the time... I don't add as much sugar, like less than 1/4 cup, and it still works. The 1/2 cube of melted butter or margarine (1/4 cup) is usually so hot after 20 seconds in the microwave, that I add it to the pretty hot water. I put all my liquids in first and then the dry stuff and the yeast on the very top, so it doesn't touch the salt or the hot water or margarine.

Check it a bit at first to make sure all the flour is in a rolling ball and not too dry or too gooey. I would add just a touch of water and make sure the flour is mixing or add a little flour if it's too wet.

I don't use shortening anymore at all. You might as well just "rub-it-on-your-butt" (family saying from way back, I'm just quoting it, sorry)

The breadmaker usually says in the directions (do I ever follow THEIR DIRECTIONS) to only use only up to 3 1/2 cups of flour and lately my bread is really hitting the top of the bread maker, so decrease the amount of water slightly and then you have to decrease the flour a little.

I use the breadmaker to stir the dough mostly, and then put it in the stove. That way.... all the missionaries think I did it completely by hand. If they ask or question it...I tell them. But, it is a hassle no matter what---but it's so worth the taste and the plus is the wonderful scones, and the pizza (use less sugar for that), and the cloverleaf rolls, and the Scandinavian sweet braided bread, and the...I could add "pan"... but I don't think too many know what that is, unless they've served a Spanish speaking mission. They are frosted a little with color, or powdered-sugared on the top.

Oh, that reminds get more servings if you take it out of the breadmaker and into the oven bake it. Also, to make a pretty loaf, the last 5 minutes, you can put some lightly beaten egg-white on the top of the bread because you do want to brown the loaves if you cover them with foil. I usually let it brown about 10 minutes. Call me if you "knead" some more help. Now, I'm so hungry to get bred. Didn't mean to leave-out the "A"

hahahaha lol

Remember that with the cousin from Utah? The goat jumped in the car and he said, "Why did the goat get in your car?" To all of our family right there in the driveway ....


Picture: A bunch of blank faces.

And my Animal Science-Little Farm Girl, Kiely, YOU! and only 8 years old! ... and now with a major in "Animal Husbandry" piped-up and you right-out, matter-of-fact....said, "She wants to get bred." and he said, "The goat eats bread?" and you said, "No, breed the goats! She wants to go get bred and BREED." "She's in heat!" THE COUSIN about died. (I think his wife laughed, nervously) Your Dad loves that story because THE COUSIN is pretty much the worse black-sheep cousin ever, and mean he's pretty gross! That's the first time he ever saw "THIS COUSIN" blush! Black sheep isn't a real good term ... here. I love our sheep and most of them are black, it's the white ones that cause trouble. Anyway, he's the odd-ball, and what do you call an "Apostate?" COUSIN NAME CHANGE TO PROTECT THE GUILTY.

Okay, one more thing! The warm bread is so good if you take a slice and put bite-sized pieces in cold milk and eat with a spoon. That was many of the Prophet's favorite meal for supper.

It was also your Grandpa Doug's favorite. Just thought you might want to know that.

Last part of my email to Kiely:

I forgot to tell you that this is My great-grandmother's recipe. Martha Marie Loepp McKean And Grandma Winnifred Lyle McKean O'Connor....

My grandmother, my mom's mother, made it all the time! I got the recipe from mom. Haha Grandma O'Connor told mom, the yeast is ready (it used to be like tiny pie chunks) when it feels like this. Translation from the chunky yeast, "gooey" Grandma made my mom feel it. lymi Mom

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jenkinsfamliypost said...

i have made your bread about 4 times in the last month. i was on a carb kick on the rainy days. it always turns out PERFECT! the last time i made it i actually used a cude of margarine and rubbed the top and sides of it right after i dumped it from the pan, still hot. it maked it SO soft, you should try it. my new fav. and yes we have bread and milk everytime.