Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentines, Goats, Sheep, Genealogy, You Name It

It's no make-up, sweaty hot, morning
and I'm smiling because I'm done,
birthing livestock for the day.

I haven't written on my blog lately because (this is where I burst-out laughing) my life has turned into so many directions and I'm not too good at any of them, but I make-do. And if you don't understand "make-do", it means just barely getting by, just barely.

Steve surprised me with the most lovely Valentine's Day. I ate the chocolate, so I didn't get a picture of it. I want to note that I didn't eat the chocolate all by myself, my grandchildren love chocolate covered cherries. Yum.

All Goodies!

The radio host in the morning said, "Don't buy roses for your wife you guys... from the corner "flower hawker!" They all sell terrible roses! Steve bought them from the corner guy and let me tell you, the flowers smell and are still gorgeous! Everyone that comes in my house asks us where Steve bought them for me. ha ha!

I slammed my pinkie finger in a feed door and w/o saying a whole lot about that... I didn't want to do very much, especially on the computer, so Steve and Dustin decided to take me for a ride up the coast to my run-away place, Santa Barbara. It's only 53 minutes from our house and I love it. Steve had a really strange dream in the morning before we left and he doesn't ever tell me anything about his dreams because he hates it when I go on and on about my adventures I have when I'm asleep. He told me that he had dreamed about Dustin driving an unmarked Intrepid black police car and that there were fire engines, just a story that I didn't even (I hate to admit this) listen much or too interested--now I understand, but this is where the story gets good.

We get to Santa Barbara and Dustin stops at a music store, we go for lunch from this yellow bus (that's a Santa Barbara thing)

And then ... go off to find his friend's fire station at the top of State Street. The engine company wasn't there. The fire engine just happened to roll-up as we were leaving and the guys jumped out and my husband and son met the captain at the curb. Dustin asked if his friend was on duty. He was supposed to be there. The captain asked if Dustin and Steve were family, and found out they were firemen, too.... and that his good friend was in the hospital. He used to be a cop before he was a fireman and this bit of information is important because he drives a black Intrepid. The secret undercover police car Steve had dreamed Dustin was driving. So.... Dustin calls his fireman buddy's wife, who lives in the same town as we do, and she was on her way to the Santa Barbara hospital. Dustin offered to drive the work car or black "cop-like" car back home for them and he did.

I am amazed at a couple of things here. Why did I go? I didn't feel like it, really. If I hadn't gone, Steve wouldn't have left me at home to go off with Dustin, so wow! Dustin wouldn't had a way to even get the car home w/o Steve and I taking a drive-up the coast. Not coincidence.

I thought a week ago, I couldn't make it. Lots of swimming and running around trying to "catch-up" That should be more than just something you dip your French Fries in...

I was too tired to eat and just went to bed. Ta Da! Baby lambies born in the morning.

Babies Are Just Now Unfolding &
Gettin' Fat and Jumpin' Around.

I really got a cardio work-out on my non-swimming day. So did my Steve, the sheep roper, extraordinaire! He caught them even in his uniform. The sheep didn't recognize him. My Steve not only helps humans, he helps deliver newborn lambs, and fix stalls, and shelters that leak, and...Thank you, Steve...I love you!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Yes, Sarafina Jr. had Triplets

Why THIS TIME do all the babies (lambs and kids) come on the same week? Never happened. Of course, Molly who gave her grand entrance during a meal on Mother's Day a few years ago. Had to out-do her mother, and have her kid at Marnie's children Valentine's Day party! Who knew? Good job, Adree, my sweet neighbor grand daughter helping me!

Molly and Valentine

It was not a coincidence that we had five baby lambs and two doelings in one week. Our area had a huge amount of rain and then the weather turned almost hot with the barometer going way up from where it was. I found out through Kiely's college livestock class that sheep and goats will wait and or actually start labor early with a sudden change in the barometric pressure. I wish I had known this 30 years ago. It's not caused by the full moon like the "old wives tale" that I always thought was true and that was always what started group labor and deliveries. I should check "snopes site" on this. I kept asking everyone, "Is it a full moon?" "Big waves, maybe, it is." That's the answer I got from everyone--must be the moon and the big ocean waves. It was the weather. Fancy that.

I'll have to remember to tell the nurses at the hospital. nah. They'll think I'm nuts.

Names of the baby goats are Valentine and Sweetheart and One of my friends suggested Sweetheart because the little goat has a heart right on her back. The other one was the easy one because her birthday was Valentine's Day. No names for the lambs yet. I'm sure they will very soon because their personalities are cute as they can be. And....they all smell so good!

Sweetheart and Her Unhappy
Dam, Gitana (Spanish for
Gypsy, her mother and this
doe's putting a spell on me!)

Flash photography didn't go well in that small stall.

Accckkk! Don't bite the Camera!

Farmer's Valentine Tattoo

I'm trying to do my genealogy. I've tried fixing past mistakes and I did finally learn to print-out all the data for taking to the Temple. Yay! My mind is now mush at 9:00 pm... so I'm going to be up and at it tomorrow morning. ♪♫•*¨*•♥•*¨*•♫♪ Genealogy...I am doing it ♪♫•*¨*•♥•*¨*•♫♪ My genealogy! ♪♫•*¨*•♥•*¨*•♫♪ Only problem....I'm so mixed-up and so in a hurry. I have to do chores outside, milk the goats, do my swimming, and I'm just not getting to far . I have the information, doing the IGI and then I question all that I've added. Did I put the daughter married to the dad? Is Robert in the right place?

Oh, you McKeans! You are making me crazy. The desire is here, but I think I'm going to need help with this jig-saw puzzle. The pressure has been on because Kiely wants names to take to the Manti Temple. I am "spinning so bad, I'm going to throw a bearing!"

Don't look at This Picture or

I just sat back and thought, "This is good." "I'm just wingin' it, on my journal and feeling better already." You know...journal writing is good for the soul and for just getting a light on your life. It's all worth it, even though I get out-of-breath regularly and my head turns to butter. Thank you dear daughters that gave me description. I do know the feeling. I have to remember this:

"God's writing the song, and

Grandma 's just dancing along!"

"My Journal with a Twist. A twist of lemon..but lots of sugar and happy times. I have always felt there's too much in my head to not forget and if I don't write down the memories now, they will be forgotten. I want all of what our family is and does together to be eternal and filled with joy and tickles." To my family I love you all. Grandma Susie hahaha Sounds like I'm getting ready to "Kick the bucket!" Not to worry. I have too much to do!

P.S. Something is putting yellow underlined links on my site. It's for a radar detector being sold on eBay. That makes me mad because lots of my family is in law-enforcement and I DO NOT want drivers driving fast! I want them to get tickets. hahaha Watch me get a ticket from our S.P. motorbike cop. He has no sympathy, no compassion, no true love for firemen that help him, and I've heard crying doesn't even help. (no .... I didn't get a ticket, yet, but I know some of my daughter's that ... never mind)

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