Monday, March 15, 2010

Kiely's Homecoming For Spring Break


Thank you Kelly for being a great friend and navigator!


Road Trip

Life has been exciting at Danger Ranch. The horses sure love all the green wild oats everywhere. I'd let the sheep out more often but the bottom-line is they don't stay in the wild oats. They have decided they are on the prowl for roses. Neighbors, like my mom and daughter, and my gardening husband, are not too fond of that appetite craving the sheep have developed.

Kelly, Kiely's friend from high school and community college, came in from Wyoming to Salt Lake and they rode home together. I'm very grateful that she had someone with her. Like: ROAD TRIP! The brand new Tom Tom messed them up and they started to go to Arizona, thankfully she realized soon enough and was only about 3 or 4 hours late coming home.

Just about everyone was here to meet her as she pulled in the drive-way. I think her horse got the first hugs. It was great seeing her and I'm glad it was beautiful weather.

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