Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Norweigans Are Coming. I'm Trying A New Project, a Festdrakt for Viking Days in Ephraim

Amazing for you ...well, if it applies. I've accomplished so much since my daughter has gone off to college. Kiely received a beautiful Festdrakt from her grandmother from a Norwegian site that is connected to a pair of wonderful sisters that live up north, in Stanley, North Dakota. Scandi Style. They are both lovely and helped us so much. Kiely received a Festdrakt that is completely beautiful. The whole outfit is so well made and we are so thankful to her grandmother and my mother-in-law, for such a special birthday surprise and know that this Norwegian heritage has sparked a great interest in Kiely's love of all things Nordic, her grand family on both sides and also doing genealogy! Yes, I have help. I'm hard at work on her cap and apron and they are exactly the same as the apron and cap that is worn in Steinkjer, Nord-Tronderlag, Norway. I found a thistle and a shamrock blinkee I want to post for my side of the family. It doesn't link anywhere so it would just be a fun picture. Oh, I made buckles for her Bunad shoes that are so exact..I'm amazed at myself. Some of Kiely's frillies came in the mail. She will have a fun time at the Viking Days in Ephraim. I made this slip, but it seems too full, actually it is and she can wear it as a skirt.Kiely is so happy at college! Everyday is the best day of her life!

The girl is the model from Bunadburet and I tried so hard to copy this Bunad.

Kiely is in front of the Manti Temple in Manti, Utah. The Temple was built by Norwegians. They were asked to build it and they only knew how to build ships, so they did. The story is that they built it as an upside-down ship. Maybe a bit like me making the Bunad.

I really have the apron and the embroidered hat and I'm working on the purse. Bunad shoes are in progress also. How fun to wear her ancestor's folk-wear. I'm looking forward to pictures of her in the costume. We were so excited when she tried it on we forgot to take a picture.

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