Saturday, April 10, 2010

Danger Ranch and My Temptation to Sell My Children To The Gypsys

They're Here!

I always told my children if they didn't behave I would sell them to the Gypsys. Well, I guess here is the proof and we have a wagon to prove it. It's not OUR WAGON, it's the Gypsy's wagon. Honestly, it freaked my children out that it was there. We were in awe. It was beautiful! And no, I never got to the Gypsy's in time when I needed them. The wagons move around and by the time I could round-up the kids the Nomadic Group had traveled onward. They actually missed-out because all my kids can really sweep.

Has anyone noticed that rounding-up children is like putting cats in a wheel-barrow?
The picture above is some of my grown children that I often have reflected on the fact that I almost sold three at the same time at a discounted price. Dustin is missing from the picture. However, great blessings came to our family when they produced "prime" offspring. I fantasize that my grandchildren can do no wrong.

A few kids would fit...

The original owners were so old and they unfortunately passed-away and left a relic to be cherished. Where's their ponies?

It smelled like my mother's basement and I stuck my head in the back door and took a long deep breath. Old, very old. My children would have loved the adventures that could have been.

Reality, My computer has been gone and for more than two weeks I have had just an Android to post, surf the web, and it was so hard to even manage to control my fingers, I quit. Just tonight I hung-up on my husband about four times and sent messages that this computer/phone "intuitively" wrote for me. That's just "geek-talk" for making-up it's own message and posting it for me. Now, I'm known as an reptilian alien that no one even missed posting, while I was captured and re-done. Actually, I look better.

This has been absolutely and honestly the weirdest day of my life. I think it started-out with me hanging-up the cell phone on my daughter in Utah. We had a heck of a time trying to reconnect. I just can't catch-on to everything I need to know about EVERYTHING! lately. Is it oldness? Too much technology to fast? Too much going on?

We had company to look at puppies and I cried. I let a baby bird go out to it's loving parents that wanted to peck my eyes out. What is it with Mocking Birds and falling out of their nests and what? Do they only have one baby? I know, dumb question. Everyone of the grand kids were upset with me. They all had their hopes of domesticating a wild bird. Next it will be a Red-tailed hawk. Where do they get this stuff? teehee.

Adree went to LA to see a HUGE important softball game. I think it was UCLA against Arizona State. Biggest place ever for young women. Adree's only nine and her mother was amazed at her ability to text, send seat pictures (front row and right behind home-plate) and also going off with her team and without her mother, who was one of my special three children that had Gypsy written on her forehead. I tell her she is my favorite, she asks me and I tell her. Hint ... other children could ask me, too!

Jaxon, the mighty "Rob Roy" three-year-old scratched his eyeball on a sharp fence. Yes, Danger Ranch strikes again. I told him to quit trying to reach through the holes of the puppy's stall enclosure. Jaxon did anyway and ended-up with his blanket (weesey), a pirate eye-patch on his eye, and held a Red-headed, Raggedy Andy with the same eye problem, all morning and the "little whirlwind" scared us all.

And lookie here: Another redhead! Actually, he looks like a grown-up Jaxon. Whirlwind, yes. But I don't quite know anything except my daughter is somewhere in between "love-land" and so "twitter-patted" that she hardly talks. Surprising developments!!!! Spring Fever? Yes, she has it and it wasn't brought on by the "SNOW" Just the somebody...that's Mr. Incredible

She has his "look-alike" Picture!

Actually, he did pick-up the front of her Camry
with a huge amount of heavy snow covering it.

Do we need to send this to Matt?

Today we answered many phone calls with great carefullness. I was so rattled by all the grandchildren running and running. I put foot powder in the refrigerator. Okay, this is where my children send me to the Gypsys. Yes, they are my people! Never mind, I forgot about the alien, reptile implant. The grandchildren over-dosed on Fruity Pebbles and diet pop. Oh, did "I" give it to them? I saved them from getting smashed, kicked, knocked-down, falling down, caught on bad-wire fences and I may think twice about their willingness to help feed. Grandpa Steve doesn't know we fed all the animals twice. The animals are all pigs and I couldn't get to the feed fast enough to take it out. Oh, and I saved a couple grandchildren from drinking the sheep water that was medicated for the runny-nosed sheep and few TO BE runny-nosed, in the sheep pen. "Yes, drink Tetracycline!" "Grammy, it's Kool-Aid." "Ahhhhh, NO!"

We need to play animals when the feeding is through. Right in the middle of all the feeding, all the dogs ganged-up on Banner our sweet mare. Mostly, is wasn't one of our dogs. Dixie just wants to get kicked again in the jaw. And....all the children were right in the middle of Darby protecting her puppies by full-on "wolf-fight" with Dixie .... that would make wolf fights in the movie "New Moon" in the Twilight Saga, look like puppies playing! Saliva flying, children screaming....Did I have my phone there to catch all the drama today? Yes, but now ... how do I?

I think I'll go to bed now.

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The Knappy Crew said...

oh crap!!!! My kids are soooo busted! They can break every rule in less than an hour. Hahaha!!! I love Grannies rules!