Sunday, April 25, 2010

Doppelgänger. Person-double in German

Where is our twin? We know there's a person that looks similar to each of us. Cartoon or in real life. Here's what we came-up with this year.

The name ... Mr. Incredible came from the fact her boyfriend actually looks like the star in the movie "The Incredibles." Hahaha Kiely looks like Elastic Girl with her hair brown. I think these are their "doppelgänger" My husband's is Huell Howser and mine is, Kathy Bates. I do look like her now at my age, and interestingly we have the same taste in clothes. Mr. Incredible, Matt, is living-up to his name sake. He lifted Kiely's car by himself as in picked it up. Spring vacation was fun for all of us.

Added November 1, 2010: Guess What? The boyfriend and our babygirl were married in July and I bet you can just guess what they were for Halloween!

 My Doubles are quite a few people. I have a person that is just like me everywhere. I put some famous ones that my family and friends (without each talking to each other) and just randomly stuck them up here. Just old pictures and the new ones.

Lots of people would say that I look like the French actress from "American In Paris" Her name was Leslie Caron or I would be the girl in Darby O'Gill and The Little People. Her name was Janet Munro.

Janet Munro above and my picture before we were married below

So now I look like Kathy Bates. We even have the same shoes. Watch "Waterboy" sometime and looks at those Keds hightops Kathy, the mother wears. Honestly I can't even wear those shoes now without my children saying to me, "Did da debol make you wear dem shoes?" Thank you Kathy. I have them in every color and love them.

We now look like each other, even more--I even lightened my hair the same, but not on purpose. Weird.
I look Even More Like Kathy Bates Now That My Hair Is Short


My Steve and his Double is Huell Howser Below

Steve has always been mistaken for Huell Howser
All the time and that was even again, yesterday! 


Anonymous said...

I always thought Mr. Lazenby looked like Joe Montana.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Mr. Lazenby looked like Joe Montana.