Friday, April 23, 2010

Loving Spring, Crying, and Trying To Do Everything With A Stupid Broken Finger.

This is my grand daughter, Adree, when she was little. Yes, we had sheep then and not just stuffed ones. I always wanted to wear an outfit like that instead of bibber-overalls. Just a "girly-girl" I guess.

Spring-time in Sunday School we always sang this beautiful song of spring. This video is exactly how I envisioned the musical pictures in my mind. This is lovely and helps me appreciate this beautiful renewal. I honestly think with so much rain this year ( and thankfully the rain storms were spaced-out a bit) that now we have the most beautiful spring that I can ever remember,ever.

I haven't been writing at all on the computer. I've been busy, busy sewing and that isn't easy right now, typing either. I broke another finger. I dislocated my first knuckle of my ring finger, right hand and I also received a very nice spiral fracture, I don't mean that to be sarcastic at all, it did look very pretty on the x-ray. It was a bit like a barber pole.

Just Lovely!

I did that ... by trying to catch a large ram in our sheep pen, in my flannel nightgown, while it was raining hard and I was soaked. That was day before yesterday. Trust me it wasn't pretty. I was still in my nightgown because it was early and the guy wanted to see it now! He wanted this big ram and I know from experience, not to crouch down to catch it run by--Yes...A ram to the head, unconscious, concussion, and a broken nose. I've learned that lesson. I should know why shepards have crooks to catch the back feet. I KNOW, huh? Anyway, the curls of the wet wool wrapped around that finger while I grabbed at it and the ram almost took my finger with it. Wool is strong! My hand, palm facing north and the top of my ring finger was pointed east toward Fillmore. That jus' didn't look right! Soooo....I picked it up (I knew this had to be fast or it would hurt a lot more later) and I shoved that knuckle back where I thought it was supposed to go. Shoved it, I wanted it to stay in place. I make this really loud crack when it happened. You know what? I didn't think a bad word at all. I just said, I broke my finger. I showed the man standing there and he said it looked okay to him. hahahaha FUNNY!?!

My thoughts almost immediately were that this finger's going to start really hurting. Okay, what else do you want to see. (to the ol' farmer) I can't get the ram, it's too strong. He talked me out of my favorite baby doe. ***tear*** I wanted him to leave and I'm loosing my mind. Then he wanted to see our puppies. I took him to the stall and said, "Here they are.." and I ran in the house as fast as I could and took my boots off. And "Wham!" I started screaming and crying and couldn't talk. I cried hard in bed for over three hours. I couldn't even tell my family what was wrong, it hurt so bad. Steve took me to the doctor and they did x-rays and junk. I need to see a hand surgeon and get a stupid pin in my finger. Naw-uh! I don't want a pin and I'm going to tell the doctor/dude that. Really it coulda' been worse.

Today, the man who talked me out-of-the baby goat felt bad and gave me a pregnant donkey and a jack to breed my other two jennets. He's still taking the goat, but he knows he took advantage of me. There was a language problem, also. Maybe, there still is. I wish I knew Spanish. The man with him today is going to rope the large ram and take him tomorrow. This is a good thing. They're needing a ram for their herd and he is two years old and my four-year-old, is at the top of the "peaking - order" and doesn't like the younger ram a bit. They stomp at each other! Funny fights, no head butts just stomping.

The reason I'm writing is that I heard a ewe outside. I was shutting-up the house and a mother was calling for her baby. I thought, "It's 11:30 p.m. and her very little baby probably was eaten by a coyote." I got a flashlight and went clear the heck out there. Baby lamb lying outside the fence. It was tired and thirsty. The lamb had a raspy, hoarse voice and probably worked for hours trying to get back inside the fence. I just held it, and it's little heart was pounding, too tired to run and easy prey for anything. He is so tiny--might be a ewe, I didn't check. Oh, how happy was the mother who finally spied her little one back inside. I heard the sweetest humming noises, talking to her little baby that she so missed. I'm glad listened to the pleas of the mother and helped reunite them together.

I just found-out Mr. Flores, Kiely's agriculture academy teacher did the same exact thing to his finger on his left hand. I told Kiely and then realized Mr. Flores is left-handed. Yep, we've in the same boat. Yes, it was a run-away sheep, too baaaaaaaaa...... for both of us.

"♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Just turn that
frown upside down and smile
those frowns away!♪♫•*♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪"

Just another day at Danger Ranch. Learning the importance of the "One" and the value of the Shepard, and He knows His sheep. Trials make us stronger and little things like a mother's love can bring smiles to you face and warm your heart, even with a broken finger and no Vicodin.

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Breeda said...

Man I don't call you enough! I am SO sorry Mom! OUCH!!!!