Monday, April 26, 2010

Please Look At Our Queensland Heeler Puppies

November 16th 2010 Note:  The puppies are sold, but we are going to breed Darby again in just a couple of months. Please swing by later to see our new puppies for spring. They have grown-up to be darling and wonderful pets. Thanks to all that bought puppies from us. They all were matched perfectly!

Here's the new Link to Our Queensland Puppies. They are ready to be sold: $300.00 each and there are 2 blue males, 2 red females, 2 red males. All WITH their tails! Yes!

Jaxon is in the middle of the grand game of "Dog Pile"
Tackle Jaxon, he's got the ball!

Our little puppy blog is not finished by a long-shot, but you can see the mother. I have tons of pictures of the puppies at this age, now and ready to be sold. I've just have to work hard at getting them up on the new blog even with a broken finger. (minor typing problem) The money all goes directly to our daughter's college funds and she's majoring in Animal Science.