Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Wedding Sealing Manti Temple Utah

It's been month and a few days since I've written in my blog. I worked for three months full-time on making sure my baby daughter had the marriage of her dreams. And why not? She did her part and was well prepared in every way. I couldn't be slacking on this. I actually spent more than 40 hours a week this past month, doing the "frugal wedding" that wasn't supposed to look that way. I almost stopped my regular time on the computer and my blogging completely stopped. However, my mind did not and my thoughts raced as I contemplated my daughter's decision to marry and spend eternity with the righteous and spiritual man of her dreams. Matthew Aitken, and he became to be known to us as "Mr Incredible"

It's not easy at all to coordinate invitations, a dress, and the craziness of the cake from two states away while Kiely was attending school and me here in California. Kiely's color selection, besides the beautiful and simple white gown; was that she wanted to capture the colors of the sunrises and sunsets. Kiely wanted the brightness of her California home to also be reflected with all the citrus grown in the valley here... and as well, her favorite hymn, "Scatter Sunshine." There are tons of shades of orange and brown colors. Did I mention the colors all had to match? All of this by far, was the hardest for a mother because I wanted it to be just right. No loan was allowed to put on two receptions. My Steve has worked very hard at keeping even her schooling debt-free. I'm blessed with a wonderful family that pulled together with so much! And, my ward family is incredible! Our ward gave us so much help, inspiration, loving guidance, and hard work.

Though-out it all, I was sad, very happy, worried...I guess all those emotions. The most important part... was the most outstanding event. And, for some reason, that beautiful day, I couldn't quit crying happy tears. Does joy make a person feel really old? Kiely and I both packed the clear beautiful eye drops and really used them.

I slowly helped her with her gown in the Bride's Room of the Temple. Sweet, kind, and patient sisters attended to Kiely's every need. We went early and the whole experience...I mean from entering doors at the Temple entrance; everything... completely went smooth and more wonderful than any of us could ever imagine. The interior was amazing and carved on all the wood, the Norwegian rose pattern. We waited patiently in the foyer as seen in my first picture at the beginning of this post in the picture of The Manti Temple on the hill. It is the round room at the bottom and in the center. We honestly floated-up an unsuspended spiral staircase that had 101 stairs to their own Sealing Room. My mother-in-law and I were first in the room and we both gasped slightly at the beautiful, baby blue and gold interior. Baby blue carpet that had been carved slightly to look like rays coming out from the alter that was in the center. Over the altar was a huge and breath-taking chandelier and on the altar itself was a white over blue, hand-crocheted, Norwegian coverlet. I have never seen a more beautiful room in any temple that compares. Tall windows and arched ceilings..I want to keep the memory of Kiely and Matthew across the alter in that room forever.

One of Matthew's family members is a sealer in The Temple and performed the ordinance of marriage and sealing. It was wonderful that he knew Matthew and Kiely. Other Brothers and Sisters knew them also because they had been going together as date nights to do work for family members and others in the Temple. My daughter and son-in-law were very ready to take this step of being married for "Time and Eternity".

The reception (my end of the day) was a bit unorganized to say-the least. We became lost in a canyon trying to get to Payson, Utah. GPS is not what it's crack-up-to-be! Thistle is an interesting town and if you know where that is, you know how far we were from being where we should have been setting-up. My aunt and uncle were there early, as was a missionary from days past that knew Kiely as a baby and wanted to visit. His dear wife helped in the kitchen and my Auntie Barbara did so much decorating for me. My niece, Holly did a wonderful job with the Maid-of-Honor. Way better job than I could have ever done. Whew! All the decorations didn't get put-out, but it was beautiful! HELP?! Yes, help was there in abundance and really there was nothing that could have taken away from this beautiful day. In fact, my daughter, Bree captured so many beautiful candid moments and posed moments ... that we feel we could fill volumes of Memory Marriage Books.

Matthew hiding the bouquet...

I truly love each of Kiely's new family. They are all stalwart and righteous. Kiely and we are so blessed by them all.

Cove Fort to Honor Pioneers
Prairie Diamond Horse-shoe Nail

Love & Happiness

The saga begins...


Russell Fam said...

She is a beautiful bride. It sounds like it was a day you will never forget. My parents and I were so happy to visit with your family. You have such a neat family and we have such fond memories of past times spent together.

jenkinsfamliypost said...

it was a great day. just perfect!